So here I sit

I am now waiting for the first set of trick o’ treaters to come a callin’. I have half of a basket full of Snickers waiting for the little brats. After I run out of candy, I will make a break for a party going on at a co-workers. I don’t have a costume. If they mock me for not wearing a costume, I will probably become violent. Which reminds me, I need to bring a toilet plunger for the beatings.

My broadband went down again today, this time for 4 hours. My neighbor has cable TV, and we was out as well. Problems with the lines – hopefully a permanent fix is coming. It is at this time I wish I had DSL as well. Then I would have a backup. I had both cable and DSL at my old house. I used the cable connection for goofing around, and the DSL connection to run game servers. If I lost the cable connection, I just plugged into the DSL router. This is not an option here because DSL is not available here. That would be one good thing about moving to the Chanhassen area (I applied for job there), more broadband options.

No Internet

Cable connection went down. That means no broadband connection for the rest of the weekend. I do have dial-up, but thats not the same. Maybe it will come back up by itself.

This does mean the web cam is down, as well as all the little images that I was hosting. I don’t think the web cam will come back up after this.

Update: My 5 hours of dial-up hell are over. No more Web-cam though. Shucky-darn.


You may have noticed that the previous post was child-like. I had just finished a 14 hour shift, and my brain was reduced to a very primitive state.

Thats kind of confusing… how can I restate this. Imagine an amorphous body with its brain evenly distributed throughout its body. Then imagine %80 of that body being blown away by a plasma grenade. The remaining %20 of the body/brain would have just child-like memories remaining. Thats how my brain was functioning last night when I posted.

Invention Exchange

I was watching the MST3K episode, “Warrior of the Lost World”. This show originally aired back in 1994. During the invention exchange, Joel and the bots introduce, BitterSweets. Little candy hearts with not so romantic sayings on them. Then I see’s bittersweets. Do we have a trademark infringement?

RSS Feeds

I downloaded RSSReader, a program that lets you see a wide variety of posts/news from sites that provide an RSS feed. Livejournal provides RSS feeds of all its blogs/journals. The RSS feed from my blog is If you wanted a feed off of other blogs from this site, just replace wls_xenolith in the above link with the journal of interest username. The RSS feed from LiveJournal is very detailed, almost an entire reproduction of this site can be seen within RSSReader. Kind of cool. Now I need a good web-base RSS reader.

They Found the Fork

Grand Forks’ giant fork is found
Associated Press
October 28, 2004

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — The grand fork no longer is missing in Grand Forks.

Chamber of Commerce officials say they’ve found the six-foot-tall fork that went AWOL from outside their building over the weekend.

The fork, designed by artist Kim Dohrman, is one of about 50 big forks in the “Unforkettable” collection scattered around the city.

Chamber of Commerce President Dan Schenkein said a caller who was out walking spotted the missing fork.

Schenkein thinks it was taken by a prankster. And he said officials have bolted it down to make sure it says put.

Wow, crisis averted.

Grand Portage

Went to Grand Portage, Minnesota today. Work related. We were scouting about to find a location for some weather instruments for use by the marine community. Probably shouldn’t give out details of this excursion because there is some negotiating that needs to be done.

I will say I had a real fun hike to the tip of Hat Point. Hat point is the eastern boundary of Grand Portage Bay. There was Spanish Moss type stuff drooping off of the pines in the woods there. Never saw that type of moss in Minnesota.

I also learned there is herring fishing in Lake Superior. We met a local character who has been herring fishing since he was seven… he is now 84 years old.

Web Cam

I looked at the calender and it said to me, “you haven’t set up a web cam in over 2 years”. So I set up a web cam.

Let me tell you some stuff before viewing this cam:

It uses a Java applet. So if you have Java disabled in your browser, you won’t be able to view.
This is streaming through IP port 8010. If your firewall blocks port 8010, you won’t be able to view.
I do have logging turned on, so I will know basic network type stuff when you connect.
This java applet is supposed to stream pictures. If it isn’t, hit your browser’s refresh button to give it a kick on the bottom.

Now you are ready to view. Here is your link. I will try not to pick my nose or scratch my nether regions too much.

Chances are, it won’t be up that long. The novelty of a web cam wears off real quick. Plus I eventually get creeped out by having a camera gawking at me. I will edit this post when the day comes to turn it off.

• Update: Took the web cam down Oct 30th.

Cheap Computer

My post from October 22nd mentions a computer you will be able to build for around $3400. Price would vary greatly on components selected, but I was selecting high end stuff. Little did I know that I was building a budget computer. For only $6000+ you can get this spiffy AlienWare computer. This is for those that have too much money.

Strangely it only has one Xeon processor. My proposed system would have two Opterons. Opterons, in general, are better for gaming and servers. Alienware is too easy to pick on, I need to stop.


I’m trying to sleep after my last graveyard shift this morning. Around noon, the sound of rapid fire explosions were penetrating my brain. It only took me about 30 seconds to figure out that it was really loud knocking, right outside of my bedroom wall. It wasn’t much longer than that, I finally pulled my wits together and decided I had a woodpecker just outside, going to work on my house. I got up, walked out onto my bedroom balcony, to see a huge woodpecker flying to the nearest tree. He was now staring at me with a “yeah, I was digging a hole in your house, what of it?” look. I gave him an obscene gesture, then went back to bed.

I must have bugs in my walls. Woodpeckers don’t poke at your wall for no real reason, they generally have an agenda. I’ll have to look into that. In the meantime, I will start collecting old CDs so I can hang a mobile. Apparently woodpeckers don’t like shiny mobiles blowing in the wind. Or they know AOL is the devils work and you must maintain a safe distance.