Battle Troll

Two FB trolls. Two different styles. Who wins?

The names have been changed to protect the idiots. The original post is commenting on a fixed-wing drone.


Annual Weigh-in.


2009:  201.5 lbs
2010:  192.5
2011:   185.6
2012:  183.2
2013:  203.5
2014:  207.9

No, this is not a good trend. The goal for this year is to be down to that 2010 weight. I would really like to be BMI 25 (184 lbs), but that seems to be too hard for me to maintain.

More Sick

You really don’t have to read this. I am just logging this flu for future reference. It was nice to read through my old blog entries from my worst flu ever from September 2005. This flu I have is certainly nasty, but not as nasty as that one. My fever routinely got over 103 with one time hitting 104. I went to the doctor twice during that episode. Didn’t feel the need on this one.

Yesterday was the same as previous days, with fever bouncing between 100-101.5. But today was better. The fever has dipped below 100 for much of the day, but still managed to top out at 101 a few hours ago. This required me to take another Tylenol with an electrolyte drink chaser, then turn the lights out and try to sleep on the living room futon. Obviously feeling better now, because looking at this LCD screen isn’t making my eyes tear up.

I listened to this Tom Bernard Podcast episode while lying down. The main subject was the 1986 Minnesota gubernatorial race in which they had Mark Rosen run for Governor for fun, and it got bit out of hand. The podcast mentions this WCCO-TV story, which gives a good summary.

I actually enjoyed Bernard’s and Rosen’s rapport back in the day, and was a regular listener. After Rosen left, I stopped listening to Bernard. It was a big deal when WCCO decided they didn’t want him moonlighting at KQRS anymore.

One thing that I disagreed with in the podcast. Bernard seems to take credit for starting funny/sarcastic sports talk. Bernard was very much inspired by Monday Night Sports Talk (MNST) with Reusse and Soucheray in the same market. MNST had been around 5 years by the time Bernard hit the airwaves.


Installed Jetpack 2.0 on this blog. This makes my blog more cloud-tastic and social-rific. Excited?

Still sick. Discovered I had some leftover Dayquil. I shot of this, and almost instantly I have the energy to compose a blog entry. This disease has gone into my lungs with sore throat and cough to go with it. Still have my voice, but sounds like crap. Highest fever so far is 101.7.

Started dieting on Monday. Diseases are wonderful for losing weight. I have been able to stay under 1800 calories without too much trouble.

Welcome People Who Don’t Follow My Blog

I’m home sick, so I have ample time to update my blog. I have only updated this journal one time since moving to Anchorage, and I have been here for 3.5 months.

First my illness. Two nights ago around 7 PM, I suddenly had some painful gut cramps. At this point, I think it is one of those 12-24 hours gastro-intestinal viruses. At around 2 AM, the pain went away with no puking or diarrhea. I took the day off anyway, which proved to be a wise choice. I was well enough to go vote at around 2 PM, but by late afternoon, the fever and lung congestion kicked in. I have been hitting the Ibuprofen ever since. The Ibuprofen is working well at this stage, seems to knock the fever down enough so I can putz around the house. When the fever bounces up to around 101, I’m pretty useless.

The illness also let me watch the the election coverage last night. If I was healthy I would of been bopping around the apartment not really paying attention. But last night the sick had me attached to the couch, so the coverage had my full attention. I exclusively watched MSNBC’s coverage.

My takeaway is that the Republican Party can’t count on dominating the angry white male voter to put them over the top anymore. They will have to find a way to attract minorities and diversify their message if they want to do well in elections. One pundit made the point that the Republican party is split into a rational side and an ideologue side. Ideologues are the ones in control, which results in the wave upon wave of nonsensical blather that rarely passes fact checking. The more rational Republicans will have to take over the party, and then convince the current goofy base voters that they are right. This will be a tough order.

As far as my vote? I went third party. My little protest vote against corporate influence in the election process. Here’s to hoping Obama will declare himself independent, and do what’s right for the American people, instead of big money. His rhetoric gives me hope, but I need to see action.

Yesterday I dropped $40 for the Windows 8 Pro upgrade to my living room PC (the one I am typing on now). Went smoothly, no major glitches. This isn’t the major paradigm shift that I was expecting. I am not using the new Metro UI because I spend all of my time in Google Chrome. I’ll tinker with the Metro apps from time to time, but it will be tough for them to be integrated into my workflow.

Busy Day

1) Moved my Mom to a different home. Much better facilities and it looks like they will keep her more active.

2) A 3 mile walk in the woods near my childhood home.

3) At current home, cut half the lawn.

4) Filled in where the ground sank. Five wheelbarrows of muddy topsoil.

5) Raised the dock a bit. Still in the water, but it is more level.

Time for a tasty alcoholic beverage.

Hand washing

I have started hand washing my clothes. The protocol is:

  1. Throw clothes into the wash tub next to the broken washer.
  2. A shot of detergent with a teaspoon of oxy-cleaner.
  3. Fill tub with warm water and let soak for an hour.
  4. Some hand mixing from time-to-time during this hour.
  5. Drain water then refill the tub a couple times to emulate rinse cycles.
  6. After rinsing, drop clothes into the spin dryer I purchased (see picture below).
  7. From here, either air dry, or throw the load into the dryer for about 20 minutes.

The spin dryer is a bit buggy. Really hard to balance the load. The instructions recommend a full load. I am having better luck with half filling the container. Even then I usually have to do some adjusting when the container badly wobbles. Once I do get the spinner up to full speed, the results are really good. Much more water is removed compared to my washers final spin cycle.

I also have a Wonder Wash (also in picture below). I don’t think I’ll recommend it. The hand crank tumbling of your clothes doesn’t seem to be enough. The soaking in a big tub with occasional hand mixing seems to do a better job. If you don’t have a big tub (like in a condo or apartment), this may be enough.

I will cave-in and get a new washer, but I do like this back-up method of doing the wash.