Daily Tweet Dump

09:31 @jojeda What hour did your interview occur so I can download. Is Reusse going start up a Twitter account? 😉

14:59 New glasses. Will take some getting used to. Especially the added weight from the hidden camera & mic.

21:48 @PatrickReusse So is this you actually writing these “tweets”, or a ghost-tweeter.

21:49 New Glasses – tinyurl.com/bptyk2 – Also displays my shitty housekeeping skills.

Daily Tweet Dump

16:30 I challenge thee to a match of Kosho – is.gd/gD5O – a martial arts game conceived for “The Prisoner”. Gave me the giggles.

20:25 I should check my voice mail more regularly. My glasses are ready. They’ve been ready since last Saturday. A hint for all: Use email.

21:44 CNN inauguration Photosynth! www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2009/44.president/inauguration/themoment/

21:47 @patricknorton Finished last 4 eps of Tekzilla concecutively. Good shows. Concerning “I like that thought” … STOP IT!!! Thank you.

Daily Tweet Dump

19:58 Unmutual – must be re-socialized!

22:03 @Chuckumentary Concerning blago style: You forgot our very own Anthony Lapanta – is.gd/gwWt

22:32 I do appreciate the Dakotah. A mini-vacation from winter. But as soon as it warms up, I will be running in the great outdoors.

22:34 For men who wish to maintain modesty. Wear dark colored swimsuits. Speedos are right out.

22:36 Time for bed. I have a headache from watching “The Prisoner”. Great time for you all to test that dream manipulating machine on me.

Daily Tweet Dump

07:35 Star-Tribune just declared bankruptcy. This is from better times – is.gd/g6IC

08:32 Bottomed out at -33ºF last night, according to the weather station. The nearby airport reading at Flying Cloud was -25ºF.

11:46 January 16, 2009 ff.im/Dn4i

23:28 Just watched the first ep of The Prisoner. I think I am sucked in.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:09 @Lileks My thermometer in exburb-land hit -30.

13:33 Ordered an SD card thru Amazon – just arrived, came from buy.com. So confused.

16:37 Looks like everyone survived the Hudson River plane ditch. Who knew birds could be programmed to carry out terrorist acts.

20:33 How to debark a plane when it makes an impromptu landing in the Hudson River – is.gd/g2o8

22:18 Must…not…make…snarky…comment…on…internet – must…show…restraint……ahhhhhhhhh ! ! ! ! !

Daily Tweet Dump

11:31 Down to 198 lbs. That matches my Dec 23rd weight. Lose another 2 lbs, and I will be at my Nov 19th weight.

12:24 @randytayler When I “create application shortcut” for gmail thru chrome, uses the old favicon. They need to update, hard to see the old one.

16:44 Ordered new glasses. Going for nerdy look. If they come off hipster, I will shoot myself.

20:56 @Chuckumentary Your complete analysis of Black Flag’s TV party to enhance your enjoyment – is.gd/eukH

21:32 No, none of my first dates went this bad – humboldt.craigslist.org/rnr/989335350.html

23:11 To manually defrag steam games-click on my games, right-click the game, click properties, click local files, click defragment cache files

00:25 yellow and black and rectangular and wedge-shapes inside – tinyurl.com/4t4con

00:26 @Chuckumentary wind chill is prohibited. Only purpose is to make your cold weather penis bigger.

00:37 I feel so bad – tinyurl.com/56gplm

Daily Tweet Dump

04:15 First -20°F or lower since moving to twin cities. Currently -21 with 3.5 hours til sunrise.

14:00 How and where not to do The Fishstick ff.im/AYSb

15:26 Nice of the snow plows to remove the snow to reveal the ice last night. I think some of the plows had the extra zamboni attachment.

21:10 Crap, missed a global warming article on the strib (is.gd/fNud). Pravda says we will have an ice age. Yep, any millennium now.

22:42 New record on the running track. 29 laps in 19:23. Assuming they measured the track correctly (doubtable), that is a 7:21/mile pace.

23:42 Blog Post… Next Ice Age tinyurl.com/7xd398

23:46 Watching Ferguson with my excema gloves on. Sorry for the imagery.

Next Ice Age

Startribune.com just posted an article about the next ice age. In the article, Pravda claims we are on the verge of another ice age. This is true, I have no doubt. As the orbit of the earth changes, we will exit this interglacial warm period and we will again have a near snowball earth.

The key to keep in mind is time. Looking at this graph, from about 125,000 years ago to 115,000 years ago, global temperature did its steepest drop of about 6°C. That works out to 0.06°C per century. In comparison, global temperatures since 1900 have risen approximately 0.75 °C. So even if we are already in the steepest decline into an ice age, the short-term anthropogenic effects are going to win out. Especially if anthropogenic forcing gets stronger, as it is expected to do.

Something else to keep in mind. If a 6°C drop in temperature can create a near snowball earth, what are the effects of a 2-5°C rise in temperature? Probably nearly equal in devastation.