Busy Busy

Last night the potential buyer of my current house handed over a purchase agreement. I took it over to a lawyer this afternoon, and she found a few mistakes. One thing that has the potential of being a big help was adding an “as is” addendum. Should protect me if something big happens to the house after I sell it. The purchase agreement has a contingency that if I can’t find suitable housing (I haven’t done this yet), I can nullify the agreement.

As far as me finding suitable housing, still looking at the log cabin. The only potential show stopper for this place is the utility costs, specifically the heating bill. Looks snug. I dropped by this house today, to take another look at the construction. They used 8″ logs, and the contact between logs ranges from 2 to 4 inches. Not ideal, but serviceable. Ideal would be 12″ logs with 8″ of contact. That would give an R-value of around 15. I’m guessing the R-value of this cabin is around 10. Ultimately it comes down to the heating bill, which I haven’t looked at yet.

The Willernie house snuck up and bit me today. I had auto-pay set up for the mortgage on this house. I looked at my bank account today on the web and I had the June mortgage payment subtracted from my account. You would assume that this would have been canceled with the closing. But as you know, an assumption makes an “ass out of U and mption”. A quick phone call put out this fire. I should get the money back in a couple weeks, plus any bonus funds in escrow.

Asperger’s syndrome

Mason Green has Asperger’s syndrome apparently. I wonder if that’s what I had when I was kid. I’ve just been blaming it on slow maturity or just socially retarded. I guess it would be fun to have a label for what I went through.

By the way, Mason was ousted in the sixth round of the national spelling bee. Pretty darn good.

Dumb Cat, Sun, Houses

All critters have something stupid about them. Here is what my cat likes. A ways back, I’m in the shower, he jumps on the side of the tub and peeks around the corner of the curtain and watches me. As a joke, after the shower, I got out with my wet hands and swiped them across his back, getting him wetted down. This cat loved that. So since then, when I get out of the shower, he is yowling and begging for me to wet him down with my hands. Freak. I thought this meant he was a water lover, but he does not like the shower itself.

The sun came out today. So I spent most of the day outside. I did a 5k barefoot jog on the beach this afternoon. To show how desperate people were for summer, most folks were in their swim wear. Even though we had full sun today, it was only 60 degrees on that beach. Plus there was a light onshore breeze to add some chill. I really shouldn’t complain, I am in favor of women prancing around half naked.

I went and had the formal viewings of those properties I was interested in (see previous posts). I was mainly interested in the log home. Pretty darn cool place. Concerns were the large yard and the occasional staining of the exterior that will be needed. I can be lazy. This stuff would be a pain in the kiester to maintain. I am also concerned about how well insulated this place is (what is the R-value of logs anyway).

Otherwise, the place looked like a great place to live. The support logs inside would be a great play ground for the cat. It has a nice wooded area in back with a trail head there. I plan on trekking back there after one of my midnight shifts. It did look soggy back there.

One interesting thing, the real estate agent has been dressing semi-formal during previous showings. Today she had a multi-colored tie-die like t-shirt on. I found that somewhat curious.

I can’t move

I woke up extremely stiff. Very stiff. Painfully stiff. It took a couple of Ibuprofen and going back to bed for another couple hours to work through it. Was it all the bending and reaching I did during that cleanup yesterday? Was it that I didn’t have any chocolate milk for 18 hours straight (withdrawal symptom)? I have been stiff like this before, but after vigorous activity the previous day. I didn’t consider the cleanup that vigorous.

I feel fine now, so let’s move on, shall we.

All gone

Since the weather sucked, I went through my clothes. This would be the first time since I moved here 5 years ago. The end result? Five garbage bags worth of stuff going to the Goodwill. Plus there was a pile of “foundation garments” that I burned. Well, in the outside chance I move, this is 5 bags of crap not getting thrown in the truck. Now I need to do the same thing with my computer related pile, and some of my furniture.

Some of the fun stuff? Bill Cosby styled sweaters, part polyester flared jeans, acid washed jeans, various tie die shirts, some 32 inch waist jeans (I barely fit in 36 now). Some of the stuff was fun at the time. All these items do now are remind me of how old I am. This stuff has to go.

It’s official, the weather sucked

The final tally is in for the month of May here in Duluth – we were over 5 degrees below normal for the month. The average high was 56.1 and the average low was 37.3. We have now had 11 straight days below normal. During that stretch, we have had only 10 percent of possible sunshine. Quite the feat.

The outlook, more of the same. Ah yes, summer in the northland.

This IT job in Tallahassee is looking more and more tempting. They extended the deadline for applying for the job. I am assuming it is because of lack of applicants. I must restrain myself. I would be bitching and moaning within a month if I moved there. For the month of May, Tallahassee had an average high of 88.0 and an average low of 63.3.