Battle Troll

Two FB trolls. Two different styles. Who wins?

The names have been changed to protect the idiots. The original post is commenting on a fixed-wing drone.


Nick Threat – Pirate

I pirated a Twitter account today. Pro-tip: Don’t use someone elses email when creating a Twitter account… or any account for that matter. All I had to do was request a password reset to my email address, and the account was mine. I renamed it and changed the avatar and header images. The account hadn’t been used in over a year, so I wasn’t totally evil… just partially evil. You can see it here – @NickThreat


I have revived an old Twitter account… first time I have used it in over 3 years. @ZoyxTunes is now reporting songs that I play via Google Music on my android devices. This Twitter account is also posting my weight whenever I step on my new Withings weight scale.

I am using the Tweet My Music android app for the music posting. It is an IFTTT recipe that is doing the weight posting.

I’m not really dieting. Skipping dinner is the only diet-like activity that I am doing, but I suspect my calorie count is still fairly high.

My Meme Participation

I’m archiving this here… a meme related post I did on Facebook.

“Like” and I will *NOT* give you a number. I am a meme dead-end, sorry. The number I was given was 20. 20 things you may or may not believe about me…

  1. I have not been endorsed for “coin-snatching” on LinkedIn, but should be.
  2. I feed the neighborhood yard gnomes and animals ham sandwiches.
  3. In order to avoid the bird flu, I wore a hazmat suit.
  4. If I’m in the middle of a long crying spell, I call up morning radio shows and act fucking crazy.
  5. I like to give pep talks to people when they’re down… except Ned, he can just wallow in his own tears for all I care.
  6. When I was a kid, I took apart a cat to learn how it purred. When I put it back together, it walked funny and had a speech impediment.
  7. When I was 23, I built a holodeck. A defect resulted in the holodeck producing naked ladies that were mushy and jello-like.
  8. I decided to make bitching about the weather my profession.
  9. I ate some cake with my bare fingers while face-to-face with Kurt Vonnegut.
  10. In 1978, me and some friends started a multi-acre grass fire. Then I got hit in the face with a golf club… on the same day.
  11. While living in Hermantown, MN in 2005, I thwarted an uprising of astronauts in our neighborhood.
  12. I am not human, I am dancer. You can tell by my feather shoulder pads.
  13. I coded a mod for Tribes and Tribes 2 that had jetpacks with turbo boosts, cloaking devices, and fire. Lots and lots of fire.
  14. In my early teens, I used to ‘air cowbell’, “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. My opinion, the song would have been better with a wood block.
  15. I moved to Alaska because my brain is considered a delicacy in certain states.
  16. I once bought a bucket of cool whip on the guidance from my relationship counselor.
  17. When I was in my 20s, I was in favor of the Dingley Tariff. I have since seen the error in my ways.
  18. I have nearly purged everything I know about Tom Arnold from my memory.
  19. Sometimes I feel like I am part of the societal collective thought. Other times I feel like Donald Trump. Depends on how much chocolate milk I’ve had.
  20. My life was shattered when I was 19 when my parents confided to me that all of my relatives were TV sitcom actors.

Not that I am fixated on the Sun

Here are the sunset milestones I will be following as we crawl out of winter here in Anchorage.

Sunset after 4 PM:  January 6.
Sunset after 5 PM:  January 30.
Sunset after 6 PM:  February 21.
Daylight Savings Time: March 10.
Sunset after 8 PM:  March 14.
Sunset after 9 PM:  April 6.

I can keep going, but having the sun set after 9 PM is all I need. The sun sets at 11:42 PM on the summer solstice.



Installed Jetpack 2.0 on this blog. This makes my blog more cloud-tastic and social-rific. Excited?

Still sick. Discovered I had some leftover Dayquil. I shot of this, and almost instantly I have the energy to compose a blog entry. This disease has gone into my lungs with sore throat and cough to go with it. Still have my voice, but sounds like crap. Highest fever so far is 101.7.

Started dieting on Monday. Diseases are wonderful for losing weight. I have been able to stay under 1800 calories without too much trouble.

Greg Proops – Supremes

I went to the live Proopcast at the Varsity Theater on June 28. Witnessed the live recording of a Smartest Man of the World podcast episode, he would later call “Supremes“. I recorded the video of the first half hour (below). Besides him riffing on the local area, you will also get to witness his hover table. I actually had a mini-tripod with me, but didn’t have the nerve to pull it out and use it. So we have this motion sickness inducing video. Enjoy!

Achieving goals makes you sad

Below is graphic of the emotional rollercoaster of gamer playing a video game. Lots of anger with brief moments of happiness. At the end, sadness. The sadness at the end didn’t make much sense to me when I first read the article. But then I read this quote from this article.

Kartheiser: With success comes a level of sadness. You think, “I’ll reach this goal, and then I’ll feel a sense of completeness, of wholeness. I’ll feel that I have accomplished something. I will see myself as a worthy man.” And it doesn’t really exist.

Now it makes sense. Playing a game is very equivalent to life’s goals. I wonder if it is best not to have goals, and just be in a constant state of striving.

Brushes with Fame

My brush with fame this evening. A Jesse Thorn ( tweet-up. Below is Jesse holding court. The best story of the evening involved Nazi POWs attempting to escape a camp in Arizona.

He also shared some gossip. I told him I was going to blog about it and I am true to my word. So this is what I am allowed to say publicly…

After the tweet-up, I went to Pizza Luce downtown. Ian Rans ( was hosting Triviasco. I ate an appetizer while he barked out the occasional Irish themed question. None of which I knew the answer to without lycosing.

Nerd vs Geek

I’m witty, but a slow wit. I was in a conversation a couple weekends ago, that involved whether a person was a geek or a nerd. The people at the table were proudly saying they were geeks, not nerds. The conversation desperately needed some snark injected, that I knew. Being a bit slow, nothing popped into my head at the time. But 8 days later, I finally have my snappy line. Here it comes:

A geek cares about the difference between a geek and a nerd. A nerd doesn’t care.

Given, I probably would of been slapped upside the head for that comment (I’m socially inept after-all), but it would of been worth it. Below is the Venn diagram for future reference. Now shut-up nerds.