All Cleansed

Before leaving for the cities on Tuesday, I weighed 213.5 pounds. I just got back from the cities and I now weigh 210 lbs. On Thanksgiving day, I ate until I nearly burst my entrails on to the dining room floor (that would of been embarrassing and needless to say, rude). Then I consumed junk food and some yummy chili yesterday at the LAN/DVD party. How did I lose 3.5 lbs.?

Food Poisoning.

I went to bed after the show at The Turf Club last night feeling fairly good, just tired from a long day. Around 3 AM, I awoke with nasty lower abdominal cramps. It took many trips to the bathroom to purge the evil bug from the system. But then after a half hour, I was fine. I went back to bed and slept soundly. Thanks to this, my system is now empty and I am dehydrated. Cleansed.

David Letterman, before he got his Late Night gig, was on in the morning right after the Today show. The one joke I remember from that show, “There are 3 ways to lose weight. First there is reducing food intake, second there is exercise, and third, …pregnant pause for effect… disease”.

What to Choose

What new toy should I buy myself…

Skyrail Roller Coaster or Chaos Toy ? ?

When I was in my early teens, my neighbors had a fairly large mound of dirt.  This was out in a rural part of Minnesota, so they didn’t see me sneaking across the road to the dirt pile.  I would carve out a one lane track in the mound for two or three golf balls to race down.  The track I made was wide enough in parts for the golf balls to pass each other.  I would make wide berms and tunnels for the balls to go over and through. 

I can’t find any piles of dirt near by my current place.  Maybe I should rent out a Bobcat and make my own pile of dirt.

Happy Thankgiving!

Willernie Leisure Society

Looks like my Willernie Leisure Society page has propelled Willernie inside of the dmoz Open Directory. I submitted Willernie Leisure Society for inclusion into the Open Directory about 6 months ago. At the time, Willernie wasn’t even in the directory. Well not only is the Willernie Leisure Society included in the directory, but there it is in a nice handy Willernie sub-directory, which wasn’t there before. Too bad I don’t have a residence in Willernie anymore. I wonder if I will get an atta-boy from the locals. I am not holding my breathe.

You may wonder why being included in the dmoz directory is a big deal. Google mirrors dmoz for their directory. Once included in the open directory, your page ranking goes up in Google searches. It is all a game.


K-mart just bought out Sears. I wonder if Sears stores will now be renamed “S-Mart”.

“Shop smart – shop S-Mart”

Clever marketing slogan, glad I thought of it. ::wink::

Motion Sick

I played some more PC games on the big screen this evening. Too many games. I now have an upset tummy from motion sickness. Time to take a rest.

In the “Too Much Information” dept… I noticed the kitty box didn’t have much… ummm… kitty stuff in it. Since I was suspicious that the cat was a little constipated, I gave him a saucer of milk. Somewhere a long the line, someone told me that lactose did wonders to loosen up a kitty. He drank it right up. It was about fifteen minutes later, cat was taking a big ol’ number 2 in the litter box.

Good kitty.

Wasting time

I went and pre-purchased Half-Life 2 (HL2) through Valve’s content distribution system, called Steam. Steam let’s you download Valve’s games instead of going to a brick and mortar store. In the future, this will mean larger profits for Valve, because they bypass a publisher. Some of these profits may be passed on to customers, we’ll see. Steam has been around for around 2 years now…something like that. All sorts of bugs in testing. Valve seems to be ironing things out, however.

With my purchase of HL2, I was allowed to download and play Counter-Strike – Condition Zero (CSCZ) and Counter Strike – Source (CS:S). CSCZ has bots that I can play. I am really bad in vanilla CS against humans, but the bots can be toned down so I am not getting pummeled.

I moved my projector and screen upstairs so I can play these games on the big display. The screen is definitely more immersive, but makes it harder to play. My direct vision covers a much smaller portion of the screen compared to a regular computer monitor. So I need to do much more scanning with my eyes and rely on peripheral vision to get the job done. This is actually more realistic, but like I said, it is harder and more tiring.

For those not interested in these games, I still recommend reading this article by GameSpot about the making of HL2. This is a well written article about the drama surrounding the making of one of the most anticipated PC games ever.

By the way… I played a couple games of UT2004-Onslaught on the big display. This particular game I did quite well, even though I was doing all that extra scanning with my eyes.

Army of Darkness

I’m upset. I just got the Army of Darkness DVD, and it only has the happy ending. This is the ending where he fights heroically in the S-mart, and then wins the love of one of his co-workers. The ending I didn’t get is where he drinks too many drops of the sleeping potion, and wakes up a century too late. The world lay in ruins in this ending. This original ending was deemed too depressing, so they went with the S-mart fight scene instead.

I must set something on fire.

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. turns 82 years old today. Things I like about him:

• We share the first name. He was the first famous Kurt that I knew off. Then came Kurt Cobain. A bunch of other Kurt’s have soon followed, so my name isn’t as unique as it used to be.

• I have actually read some of his books. I think I have read about 4 of them. This is quite the accomplishment because I am not a reader. I haven’t read a novel in over 2 years now.

I also had a close encounter with Kurt. He spoke at Northern Michigan University while I was living in Marquette, MI. This is around 1997. I was in attendance.

His main theme for his talk was, “The Extended Family”. The main advantage of the extended family is to keep the socially maladjusted, get steered in the right direction by the other members of this family. Back when communities were smaller and society not as “advanced”, the entire community would help in the raising of little Jimmy, not just Jimmy’s parents. In today’s more isolated society, with all the technological doohickeys keeping us inside, we are losing this extended family.

That is not the main anecdote I have here. After the talk, Kurt had a more informal Question and Answer period in a smaller room. I was among the 25 or so people there. I personally didn’t ask anything of Kurt, too intimidated I guess. About a half hour into the Q&A, my ADD kicked in. I look over to the server’s table and I saw cake. I like cake, cake is yummy food. I wander over and grab a piece. Cake is finger food in my world, so I just grab a chunk and start slamming it into my face. I then look back to Kurt as I am cramming more cake into my pie hole. He looks at me and promptly ends the Q&A session, much to the chagrin of the others in the room. Somebody in that room thought that cake was more important than his words, so the session must end. At least that is how I interpreted his thoughts at that moment.

As I left the building, I grabbed a promotional poster for this talk off of the wall. I still have it in my collection.

More Ministry

I started two forum threads concerning my experience at the Ministry Concert here in Duluth. I got alternative points of view of the concert from people who were right in front from this Piss Army thread. Apparently it wasn’t a happy experience up front for some folks. I also mentioned the concert in the Coyote forums. Notice how I used the same joke in both threads. I must of thought it was clever.