Modest Mouse is Coming to Town

Modest Mouse is scheduled to do a show at Moose’s Tooth, Anchorage on June 18th. So that triggered this memory from a Roderick on the Line episode, with this exchange between John Roderick and Merlin Mann.

John: Option A, look at the first sentence under option A. “Detachable penis.”

Merlin: Oh my god, that’s that King Missile song! Remember that? “Detachable penis.” Second most disappointing show I ever went to.

John: Oh that’s sad.

Merlin: Modest Mouse was the worst.

John: I know the guy from….

Merlin: Yeah his name’s John Dongface or something. What’s his name? Dr. Phil?

John: He lives in San Francisco.

Merlin: No, he seems nice. But he’s not very—

John: Wait, so you’re saying that Modest Mouse is the most disappointing rock show you’ve ever been to?

Merlin: Yep.

John: Oh, I don’t want to get derailed from the shemale Realdoll, but what happened at the Modest Mouse concert?

Merlin: I hope they were high. I hope they were either high, or they were mad about crap services, because I have never been to a more phoned in fucking show in my whole life. This is 1997–8. It’s around the time of Real Signs of the Real West, Highway West, what the fuck’s that album they had?

John: They were huffing modeling glue at that point. They were young guys from that point.

Merlin: You know what, I can enjoy a lot of things, John. I like a lot of different kinds of music, you know? I don’t like a Low show, because I don’t like being shushed and being told to sit Indian style, I will not go to a Low show. I’ve been shushed at two different Low shows.

I’m sure Modest Mouse is no longer sniffing glue, or huffing paint, or whatever. I doubt the band would still be around 15 years later if they had kept up with that.

But I worship Merlin Mann. If Merlin were to run for President on a kill cute puppies platform, I would probably still vote for him. So when he says Modest Mouse’s show was the worst ever, I am going take him for his word, and not see this show.

Odd note from Merlin on Low. He was shushed at one Low concert, but that wasn’t enough, so he went back and was shushed at a second Low concert. I guess give him credit for giving them a second chance before writing them off.

Here is a music video from Modest Mouse. It has a fishing theme, so perfect for Alaska.


Empire Strikes Back Reviewed

Here we have Sickel & Ebert, teaming up against some guy with something cork-like shoved up his ass. Our mediator is Mr. Ted Koppel. Apparently we are past the Iran hostage crisis so Nightline can now chat about such bubblegum topics.

Mr. Butt cheek clencher was raised in an environment where the goal was to shed child-like behavior, and act like a grown-up, as quickly as possible. Siskel & Ebert both refused to lose the ability to play as they grew into adulthood.

Was there some grand lesson to be learned in Empire Strikes Back? Not really. It was meant to be playful and fun. If you lost the ability to play, the Star Wars movies would be lost on you.

More Sick

You really don’t have to read this. I am just logging this flu for future reference. It was nice to read through my old blog entries from my worst flu ever from September 2005. This flu I have is certainly nasty, but not as nasty as that one. My fever routinely got over 103 with one time hitting 104. I went to the doctor twice during that episode. Didn’t feel the need on this one.

Yesterday was the same as previous days, with fever bouncing between 100-101.5. But today was better. The fever has dipped below 100 for much of the day, but still managed to top out at 101 a few hours ago. This required me to take another Tylenol with an electrolyte drink chaser, then turn the lights out and try to sleep on the living room futon. Obviously feeling better now, because looking at this LCD screen isn’t making my eyes tear up.

I listened to this Tom Bernard Podcast episode while lying down. The main subject was the 1986 Minnesota gubernatorial race in which they had Mark Rosen run for Governor for fun, and it got bit out of hand. The podcast mentions this WCCO-TV story, which gives a good summary.

I actually enjoyed Bernard’s and Rosen’s rapport back in the day, and was a regular listener. After Rosen left, I stopped listening to Bernard. It was a big deal when WCCO decided they didn’t want him moonlighting at KQRS anymore.

One thing that I disagreed with in the podcast. Bernard seems to take credit for starting funny/sarcastic sports talk. Bernard was very much inspired by Monday Night Sports Talk (MNST) with Reusse and Soucheray in the same market. MNST had been around 5 years by the time Bernard hit the airwaves.

Greg Proops – Supremes

I went to the live Proopcast at the Varsity Theater on June 28. Witnessed the live recording of a Smartest Man of the World podcast episode, he would later call “Supremes“. I recorded the video of the first half hour (below). Besides him riffing on the local area, you will also get to witness his hover table. I actually had a mini-tripod with me, but didn’t have the nerve to pull it out and use it. So we have this motion sickness inducing video. Enjoy!

You get what you get, and don’t be upset.

The latest “Roderick on the Line” episode is the most scattered, ADD infested podcast that I have ever heard. I don’t think they stayed on topic longer than 18 seconds. Not an episode for the feint of heart. A little over an hour, I spent at least another hour playing the game, “where the hell did that reference come from?” For instance I searched for “nose cold sore” images. I will not be able unsee those images now. The image below is one of the nicer images from that search. Her name is either Donna or Intercoursey.

Hey Future!

They made a time capsule at the Hodgman show this past evening. I filmed it using ones and zeros. In other words, I filmed it without using film. Just crazy. The film is below.