Daily Tweet Dump

02:05 Daily Tweet Dump ff.im/tuLU

09:12 Mpls own Jayhawks on the Jon Stewart show back in 1995 – tinyurl.com/9z8od8

09:36 l like Merlin Mann, he is good at the funny – www.vimeo.com/2527903

10:48 I like the idea of a WeeHouse – weehouse.com

11:20 Zero Punctuation’s review of Left 4 Dead – is.gd/b1Ra

12:02 Looks like only 1-2 inches of snow from this system instead of 2-4″. Not complaining.

12:20 Kurt isn’t moving real fast. Finally laying down the carpet condom for painting the living room. ff.im/tJIu

14:40 Kurt has the primer coat down. For those curious, the final color will be, “nursing home white”. ff.im/tNLz

15:06 Carpet condom worked fine, but should of used a ribbed one. Wouldn’t of slipped as much and perhaps more pleasurable to work with.

15:11 @fgustafson double entendre time. Maybe this will help: carpet condom = painting drop cloth.

15:44 @HolyGod Your job must suck. I couldn’t do that, just not in my heart.

18:43 Kurt >> workout – COMPLETE! Bonus exercise: Scraping glaze off of car after workout. ff.im/tUjf

18:48 @thegizwiz So very steampunk!

19:44 Fun hack – installing google android on a netbook – is.gd/eoro – I own the netbook they used for this hack, need the howto.

19:47 @HolyGod speaketh the truth, there is an evil phisher hitting Twitter. bit.ly/HREm

23:15 A Long-Assed Year End Blog Post ff.im/u1ku

23:50 Kurt finished year end blog post. ff.im/u2e9

23:50 I Like Randomness ff.im/u2e7

I Like Randomness

I get the occasional random AIM IM request via Google chat. I then proceed to fuck with them. An example:

RelaxedCoho: Dance, my puppets, dance!
me: Can I join your collective?
RelaxedCoho: well don’t be rude answer
me: I am willing to give up all of my personal belongings!!!
RelaxedCoho: no you aren’t
me: Yes, I am. Give me an address, and I will mail you my right nipple to show my intense seriousness!
RelaxedCoho: all right
thats good cause im missing a nipple
me: Nipples are the wave of the future, just ask Ed Meese!
RelaxedCoho: i dont need to for i know the way of the future! i am an oracle
me: Gotta go, get back to me on the nipple address thing. God just IM’d me. Wants help with the whole “who should go to hell or heaven” thing.

A Long-Assed Year End Blog Post

It is about time a finally put pen to paper and got going on this year in review post.

First… to review my past year’s resolutions:

Lose 40 lbs. • FAIL • Only lost a net 15 lbs. From 215 to 200 lbs. I was briefly down to 195, but then the holidays fucked me over. Always do.

Replace current furniture with either inflatable or vibrating furniture. • SUCCESS • Did a massive purge of shit the first few months. Nothing vibrates, but some do inflate. An example.

Convince society that black is the new white. • SUCCESS • Take a good close look at our future president. What do you see? That was all my doing.

Grow a third nipple and vestigial tail. • SUCCESS • The bite from the radioactive spider was all it took on this one. Problem now is that the tail gives me away when playing poker. My poker buddies call me thumper.

Install a Japanese style toilet. • FAIL • I totally tore up and redid the kitchen and living room during the early part of 2008. A Japanese toilet was not part of the renovation. I am bound and determined to get a bidet into the compound. Not just for the hygiene aspect, but also bidets creep out Americans. Creeping out people is a top priority at the compound.

Finish my Manifesto on why women hate me. • FAIL • Still utterly clueless on this one. I’m such a lovable and charming sort.

Other fun things I did this year not included above:

Took a trip out east in the VW diesel. Highlights include hanging out with a childhood friend, climbing Mt. Washington and Funspot Arcade. Your flickr picture tour.

Lots of jogging, biking and kayaking. Mainly locally.

Many geek related activities. Like adding to my video game collection, retro gaming parties and the occasional Monday Night Geek event.

Added a word to the American vocabulary. That word is “moobly“. Use it!

My resolutions for 2009:

– Gain a super power. – Gotta find another radioactive spider. I actually have something resembling a super power. I throw-up rainbows and sunshine. Unfortunately, this doesn’t bring happiness to mankind. Haven’t found a way to monetize it either. Only makes my spewing more enjoyable.

– Lose 40 lbs. – Wii Fit says that my ideal weight is 162 lbs. Who am I to question? Yeah, I will look like a head on a stick at this weight, but 40 lbs it must be.

– Learn ninja bowling – Just like normal bowling, just done with great stealth.

– Sell my house and join a commune. – One of those communes where you give up all of your personal belongings to the collective. At least I will have a sense of belonging!

I’m done. Have a great year… cheers!

Daily Tweet Dump

07:12 Complaints from the neighbors. Want me to draw the shades in the morning when I do the disco dancing. The disco ball reflection is wakin …

07:19 Looks like 3-6 inches Saturday into Saturday evening. Naked snow angels?

07:56 Sending a test message from FriendFeed. Who knows where it will end up. Crazy internets. ff.im/sZXz

08:55 You can go back to using your 30GB Zune. The freeze is over. America does a collective sigh of relief. ff.im/t1Dq

09:00 Kurt is on friendfeed. All things Kurt are on that feed… blog, twitter, flickr, youtube, facebook, etc. The… ff.im/t1Nz

10:11 Kurt Halloween 1992 ff.im/t45j

10:11 Kurt is uploading a picture of himself from 1992… tinyurl.com/a76lco. ff.im/t45k

15:31 @sheephogan Shiny disco balls, yes. Blinged out… the latest thing.

16:26 I really can’t tell the difference between a flac and a 192 variable rate mp3 music file. What should I be looking for?

16:27 I really can’t tell the difference between a flac and a 192 variable rate mp3 music file. What should I be looking for? ff.im/tgs2

18:44 2008: The Year the Geeks Took Over – is.gd/efr8

20:44 @HolyGod Who’s your interior decorator?

22:54 Kurt has moved furniture in prep for painting living room walls. The blood red walls may be off putting for potential… ff.im/tqm1

22:55 Only transferred 38.44 GB of data over my cable modem during the month of December. Not a power user yet. Need to get into on-demand video.

23:27 Kurt is updating Windows 7 from 6801 to 7000. ff.im/tr9U

00:02 @Lileks Winter is dangerous, needs to be outlawed. Glad you weren’t hurt… or were you.

Daily Tweet Dump

04:21 Talking Heads – “Puzzlin’ Evidence” is doing a wonderful job of waking me up.

07:33 Played a half hour of classic pong on a B&W TV last evening with friends. Loads of fun! You are not allowed to mock The Pong in my presence!

11:40 My 2009 wish for super powers hasn’t happened yet. Hmmm, I wonder if that spider over there is radioactive?

12:28 Boy this year is dragging. Cripes, 364.5 days left.

17:32 PONG!! – www.flickr.com/photos/pookareena/3156417085/ – Too bad it isn’t in color, the B&W TV was a brilliant orange.

18:08 I still have the DOS skills. Did a batch rename. Just wish I would stop entering ls when I mean dir.

18:18 So why does winamp not play a dts file when the extenstion is .wav. Plays fine when the extension is .dts.

20:02 How to rip a deck of cards and a phone book in half – is.gd/enVD – What could I do with additional grip strength? Hmmmm…

22:45 @fgustafson Is this on Twitter? I tried Mr. Tweet, and think I am getting new spammy followers thru that.

Daily Tweet Dump

04:18 Plow dude never went by my house. A good thing, becuase there isn’t drift for me to drive through when I leave. Minus 11° currently.

04:19 @randytayler Congrats?

07:45 New Cinematic Titanic trailer… tinyurl.com/8q9885

10:08 30GB Zunes locking up, all at once! tinyurl.com/7mxn48

14:32 How to fix a locked 30 GB Zune. Dunno if it works… is.gd/ejba

20:05 Me playing my Track & Field arcade machine… tinyurl.com/8kycad

00:43 First footed my own house. Acceptable, only if you are not present at the stroke of midnight.