Kaiser Horse

“It is time to meet your maker, My Magic Unicorn”, exclaimed the Kaiser Horse with an exaggerated German accent, “but before I extinguish your life force with magnificent villianary, I have one last query to ask you… Why the long face?”

My Magic Unicorn began to laugh with so much joy at this funny question, that she emitted great glee waves from her horn. The glee waves swept away all hate and anger from the Kaiser Horse.

“I can not carry out this extermination, for I have not an evil pore within my being. I shall set you free My Magic Unicorn, so you may spread your happiness throughout the land”, said the Kaiser Horse, with a much tempered German accent.

The Kaiser Horse and My Magic Unicorn both skip off into a rainbow sunset, where My Magic Unicorn gores Kaiser Horse in the left lung, leaving him to die.