Daily Tweet Dump

08:53 Purchased a mac-mini off of ebay – my first mac! Previous gen – core 2 duo @ 1.83 ghz w/ 80GB HD. The seller upgraded to 3 GB memory.

10:54 Great run with @IMTBONE – 4.4 miles. Forgot to turn on my trainer until 1.5 miles in – connect.garmin.com/activity/2398701

13:31 Xybots! ff.im/1oCFq

13:35 Xybots, Track & Field [pic] ff.im/1oCPW

21:07 Sigh… looks like I am going to do another stay at home weekend. Fear of another cold relapse. Next weekend, look out world!

Daily Tweet Dump

08:11 There is only one explanation for my current mood – time travel. This plot device works in real life too. Try it!

08:17 Free song. Described as disco meets basement jaxx – tinyurl.com/bm8zta

08:54 Started a new savings account – a month ago the interest rate was 2.25%. Already down to 1.65%. Why did I bother.

08:57 Talk to your kids about sex – www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBYiPwG7Rdc

22:42 Introducing the Back-O-Matic – Hair Eradication System – www.flickr.com/photos/ratio/3331981959/.

Daily Tweet Dump

08:38 People knock boredom, but it has its positive attributes. Especially when compared to certain things, e.g. a root canal.

17:41 I ran a 5k on the indoor track… estimated time of 22:43. This is of course assuming they measured the track correctly.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:38 Looking at the Wikipedia entry for Paul Harvey, an argument can be made that his wife was the pioneer. Paul voiced her vision.

12:44 The new Depeche Mode video is pretty intense – is.gd/lklg

20:46 Just so you know, the groove is in the heart.

23:07 @jayspeiden Say hi to Tron Guy for me. He may know of me. Tell him to get a Twitter account!

Daily Tweet Dump

16:58 First run at the Dakotah since the onset of the cold over a week ago. Very strong, didn’t miss a step. Feels good to be back.

22:10 I have discovered Replay Media Catcher. I promise to use it for good instead of evil.

22:36 So when all the newspapers go under, will craigslist start charging?

22:56 @LeoLaporte me = pro-twif