Ice Hike

I took advantage of a sunny day with temperatures in the 40s and hiked on the ice this afternoon. Here is the MotionBased trace.

This was one of those “good to be alive” moments. A rare mix of warm temperatures, clear/clean ice, and on a weekend day. The ice fishing houses were out. The occasional sound of an ice auger going. Then there were the ice skaters flowing across the ice. An ice covered playground.

I took a bunch of pictures. An online gallery will be made shortly. Stay tuned to this blog post for that.

Geek Room

Now an indoor picture (click on thumb). This would be the Man Room or the Geek Room, depending on your point of view.

Let’s move from left to right. The wood burner is barely visible on the left. A few chunks of wood are laying in front of it.

That opening in the far wall contains the wagon wheel. That hole is the portal to the office (more geekiness in there). I would like to get the wagon wheel out of there. The wheel is in there by friction. It won’t budge. Probably will need a couple of spreaders or jacks to get that thing out of there. The problem after that is, what the heck do I do with wagon wheel after I get it out?

On top of the far microwave cart is the stereo receiver and a couple of dvd recorders.

The near microwave cart has the blue cube computer on top of it. That computer is hooked up to the stereo receiver and the video projector. The LCD monitor was displaying the “Major Havoc” arcade game when I snapped this picture. The mouse and keyboard are on a slab of plywood so they can be placed on my lap.

Next to the computer is the SlikStik controller for playing those Mame games. The controller is on top of the Mr. Do cocktail video game.

In front of the computer and the controller is a futon couch.

You can see the video projector in the upper right corner of the picture. “The Daily Show” is being broadcast onto the wall. One of the DVD recorders is being used as the TV tuner.

The treadmill is to the right of the futon. This got some use during the latest cold snap. Not a big fan of running in the cold.

Underneath the video projector is the Marble Madness arcade machine. Not pictured, the Tempest game is next to the Marble Madness upright.

The pool table is in the foreground, and the stairs upward and the front entrance are the background. You like that 1970s styling?

Walking on Thin Ice

Actually the ice is about 5 inches thick. Here is a picture (click on thumb) from my ice covered pond, looking back at my house (and a few neighbors). My house is slightly left of center in the picture. You can see the area where the geese were before they finally flew south. That area has broken up ice and goose poop. Otherwise the ice is pretty darn cool lookin’, thanks to no snow falling since it has frozen. We are expecting a bit of a warm spell over the next week or so, which might spoil the ice. We’ll see.

New Ritual

I get home from work, first thing I do is check my e:mail. While I am doing this, Spar the Kat is meowing at the door that leads into the garage. I eventually get up and let him out into the attached garage. He runs into a corner of the garage and starts to roll on the cement. I am supposed to follow him and rub is belly when he starts to roll. After about 30 seconds of this, he declares himself done. We then walk back into the house.

I put the hot tub out into the garage. I am now regretting this. Even though it is about 10 to 15 degrees warmer in the garage compared to the outdoor temperature, it is still getting down into the 20s. Thankfully, the hot tub heater is keeping up, but I would rather have that hot tub in a warmer place. Probably move it into the house after Christmas.

We went below the zero degree mark (-2) last night for the time this season at the Zoyx Compound. Curious to see if we reach the minus 20 mark this winter. According to the long-term forecasters, it is supposed to be a warmer than normal winter. Hope so.

If you think this blog post is inane, take a looky at a sample page from this dudes diary. This man is the proud owner of the largest diary. Four hours a day of jotting down everything in 5 minute increments.

Pre-Holiday Joy!

A bunch of Atari related stuff that I ordered arrived at the Zoyx Compound. That switch I needed to fix my Atari 2600 was in the mix. Swapping in the new switch required me to get out the soldering gun. So I hunkered down on the living room floor, heated up the gun, and started melting solder. The good news? I didn’t burn the house down. The bad news? Managed to singe the living room carpeting. I was placing the gun in a metal pan. Apparently this metal pan wasn’t thick enough, because the singeing occurred through the pan. Oh well. I completed the job and the new switch works. I think the final score was 3 “fucks” (I said the f-word 3 times during this chore).

I also ordered a new AC adapter, a Wico bat joystick, and the homebrew game, Conquest of Mars. Yes, there are new games being generated for this 30 year old video game console. Conquest of Mars is a pretty cool game. Kind of a tough game though, currently can’t get past the killer force fields.

Besides the Atari stuff, I got a new spinner knob for my Mame controller. The new knob is mixed with a bunch of blue buttons, so I have colored it blue to match. The knob (I call it my nobber) is just like the one found on a Tempest arcade game. This is a vast improvement over the previous knob. When playing an action game like Tempest, the knob seems to come to life, almost feel a throbbing heart beat. I’m going to love playing with my new, big, blue, throbbing nobber.

This weeks 2600 competition is Edtris. Some guy named Ed had to make sure there was a Tetris game for the 2600. Now Ed’s amateur effort is the focal point of this weeks geek pride. I’ve got my entry in, do you?