Mulligan Masters

Bob Yates, the morning talk show guy I listen, has just started pimping Mulligan Masters. It is a complete, 40 acre, golf practice facility. You apparently can practice all aspects of your game… putting, chipping, irons, driving, sand traps. They have instructors to tell you how you are screwing up. They also will have a 9 hole par 3 course opening shortly.

From what I can see on their web site, I am very impressed. My problem, practice isn’t much fun, I want to compete. If I can turn practice into some sort of competition, then it isn’t so bad. I do plan on hitting this facility before the summer is out.

Topic Switch. I keep the cat toy (the one that has a liberal amount of catnip on it) in a plastic ziploc bag, then I throw the bag into the fridge. Well I went shopping and took the toy in bag out while I was throwing the stuff I bought in. Never did throw the toy back into the fridge. So in the middle of the night, I hear the cat ripping at plastic. Even though I am drugged up from sleep, I was able to figure out what was going on outside my bedroom. Sure enough, when I get up in the morning, the toy is now outside of the bag, and the ziploc bag has a big gaping hole in it. That catnip sure is a driving force to these cats.

UT2004 stats finally

One of my matches finally appeared on the UT2004 stats page. I came in second for that one match. Click here for that match. Nice to have some verification that I have some skill at this game.

Unfortunately, they will be resetting the stats here shortly. So the link above will die in the near future.

New Parsdent?

That new JFK is looking pretty darn presidential. I guess the number one thing that came across during Kerry’s acceptance speech, he is not GWB. In other words, competent. Kerry believes in working together. The Bush administration believes in doing it their way and damn the rest of you. The Democrats know how to work and play well with others.

Well enough of that, I ain’t no pundit. Although I play one on the internet.

Okay, I tried out the new running shoes, I made the right choice. They already feel broken in. I did a 5k run with no discomfort. I dropped by the Hermantown ballpark during my run. They had a pop machine, I wanted to get one of their sport drinks. $1.25. Even cokes cost $1.25. I decided not to get a drink.

I started packing for the Computer/BBQ Party that I am going to this weekend. I was gonna bring the 8 foot table, but that would of required strapping that to the roof of the car. Thankfully the folks running the show don’t need it. So I only need to bring the 6 foot table. That folds up and fits nicely inside the car. I will also bring the dedicated game server. Although they might not need that either. Thats fine. I am sure someone there will need a computer to play games. I can load my games on there so that chap can join in on the fun.

Remember yesterday when I said that I moved the phone line. Well I forgot to replace the suspended ceiling panels after I was done. Well the cat mysteriously disappeared yesterday. Then he disappeared again this morning. I finally figured it out and took a peak up in the ceiling. There was my buddy in his new hiding spot. Damn cat.

More Ramblings

I did nothing today. Seems that way at least.

Let’s see… I rerouted the phone wire so it came up near my desk. Before it was on the floor near the TV. A touch more convenient.

The used cell phone that I ordered, came in the mail. So I set up the account for that. I am going to use Virgin Pay as You Go for my service. My only problem so far with these people is that they seem to be targeting teenagers. I really don’t like be treated like a kid. I will be a cell boy again. Bah!

My Dish Network Satellite TV stopped working. I must of been using the previous owners old account and it finally gave out. So I called up Dish Network and started up my own account. I was up and running again within a couple of hours.

I fell asleep while I watched the Twins. I managed to wake in time to watch them win in extra innings. Twins are playing good ball. Just completed a 3 game sweep of their chief rival.

I then went to the mall. I am now only 4 or so miles from it now. I doubt being this close will rekindle my inner mall rat.

While I was there, I pre-ordered my copy of Doom 3. Apparently someone on the Doom 3 creation team has relatives in the Duluth area, because he visited this particular store a week or so ago. The game should be at this store on August 4th. I have reserved excitement about Doom 3. The game apparently takes 24 hours to complete the first time around. I frankly don’t have the patience for that. I am still looking forward to the cool visuals though.

I also bought new running shoes. The current shoes have at least a thousand miles on them. I think you are supposed to get new shoes every 300 miles. But I’m a cheap bastard.

Well ut2004 stats are back up and running. My stats aren’t there though. I give up.

Oh and here you go, for you fellas out there. It’s Swedish!

Ramble on

The vacation started yesterday. I’m on day 2 of my 12 days off. Nothing big planned for this vacation, I just plan on goofing off during the 12 days.

How did day 1 go? I went to the Apostle Islands and did some kayaking around the sandstone bluffs. Some “caves” are there for you to float into. The best one is about 30 feet long and the top of the cave is only a foot above your head in some parts. It got kind of claustrophobic in spots. I didn’t bring the digital camera. In fact, I forgot by sun block, food and water. I only kayaked for 3 hours, so forgetting this stuff wasn’t a real problem.

Well, since I forgot the camera, I will need to give you these canned pictures from this website. Here is Meyer’s Beach where I launched…

Meyer's Beach

And here is a generic “sea cave” picture…

Sea Caves

Oh and the detour to driving there… it added 18 miles to the drive. So the 65 mile drive was now about 85 miles one way. A bridge was out. Kind of wish I had visited this Wisconsin Road Construction web site (WIS 13 was my highway). Not that it would of done me any good.

The UT2004 stats page was up and running the past few days. So I get all psyched and then play a good round last night. I was the second highest scorer on the winning team. After the game, I disconnect from the game to take a peak at my stats. Of course the stats page was now down again. The people at Epic are such a tease.

Property Whores

Now that I have all this other property stuff settled, I still have an achin’ for some lakefront property. All I want is a small chunk of land with about 40′ of frontage on a swimmable lake. Is that too much to ask? As it turns out, yeah.

The lake of choice is Pike Lake, which is only 5 miles from my current house. It is a nice sized lake, sandy lake bottom, with over 10′ of visibility. Here is the list of properties currently for sale on this lake…Property 1Property 2Property 3. Just a wee bit out of my range. Do you think one of these fine folks, specifically the owner of 265′ of frontage would give up a small parcel for little ol’ me. Probably not. One could dream though, can’t they.

So you thought I was lyin’ about this marathon thing. Well the joke is on you funny boy. Have a gander at these 8 sample pictures the Grandma’s Marathon folks sent me. I almost look like I am having fun, don’t I? I want to have a print of one of these, any recommendations on which one?

Cotton Eye Joe

Finally a cheat sheet for all those different flavors of computer chips out there. Thanks to Tech-Report for the nice summary sheet they put together.

I am Wells Fargo’s bitch. I bank there, and now my mortgage and HELOC are handled by them. I can make mortgage payments through their website. I can transfer funds with a few clicks from my HELOC to my savings and checking accounts. I even got a Visa card that is tied to my HELOC. Convenience is evil. It is so much easier to get in trouble with money these days. You need much more discipline compared to when I was a kid.

I have a dead tree in the back. I called a tree and stump removal company and I learned some new terms. When you have two trees growing out of the same root system, its called a two stem. The tree that is dead is a two stem. I also have a 4 stem, with two of the trees dead. I am having this company remove these two dead stems as well.

I got a wall mount for my video projector. To celebrate, I watched Reservoir Dogs via the projector. This was the first time I watched this movie. Yeah, just a wee bit violent. Still an artistic movie… I really like the style in which it was shot. From now on, whenever I hear someone say, “we’re professionals here”, I will think of this movie.

It’s gone

I closed on the Park Point house. I am now a one house person again. That’s a relief. This was just a formality… but in the back of your mind, you are always fearful the buyers will get cold feet and back out. Well they can’t back out now. It’s over.

Now I can put full energies into the current house. Maybe attack stuff with a little more aggression.

Enough for now, midnight shifts have sucked my energies away. Later…

Clean Up

Yesterday, I cleaned out the storage shed in the far backyard. I then moved all the yard related junk from the garage into the storage shed, I am going to try and keep the shed as the yard and recreation storage area. I then finished cleaning up the garage. As of this moment, you can park two cars in the garage. Let’s see how long that lasts.

This mornings project was to start clean up in the basement. I cleaned up the room that I am designating as the recreation room. This room has the mini-bar and the video projector. One of the first things I cleaned was around the projector so I could watch the British Open on the big screen while I cleaned. Being a guy, I have a tough time doing two things at the same time. So even though the TV was on, I really didn’t have a clue how the tournament was going. I managed to get this room clean enough for usage, if I have company. The only failure was that I didn’t get the dart board up (damn).

I did watch the final few holes, then the playoff of the British Open. The highlight? After daddy played the 18th hole awfully, Todd Hamilton’s daughter had this great color commentary – “The last hole was stupid”. I love kids and their deadpan honesty. Keepin’ real.

After a nap, I went jogging. I jogged down to Hermantown high school and discovered the track. I did a couple laps there. They had it gated off, but I think those gates were meant to keep wheels from getting on the track. I don’t think anyone would mind my feet scaling the gate and doing some laps on their track. The track had that nice rubberized material on it. I think I should make an effort to hit this track. Might save my knees.

Before I leave, I must relieve my soul of this ache. The boys at Epic, this is for you. Fix the goddamn stats page for UT2004. Its been down for a few months now, it shouldn’t be that tough to fix. Thanks, I feel better now.


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