Still Sicky-Poo

Round 2 of my cold from heck is proceeding quite nicely. Still have the sore throat and post-nasal flow. That punching bag thing (what is that thing called anyway?) in the back of my throat is about 3 times normal size right now.

I went to work today. Looking at the schedule, there really wasn’t anyone who could cover for me. So I sucked it up and went to work. Only worked 7 hours though. My relief came in an hour early.

I have the weekend off. Hopefully this thing will have run its course by then.

Oh please, let my post nasal drip turn into full frontal flow by morning. I would much rather carry a tissue around with me than deal with this sore throat. Nothing has worked to get rid of it. That spray stuff, watermelon flavored cold drops, gargling with salt water have all failed.

Cold is Back

Home sick again. Woke up with a nasty sore throat and weak fever. It has been 10 days since I started going back to work after the last batch. Having it come back a second time has got me bummed. I canceled my plans for the weekend. I am going to just hang around the house and hopefully get rid of this bug once and for all.

Trillian 3.0

About once a year, I give Instant Messenging another try. With the release of Trillian 3.0, another attempt is here. I tried Trillian a long time ago, but found the user interface at that time confusing. Looks like they have solved those problems with this version.

So I now have all of the main IM accounts running through this one user interface. Really slick. I am going to run Trillian on my laptop and have it going full time. The laptop will usually be sitting right next to my desktop computer.

So here is your info if you want to IM me, the list is in my preference.

AIM: xenozoyx
ICQ: 11642431
Yahoo! ID: zoyx2000
MSN Username:

Don’t expect fast responses from me. I don’t think I will ever be a big fan of IM or anything resembling online chat, but I do see a purpose for it.

Southern Texas White Christmas

Another LJ user posted pictures from their white Christmas in Southern Texas.

Meanwhile, here in the Twin Cities in Minnesota… just enough snow to cover the ground. This area is expecting a warm up this week, and that snow will likely disappear. I have about 6 inches up at my house in Duluth. That snow will probably stick around.

Merry Day

Just to let you know, I am having a great weekend so far.

• Vikes/Packer game in the garage
• Christmas Eve Dinner in Stillwater
• Hot tubbing for close to 3 hours in below zero temperatures.
• Christmas morning present opening with my sisters family.

All that fun stuff, but something is missing. I think its in Iowa.

My Dryer

You’ve been requesting it, you have been patiently waiting for weeks on end, and now that day is here. What will now follow is the official clothes dryer blog entry.

Let us set the table first (that’s a metaphor, people). It never got above -4 deg F here yesterday. I was doing a load of laundry in preparation for my trip to the Twin Cities today. I wash, then dry this load of laundry. I am then propelled at faster than the speed of light into a brick wall, which zips me back in time. Oh wait, that last bit wasn’t me. That is in the music video I am watching… sorry about that.

All right, it is now 2 hours after the clothes dryer has stopped. I reach into the dryer, the clothes are dry, but they are frigid cold. I look up at dryer vent’s duct work. There is frost on the sheet metal. I am now imagining dollars upon dollars floating away via my heating bill.

I have been gathering lint from laundry loads and just throwing the lint on top of the dryer. It was now time for that lint to earn its keep. I detach the sheet metal duct piping form the dryer vent. I then start jamming lint into the vent. The lint is not enough, so I grab some rags and jam them into the hole as well. I then duct tape some cardboard over the opening to prevent critters from burrowing into my house, looking for some warmth.

Now I have the dryer venting into my house. Makes sense to me. The warm air and moisture from the dryer will now go to heating my house instead of the neighborhood. It is an electric dryer so I don’t have the carbon monoxide worries that I would with gas dryer. I guess some of the fibers from my clothes could give off bad fumes after being heated. I doubt that is a concern.

What is a concern is the lint dispersing as it comes out of the dryer. I don’t need any more dust in the house. I take a nylon stocking (I don’t wear women’s clothing, so get that thought out of your mind, yah freak) and put it over the end of the vent tube. That should take care of any lint that might want to spread through the basement.

So that is my story. Me, a dryer, and 50 flower children practicing free love.

Countdown to Oblivion

Judging by the title of this blog entry, you are probably thinking I am going to talk about _countdown‘s blog. No, I already wrote my blurb on this blog on the Mister Absurd site. This little blog entry is about the multi-pronged apocalypse that is “Hercolubus or Red Planet“. Here are all the ways that we (all inhabits of Terra Firma) are going to perish:

A giant red planet, called Hercolubus, is heading straight for us. This planet is 5-6 times bigger than Jupiter. It will destroy us upon impact.

This red planet is inhabited by really smart race of extraterrestrials. If we try and destroy Hercolubus before it hits us, these fine folks will destroy us first. Judging by the size of this planet, it must be a gas planet, similar to Jupiter. That much gravity would be enough for spontaneous fusion reactions, assuming enough hydrogen. These inhabitants must be quite the race.

The underground atomic tests we have been doing, has loosened up the earths crust. The land masses are now slowly sinking into the oceans.

These underground tests have also weakened the fissures on the ocean floor. This will open a portal for the monsters that live in earths core to escape and attack us on the surface.

The release of extra lava from these fissures is what is creating the “el nino” effect. This isn’t an apocalyptic scenario. On the contrary. It is helping to open up ship routes in the Arctic Ocean.

According to this site

The only way to escape from this disaster is to show the extraterrestrials that we are really carrying out the elimination of the ego, so that at the right moment we can be rescued by them, and then taken to a safe place where we can continue the work we began on ourselves…

Sounds easy enough. Well you heard them, eliminate your ego. I have already done this. I’ll bet you I am the best at eliminating my ego.

In Search of… the Analemma

Well happy Winter Solstice to you all! The first sign of summer is upon us, the days are now getting longer.

Actually the first sign of summer (at least in my eyes) started back on December 10th here in Duluth. The sunsets started to get later on that date. We have already gained 3 minutes on the sunset side of things since December 10. Unfortunately in the that same time frame, the sunrises are now 8 minutes later. Sunrises do not start becoming earlier until January 2nd.

This effect is more pronounced further south. Let’s pick a random southern town in the U.S. How about Sarasota, FL. The sunsets there have been getting later since November 30. Sunsets are now 6 minutes later since that date. Sunrises don’t make the turn until January 12th in this area of the world. So Sarasota has 43 days in which the sunrises and sunsets are getting later at the same time.

Who can we blame this on? The elliptical orbit the earth has around the sun and the tilt of the spin axis of the earth. The result of these two factors produces the analemma. Here are some cool pictures of the analemma.

One complaint. Why the holy heck of jehovah’s witnesses did analemma have to start with the word anal?

Temperature Roller coaster

The high temperature yesterday in Duluth was 31 degrees F, and the low last night was -18… a 49 degree swing. An even bigger swing is seen at Bigfork Minnesota, with a high of 34 and a low of -26… a 60 degree difference. The high for tomorrow is expected to approach 30 degrees again in Duluth. Then the temperature falls off the table for Tuesday with lows reaching for -20. This next cold snap will hit and stick a little longer, without a warm up expected until just before Christmas. Not the biggest swings in temperature ever seen, but neat just the same.

Last night was the biggest test for the insulation of this house. The double glazed windows had frost (some thick) on them, while the triple glazed windows only had a small amount of wet condensation. Looks like I need to make an investment in some panes of glass. I am really surprised not all of the windows in this house were triple glazed, considering the previous owner was a firm believer in over doing things.

Minnesota… home of the runner ups

Goddam Gopher women’s volleyball team lost in the National Championship game this past afternoon. I am now hanging my head in shame. Oh you would think I would cut college-aged ladies some slack…but no. If you represent the state of Minnesota, and lose on the national stage, I don’t want any part of you. Sure, go home girls and celebrate your little runner up moral victory. You do that while I try and find another state that might just have a few winners in their future. Oh yeah, good sportmanship is for liberal pussies.