Daily Tweet Dump

16:19 Installing IE8 as I type. If I disappear for awhile, it’s because I am in recover mode.

17:24 500GB drive with fresh OS X installed on mac mini. Now doing the boot camp install of Vista.

18:04 Weighed in below 194 lbs this morning. First time I crossed a lb threshold since mid-November.

18:42 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/2641919

00:50 Back from Oddity Faire. Full report later.

Daily Tweet Dump

04:14 There is a reason FB now looks like Twitter. FB wants Twitter to die – ff.im/-1yMep.

06:06 The experimental ADDS site is at weather.aero/ . First time I’ve seen .aero used as a TLD.

07:02 Wearing green, even though I forgot what day it was.

08:00 Each time there is a 3rd person self-reference in Facebook, a grammar teacher gently weeps.

13:52 Definitely it, very distinctive… has to be Guinness vomit.

14:50 Tom Tom arrived. Oh look, TomPlayer – www.tomplayer.net/ – and other hacks is.gd/nL4O.

17:35 First QuakeLive – coming soon browser-based Starsiege : Tribes – is.gd/nJWL

18:25 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/2604851 – Fastest 5k run since 2002… maybe longer. 22:31 … a 7:14/mile pace.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:50 50 degrees and it is only noon. Looks like I am sun bathing on the lake ice.

13:03 March Sun Bathing [pic] ff.im/1wTMH

15:30 Only video bloggers will watch videos of video bloggers interviewing video bloggers about video blogging.

19:27 2.5 mile run – connect.garmin.com/activity/2562956

20:14 Gopher men’s basketball team is in the tournament. Why do I feel shame?

Daily Tweet Dump

01:26 Back from Ground Zero. A very steampunk-burlesque-polka kind of night.

09:42 The new FB looks more like Jaiku. Jaiku allows threaded comments, Twitter doesn’t. Jaiku is now open source – is.gd/nhpj.

11:48 Refinishing the kitchen island top. Currently sanding off the old finish.

13:18 Trying to get some viral action on this documentary trailer – tinyurl.com/b8e7v3.

15:12 Outdoor 5k run at a 7:45 pace. Garmin uploader is being coy at the moment. So no run plot at the moment.

15:17 2nd coat of poly is on the island top. Sanding off the old finish has given be a subtle quake in my hands. Hopefully that’s gone tomorrow.

16:40 Kitchen island top refinish [pic] ff.im/1w6yW

23:50 Back from rousing games of Settlers of Catan and Carcasonne.

Daily Tweet Dump

07:22 Kurt Very disappointed that my tactical internet pants don’t have a pocket big enough for my notebook computer.

08:20 The new Facebook format doesn’t appear to be “Live-Feeding”. Need to bring back that creamy AJAXy goodness.

11:58 @Squatch7 Welcome to Twitter! I am a very discerning twitterer. I demand the highest of quality tweets. j/k

19:09 Looking forward to the paperless bathroom.

19:12 Bought a 500 GB WD Scorpio Blue hard hrive. Will replace the 80 GB hard drive in the mac mini. I suspect the replacement operation will be

Daily Tweet Dump

15:43 New indoor track record. 30 laps in 19:32. A 7:10 pace. I think the plague can now be declared over.

19:18 A bracket to mount my mini to the back of my monitor – is.gd/n6yP – More expensive than duck tape. Suppose it looks better.

19:28 @patricknorton Made use of the NWS data for this Center Weather Advisory composer. www.aviationweather.gov/testbed/cwagen/

21:20 My Mac mini power usage: 22 watts at idle. 48 watts when playing OpenArena. Apple claims the newest Mac mini uses 13 watts at idle.

22:22 Kurt To my fellow Facebookians – you can now stop posting about yourself in the 3rd person.

22:53 zoyx: A Fonzie scheme is when you are tricked into watching an episode of Happy Days.: zoyx’s status on Friday, 13-Mar-09 03:13:48 UTC

Daily Tweet Dump

10:10 Just one more step toward life completion – www.racefumes.com

15:06 Listening to MacBreak Weekly podcast… (pregnant pause for dramatic effect)… on a Mac.

20:17 Now we have Twhirl running on the Mac. I am being sucked into the cult. If you aren’t using a mac, consider yourself shunned from my life.

22:21 @lileks If Amazon does support this netbook by making a Kindle app, then it does look like a tasty buy. Knowing Apple $600-800 range.