Daily Tweet Dump

04:15 @Lileks Harry Morgan directed that episode..

11:24 Overheard: “I couldn’t decorate an outhouse with a Sears Catalog”.

12:06 I refuse to shave my back. That’s women’s work.

14:30 Job Interview is over. Not sure how I did. Some questions I just didn’t know. Chock it up to experience.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:18 Checked ebay for Atari 2600 heavy sixer. The two that were called heavy sixers were really light sixers. My duty to tell them they’re wrong.

18:40 55555 score on Mame Q*bert. Such a clean number. I wonder if it is lucky or symbolic.

18:42 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1130364

Daily Tweet Dump

12:35 Windows, Windows 2, Windows 3, Win 95/98/Me, WinXP, Vista, Windows 7. There, that’s how you get to 7.

17:47 Well, new tires and 60k work on my car. Installed trigger joystick into mame control unit. I think those were the two big goals for today.

19:20 @randytayler If you give me the hiccup cure, I promise not to read you one of my goth poems.

19:22 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1110302

22:06 Making another attempt at listening to The Diner by @Lileks. No dropoffs yet on my HTPC. is.gd/4i0c

22:42 Latest theory on what is afflicting my hands… allergy to urethane. I’m probably wrong.

22:44 Good day for podcasts. Just completed the Diner. @ylnt did a fresh release yesterday. Also listened to the latest Windows Weekly.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:58 Ordered a new video card for my laptop. The forum, my retailer, asus tech help, all seem to agree that it is the vid card that has flopped.

11:18 Ordered a TDI heater for the diesel. Hopefully I will have a warmer car and better starts this winter.

11:36 Made appt to have VW serviced. Besides the 60k stuff, new tires up front. I was hydroplaning badly in yesterday’s rain.

Daily Tweet Dump

22:00 Just got off the phone with ASUS tech help about my sick laptop. Their system is down. They said they would call back later. Right.

Daily Tweet Dump

13:33 Retro party hangover. Slow start, but have moved the HTPC upstairs. Setting up the games on the other side of the living room.

13:37 ASUS c90s still not working. Thinking I have been bit by the nvidia defect bugaboo. Trying to contact my retailer, get their opinion.

17:59 My Retro Party video… tinyurl.com/42jj6j

19:01 2 mile run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1071452 – slow run… still tired from the party yesterday.

19:02 The 5k run from 2 days ago – connect.garmin.com/activity/1071447 – The day the laptop broke. Uploading runs via the HTPC now.

19:04 Chili lunch + junk food @ party yesterday = farting fool.

21:53 “You know, cars are like women… they hate you”.

23:00 “Brothers aren’t supposed to do that. They are supposed to sit on you face and fart”.

23:33 My excema won’t go away with the new cream or soap. I’m beginning to think this is allergies, not excema.

23:36 Warm day today… well into the 70s. Glad I got some yard work done. Wet & cooling tomorrow as the system goes thru.

Daily Tweet Dump

20:38 My ASUS c90 laptop is broke. Some HD action but no LCD backlight when I turn it on. Video probs. I see a big repair bill in my future.

22:26 Discovered the song Crystal by New Order. This is your feel good hit of the moment. is.gd/3RSN

Daily Tweet Dump

17:05 The S&P is down 40% from this time last year. Know any countries I can escape to when the riots start?

18:10 Cleaning out ear wax while listening to the latest ylnt podcast. Nose and back hair trimming are next!

19:10 2 mile run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1044563 – below 16 minutes… good run.

21:03 Just scored 15870 on Star Castle. Don’t know what my all time score is, but that seems close.

22:20 Retro party Sat. To complete the retro feel, my face has a mini-breakout. I have 3 zits right now. Now if only I could grow back my mullet.

23:49 Blog Post… Tree on Fire tinyurl.com/4ymoa8