Daily Tweet Dump

10:50 That experiment was a failure. Paypal security card quit on me after 2 months. #fb

10:56 Purchased a new cell phone. Not a smart phone. I am just too cheap. #fb

12:54 The 2 TB hard drive I just installed is defective. After 1 hour use – click…click…click. RMA fun, coming up. #fb

23:20 My avatar just did a face plant while Wii-Fit jogging. Sad how my virtual me is just as clumsy as the real me. #fb

00:18 After a couple month hiatus, got the Mame computer up and running. Went retro, and installed XP to replace the corrupted Vista. #fb

Daily Tweet Dump

07:29 @bobpowers1 That’s why all my butlers are eunuchs.

10:37 @thurrott I loved “Behind Enemy Lines” in multiplayer. I ran a BEL server. CoD was the only game in the series to have that gametype.

13:44 RT @ylnt: Like a mushroom, a new YLNT episode suddenly appears overnight. (Also slightly stinky and might kill you.) is.gd/5cn2d

13:55 You want this – bit.ly/7Z07Yk – $850 computer case. Just the case, computer not included.

16:16 @extralife The era of baby butlers. A dark part of American history that shouldn’t be forgotten.

16:21 Baby butlers – bit.ly/5lxtN1 – A dark part of American history that needs to be revealed. #fb

18:14 Giggle-snort – RT @martinsargent: “This is my favorite episode of Star Trek: bit.ly/88mdbj

18:33 The conditions in the work vomitorium are atrocious. May be time to file a union grievance.

20:10 @girlvanized Do I have to body shave?

23:35 Best x-mas display – wtfcalls.net/reddit/xmas_light_wtf.php #fb

Daily Tweet Dump

10:01 Fresh snow this morning, an inch. Personal rule, no whining about snow between T-day and the switch to DST. My that snow sure is pretty.

11:58 Must Read! – bit.ly/5LF77V #fb

13:13 More Amazon product humor – bit.ly/35fkmC – product images and comments are comedy gold. #fb

13:15 @aedison Those mammatus are definitely a D-cup

14:54 @pvponline Dad owned one of those back in the 70s. Handy for starting fires.

22:37 Have the weekend off, nothing planned. Need to go on another bender like last weekend. Where are my enablers?! #fb

22:44 This song came on during the drive home – bit.ly/4PieKR – Cranked! Probably been 25+ years since the last time I heard it. #fb

Daily Tweet Dump

07:48 @davikes Yep, It’s working. Recession has bottomed out. Drop in the dollar is bottoming out. Stock market trending up even with Dubai.

15:09 Telecon today at work. Another gander at the hairy underbelly of our bureaucracy. Managed not to gouge my eyes out.

20:08 Productive evening. Repaired old futon frame. Fixed 64-bit Ubuntu install. Installed Left 4 Dead 2. Set Hobbit traps. #fb

20:25 @spartalacrosse What’s in it for me??

Daily Tweet Dump

18:27 @davikes Roosevelt/Hoover tried to balance the budget in early 30s – 25% unemployment. To prevent depression – inject capital into economy.

22:07 Hurray! Already managed to corrupt my 64-bit install of Ubuntu. I moved some 32-bit libraries where they shouldn’t be. Rebuild tomorrow.

22:55 Interesting contrast in games tonight. Started evening playing Borderlands PC. Just rapped up some Super Mario Wii.

Daily Tweet Dump

04:09 Finally got my invite to Google Wave. Guess what I’ll be doodling with during my downtime at work… #fb

10:03 @ginatrapani Like the idea of hosting my own wave server, that doesn’t require a google login – collaborate outside of the google universe.

22:09 Impulse buy – $5 for Mirror’s Edge on Steam. One of today’s deals. #fb

22:20 @RandyTayler Yeah, I should stop opening up Steam. Things like this happen. Don’t know when I’ll have time to play these games I’m buying.