Toothpastes and Canker Sores

I was getting dreadful canker sores. Sometimes three at a time. In one of my visits to the dentist, the assistant seemed to remember there was a connection between sorbitol and canker sores. Most of your common toothpastes use sorbitol as a humectant. A humectant prevents water separation.

So I go shopping for some toothpaste without sorbitol listed as an inactive ingredient. I find Rembrandt. I start using it and voila`, the canker sores stop forming.

I am so happy about this, that I am all set to write a journal entry about this, and tell the world. I do a little “googling” so I have some back up sources for this blurb. Good thing I did, because as it turns out, it wasn’t sorbitol that was the culprit. The evil doer was sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

SLS is a detergent used to produce foam in your mouth. As it turns out, Rembrandt also does not contain SLS. That is why my canker sores stopped forming.

Well here is one of the sources that told me about this, Here is the quote from this page:

Toothpaste Without SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)
Some people are sensitive to a common ingredient in most toothpaste called sodium lauryl sulfate that can cause canker sores. An excellent toothpaste without SLS for people sensitive to SLS is Biotene. Arm & Hammer Dental Care tooth powder also does not contain SLS.

This particular author likes ARM & HAMMER® PeroxiCare® Toothpaste. Mainly because this toothpaste contains %51 baking soda (a great bacteria killer), which is more than any other toothpaste. If this toothpaste is SLS free, I may have to give it a shot.

Moment of Stupidity

I was driving down my old road where I was raised. It’s no longer a country dirt road, they have paved it with full shoulders. The speed limit is now 50 mph, making it more of a highway now.

I noticed a shrine on the side of the road. There were spray painted dashes on the road that the cops had put there to mark the final path. Someone had died a quarter of a mile from my childhood home. I pulled over and wrote down the name on the shrine. When I got to my sisters house, I “googled” the name. I came up with this news story. A story that brings back memories for me. A teenager, just out of high school, partying with a buddy with a little too much alcohol in the system, meet a tragic end.

That’s how my best friend from childhood died 20 years ago (July 1984). Although his accident occurred across the St. Croix river in Hudson Wisconsin. He and a friend were out partying in Hudson. The drinking age in Wisconsin at the time was 18, so they were hitting bars. They decided to head back home early instead of hanging around town to sober up. The driver passed out at the wheel, swerved, and started the car tumbling. That was all she wrote.

In a small coincidence, I saw the movie, “The Butterfly Effect” for the first time last night. Of course, the thought that was going on in my mind while watching this movie – “What things would I attempt to correct if I could jump into the body of my younger self?” This event was on the top of the list.

I doubt my friend would of been a superstar in his life. With the family and friends network he had, he would of been a productive person in this world. Plus it would be nice if I could hang out with him every once in while as well. Hard to find good friends like that.

Diet Formula

Okay, let’s get my tricks for losing weight out there.

1) Drink some water before consuming anything with calories.
2) No candy bars, pizza, or similar foods.
3) Only two meals a day (Breakfast and a mid-afternoon meal).

Thats it I think. I don’t try and curtail my chocolate milk intake. I just try and obey the “drink water first” rule. That seems to naturally curtail my gallon a day habit.

No additional exercise. I already try to get 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity a day. I have never noticed a relationship between more excericise and weight loss. The exception is if the activity keeps me away from food for a long period of time.

This may seem easy, but it is really hard for me. To use an Oprah-like term, I need to establish a “positive feedback loop” in my head. I need to make a connection between eating better and feeling better. Once I get this self-brainwashing established, the diet becomes a lot easier.

I have yet to get into the diet, the brainwashing hasn’t taken effect yet. We’re working on it. This post is part of that brainwashing.

Time to Get Serious

Hopped on the scale a couple days back, and I was up to 218 lbs. No good. So we shall have to get going on this losing weight thing if we want to avoid totally blimping out this winter. I go on a losing weight binge once every 2 or 3 years. This is how I look now (me = foreground) and here is how I looked at the end of my last diet two and half years ago. I was down to 190 lbs. in June of 2002. Guess which version of me I would prefer to look like.

Besides dieting, I think this time around I will do some strength training. I will probably go out and buy one of those crossbows or bowflexes and give that a try. I took a weight lifting course in college and actually put on some muscle bulk during that 10 week period. Didn’t keep it up though, obviously.

Since I am showing pictures, here is a picture of me back in 1978 (I’m about 13,14 years old). Ahh, to have the metabolism of a teenager. Sorry for the blurry picture. My dads camera at the time sucked. I am outstanding in a field in eastern South Dakota, on our way to the Black Hills in western South Dakota.

Update: This post worked me up to such a frenzy that I went and ordered a CrossBar Max. Now the question of the day is, will I use the thing when it arrives.

The Ice-Maker Works!

You heard right my friends, I have a working ice maker. The previous owner bought a new fridge for the house before moving, but didn’t hook up the ice maker. I thought I was going to have to run a new line myself, but I pulled out the fridge, and there was a line already there. I went downstairs, and sure enough, there was the tap into one of the pipes. All I had to do was connect the fridge, then turn it on.

So the first step was to connect the fridge up to this line, and then put a bucket underneath the connection in case it leaked on me. I then went downstairs and turned on the tap. Oops, the tap started to leak, so I put a cooler underneath to collect the water coming from the tap. I then ran upstairs, sure enough, it was leaking from the connection to the fridge as well. I discovered I did the connector wrong, so I redid that and got it so the fridge connection was leak free. Then I turned off the main water valve and went to work on the tap. What I did here was take it apart, glob some tub caulk inside, then put it back together. After letting it sit for a few hours, I turned it back on and no leak! Wasn’t too long later the fridge was kicking out ice. I am just oozing manliness right now. I need a beer.

All right, more Ministry. I looked up another interview with Alain Jourgenson. In there he mentioned that after he kicked his heroin addiction, he immediately began to balloon up in weight. He said that one of the main reasons addicts go back to using is because of the weight gain. To use his words, “When you’re a heroin addict for almost twenty years and you go cold turkey, your metabolism freaks out”. He said he gained and then managed to lose 35 lbs.

Some claim that drugs help artists be more creative. Alain seems to be an example of that being wrong. His latest couple of CDs are better than the two previous ‘under the influence’ releases. He also has a much better work ethic. Like I mentioned before, it looks like he will have 4 music CDs released in about an 18 month period.

Oh, one more thing Alain has done recently is some of the background music for the video game, “Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines“. Busy, Busy boy.

More Ministry

I found this amateur interview with Alain Jourgensen on the web. I am guessing the interview is over two months old. Al gave him some good info. One thing that I found interesting is that he only likes 3 songs on “The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste” album. That album happens to be one of my favorites.

The other fun tidbit is that there will be a Revolting Cocks CD (Prunetang single already released) within a matter of months (stocking stuffer?), and then a Lard CD coming out as soon as Jello Biafra gets off his ass and writes some lyrics and sings them.

They have already made the video for “No W”, which I downloaded. Nothing ground breaking there, but still some fun imagery in it.


I saw my first bear since moving here. I was leaving the house to go for my jog, I saw a black blur out of the corner of my eye. I think to myself, “black dog”. Since I don’t know of any dogs in my immediate neighborhood, I go around the corner of my house to the back yard to investigate. Well will you looky there, a big ol’ full grown black bear in my back yard. So I run into my house to get the digital camera, I go out to the back porch. The bear is now in the neighbors yard, behind a tree. I can’t get a good picture. I go to the other side of the house. By this time the bear is making its way to cross the street. I am poised to take the picture. {click}. Nothing. Batteries are dead. The bear crosses the street and disappears into the trees.

So I go run my two miles.


Today’s word?

Defenestrate – tr.v. de·fen·es·trat·ed, de·fen·es·trat·ing, de·fen·es·trates
To throw out of a window.

Ex: Bill O’ Reilly? We should defenestrate him.

Houses of the Mole`

I was snoozen. No, I was in the middle of a house move. Whatever, I missed the release of “Houses of the Mole`” by Ministry, back in June. Easily their best effort since Psalm 69. Here is your web page goodness. Getting high reviews by metal magazines. The CD seems to be getting more air time in Europe compared to North America. Considering all the Bush bashing on the CD, that makes sense.

Here is a snippet from Al Jourgensen from an MTV interview…

“With the Bushes, the more things change, the more they stay the same,” Jourgensen said. “This is a very critical election, and these are our protest songs. We ain’t no Dixie Chicks, man. We’re not gonna say, ‘Well, I kinda don’t like Bush’ and then apologize for saying it. We hate this f—er.”