Daily Tweet Dump

05:58 Tremendous sneeze just now. Good thing I am wearing green.

14:04 The feel good hit of the moment – is.gd/3Jhu

18:48 2 mile run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1036299

20:03 Assembling an 80s music playlist for the retro party.

20:10 Sign of the times – www.perfectduluthday.com/jumpyoufackers.jpg

21:30 Apparently I’m not the power user I thought I was. I have used 13.4 GB of bandwidth so far this month. I think that 250 GB cap is secure.

21:40 Judging by the S&P graph, we have broken thru the base. Oversold. Yes, panic. Waiting for cooler heads before I dive back into the market.

Daily Tweet Dump

19:06 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1028276

20:23 Sarah – “Watchin’ the debate tonight? you betcha!!” – i33.tinypic.com/1y2wig.gif

20:35 Libra – “Doctors caution that you cause negative reactions—including rashes, vomiting, and hysteria—in women who may become pregnant”

21:22 Go team VD!! – img257.imageshack.us/img257/1290/syphiliszt2.jpg

21:27 There are certain parts of the population that are beyond help – tinyurl.com/4z46bu

Daily Tweet Dump

11:02 Attempt at getting the Track & Field game – FAIL. Seller didn’t have the keys. Try again later today or tomorrow.

11:03 Poison Ivy zits now on my right forearm. Took the dock apart yesterday. Must be poison Ivy down there, eh.

13:51 My toe is bloody. No clue how that happened.

16:32 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1019483

23:09 My Track & Field arcade cocktail machine is in my house. Now where did they hide those dip switches?

Daily Tweet Dump

11:24 People wonder why I don’t tuck in my shirt. It is to hide those unsightly, embarrassing and unwanted erections.

11:26 One of the benefits of being 44 years old. Spontaneous erections happen with considerably less frequency.

14:19 This is a good read… gets into the current financial debacle, and criticizes socialist Republicans. mises.org/story/3098

16:40 I did a small blog post on gridcycle… www.gridcycle.com/?p=811

17:48 Blog Post… Landscaping tinyurl.com/3llxue

19:51 Cool, Spore works on my Asus netbook.

20:04 That should be the new definition of a casual game. If it runs on a netbook – casual game. So Quake 3 is now a casual game.


I’ve been doing the suburban thing again. Landscaping near the road that runs in front of my house. I had some trees removed there.

This meant I had some cleanup to do… more than I bargained for. One of the previous owners thought it was a good idea to line each tree with plastic, then throw rock on top of it. The theory being, this would prevent any vegetation from growing in. Maybe this works for a few years, but eventually nature overcomes this. So this gravel and plastic was an immense bitch to remove. Roots and dirt made this a slow task. I had the electric chainsaw handy for the worst roots. After the rock and roots were excavated, I had to back fill with top soil. Fortunately one of my neighbors had just dumped some sod from one of his projects in the out lot. This made for good back fill.

After things were cleaned up, I planted a maple tree, day lilys and some hostas in the spot at end of the driveway. Just sod in another location. Then some fresh mulch in the third location. I think that is all I’ll do for this fall. Probably add some stuff next spring. The thumb image is the location at the end of the driveway.