I have internet again. Last night was the first night at the new place. I somehow, someway survived without internet access. The tech guy from MediaCom just left and I now have internet. I feel normal again.

I asked the tech if MediaCom blocks any ports. He didn’t know. He said he has installed hundreds of internet connection for MediaCom and I was the first to ask that question. Does that count as a “geek moment”?

The previous owner left his Dish Network receiver and dish for me. Not only did it work, but it had a live card in it. Hmmm, either he forgot to cancel his account, Dish Network forgot to disable the card, or this is a special Canadian card (if you get my drift). I don’t think I will investigate, ignorance is probably the best move here.

The acoustics are great in here. The living room is all wood with a vaulted ceiling. Music and the Football Badger site sound so much richer compared to the small living room I had at the old place.

Cold is Back

You know that post-nasal drip that I had around Wednesday… the drip causing that sore throat. It is now a full frontal drip. I need a bib.

I left work an hour early today, and I may do the same on Sunday if I feel just as crummy. I think I was carrying this bug for some time and the virus was waiting for my immune system to take a dip. Doing the marathon provided that dip.

I decided not to sleep at the new house this weekend. Main reason? No internet there yet. That won’t be hooked up until Tuesday morning. My first night will be Monday night. This is to ensure that I am there when MediaCom shows up Tuesday morning. Also my phone doesn’t get fired up until Monday.

Quote of the day from a real-estate agent yesterday during my closing – “Certainly people don’t move to Duluth for the weather”.

So far so good

The Hermantown house is now in my name. I have met a few of my new neighbors already. The three I have met so far have been there 18 years or longer. At the moment, I’m sure they think I’m normal. Hopefully I can change that. Step one is to strip naked and run around the yard screaming, “I’m Free, I’m Free”. I don’t know what step two is but step three is profit.

You know how yesterday I said I was healed. A small set back. As I flex my right ankle, I can feel a slight vibration, like a creaking hinge. I’m sure this is leftover from the marathon. There is some pain, but nothing worth complaining about. Just a curiosity at the moment.

I’m healed

This the first day that I can say I am fully recovered from the marathon run/walk. I was able to do a 2 mile run this afternoon, plus I was able to go up and down stairs with no hint of pain. So it takes 5 days. When is my next marathon?

Closing is tomorrow and I don’t think the closing company has finished the paperwork yet. Apparently there is another person with the same name as me, doing bad things. The one call I got from the closing company today was whether or not I had committed any criminal offenses. That would be no. I guess I have to sign off on that.

I did a lot of packing and taking things apart today. I took apart both futon frames and the old dining room table (belonged to my grandparents). I will be sleeping on the floor tonight. This may be my last night in this house! Let’s hope so. I still have plenty of days in this house. I have to move all of the big cumbersome stuff next Wednesday. I am also dreading the post-move clean up.

Tree Stump

The stump chipper dude is here. The future owner of this house hired out this guy to remove this stump. Note this is not just one tree stump but three (there is one more hidden behind the two shown). I had a guy come out and give me a quote on removing (not chipping) the stump. He estimated $300-500. Apparently this guy is going to chip it out for less than $100. By the way, this stump is not on my land, it is owned by the county. In a weird deal I rent the 40′ by 80′ lot for $35 a year. The future owner had to get permission from the county to remove this stump – just like I had to get permission to cut them down. These trees were Willows of some sort, they were dieing and on the verge of falling over onto mine and a neighbors property. I will post an after picture when the guy is done.

The after picture around 9:30 am. I wonder who is going to clean up the piles of dirt and chips?

A find

While picking through crap for my move, I found the box to an old dot matrix printer. This box was inside of another box, so it has been hidden for at least 6 years there. The printer it contained has long since been thrown out. At the bottom of the box I found an old print out.

…. drum roll please….

The print out was of almost all of my old programs that I coded back in 8th and 9th grade on my fathers old TRS-80. Just a quick glimpse, I saw the horse race game, a football game that emulated the old Mattel hand held, a biorhythm program, a text-based boxing game, a shooter game, etc. There are more than one TRS-80 emulators out there for the PC. All I have to do is retype these suckers and then I can relive those old memories. Maybe force some other people to live through those memories also.

Meanwhile, my aches and pains from the run/walk are being replaced by the body aches and sore throat of a cold. That makes midnight shifts suck that much more. Luckily the weather is relatively benign, just the possibility of frost.

Back on Track

I dogged my way through the midnight shift last night. I was a hurtin’ guy. But when I woke up this afternoon, and I was much better. I was able to go down the stairs without grimacing…and that was before I took my ibuprofen. What a difference 6 hours can make.

Thanks to this improved energy, I am able to get back on track with the moving agenda. I was able to pack up the wagon with another load of my junk (this will be the 5th load). I was also able to do some more boxing of the stuff that is still loose. That closing of the new house is just this Friday, so I need to keep truckin’.

By the way, my insurer took some more pictures. I am still in love with this house. No creeping sensation of regret. All right, maybe one regret.

The guy who manages the CWSU in Farmington, MN seems to be anxious for me to apply for the job. He composed an e:mail giving some up to date information on what he thinks will happen in the future with the unit in Farmington. It was not all doom and gloom. If I wasn’t in the middle of this move, I would of applied for this job. As it stands now, I’m kind of stuck.

Back to the subject of running. The person I did Grandmas Marathon with, wants me to do the Paavo Nurmi Marathon. Things that need to be done in order for me to do this… 1) a couple of runs longer than 10 miles… 2) lose about 10 pounds… 3) get some new shoes. If I accomplish those goals, then I might consider it.

Marathon Snippets

Still don’t have a full blown anecdote from Grandmas Marathon, just quick blurbs. Here yah go.

1) Me and whats-her-name (I will at least make an attempt anonymity), pushed up to the front so we were with the 3:50 pace crowd at the start. We then ran the first 3 miles or so, having whole bunches of people pass us.

2) At around mile 4 or 5, we saw one of the Kenyan’s (race number 1) sitting on the sideline, looking rather glum. Must of had a mild injury that wouldn’t allow him to run. At this point we are just doing on and off running… mainly on the downhills.

3) I was supposed to run into friends at mile marker 9. Either we were too slow, or they left too early… take your pick.

4) Me and whats-her-name had a race to the half-marathon marker. I won. She then called me a “rat bastard”. The people watching all this got a good chuckle including me. She later explained that she has this problem with saying things she means to keep to herself. So she only meant to think that I was a “rat-bastard”. What a bitch 😉 ! The last half of the marathon we walked almost exclusively.

5) We then hooked up with some people. Some of these people whats-her-name knew from other marathons. We also hooked up with Bob, a professor at one of the local colleges. Bob hung around the longest, he did the last 6 miles with us. I am assuming he was in his 50s. One of the cooler guys you’ll ever meet. I don’t think he said an unkind word the entire time.

6) I finished strong. Even though I had a whole lot of pain in my legs and sore blisters on the soles of my feet, I got a pretty good sprint at the end. This was really weird. It went from, “let’s see if I can run” to, “this isn’t so bad, let’s crank it up a bit”, to “full speed ahead”. I’m guessing I was doing a 6 to 7 minute mile pace at the finish.

7) I got my free beer at the end, and then hung around with whats-her-name and her husband for a half hour after the race, then I went home. I had to hobble a half mile to get to my car. My legs were tightening up big time at this point. This walk was much harder than when I was in the marathon.

Thats all can recall at the moment… maybe I’ll add stuff as I get flashbacks.