Record Snow

We’ve had a lot of snow here in Duluth. We are only 1 inch away from the all-time January record. The January record is 46.8″ set in 1969. We have had 45.7″ so far this month. You now know one of the reasons why my back decided to give out a couple weeks back.

Central Illinois

It is partly because of this past winter, I am strongly considering applying for a job that opened in Central Illinois. Change that “strongly considering applying” to “going to apply”. We have 31 inches officially on the ground at the Duluth weather office. The amount of snow on the ground at the Central Illinois office? That would be one whole inch.


I have a case of midnight-itis right now. Worked a midnight shift last night and just woke up. Nasty headache right now, although it seems to be fading. Before I went to bed this morning, I called my clinic about getting a prescription to Provigil. The drug was originally for narcolepsy, but was recently expanded by the FDA to include “Shift Work Sleep Disorder”. This disorder is “Characterized by extreme sleepiness, insomnia, headaches and difficulty concentrating”. Sounds like me.

The clinic just called back and said that this is a strong drug meant for narcolepsy. Not for keeping awake during a midnight shift. The doctor sounds like he is not up on his reading. They recommended that I go to their sleep disorder clinic. This is a straight forward diagnosis. I don’t think going to their clinic is necessary. I need a new doctor.


Went to a fun get-together Saturday. Met some old friends from my college days in the mid-80s. Highlights were the Mexican food, hot tub, the Newfoundland dog and a “chippy” game of trivial pursuit (you to the box, 2 minutes for roughing). I was all set to embellish some good stories from this gathering, but the headache prevents me. So I will just say, fun was had by all.

All Sorts of Good Material

A friend of mine gave me all sorts of stuff to share with you.

Item #1: Want to get out of jury duty? Act unbalanced.

Item #2: As mentioned in previous posts, I want to get a vasectomy. Well will you looky there, a do-it-yourself vasectomy kit. That will save me whole bunches of money.

Item #3: Speaking of do-it-yourself operations. My friend swears she has an unruptured cerebral aneurysm. She is strongly considering doing her own trepanation. Wow what a great idea! Those trepanations look like they are good for anything. I was thinking that boring a hole in my skull just might be the ticket to let the excess triglycerides ooze out of my body.

Item #4: Grandmas Marathon registration started a few days back. Holy cow, $65 to torture yourself. Sounds like fun, lets do it.

Item #5: An Iowa legislator wants daylight savings time year round. A very unscientific web poll found that 2/3 of Iowans are in favor of such a move. Go Iowa. Hopefully this idea will spread to Minnesota. If not, I will gladly move to Iowa. God I hate standard time.

FM 89.3 – The Current

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) bought out a local Twin Cities college radio station. The new format for this station started today. 89.3 The Current is now on the air.

I am currently listening to Mary Lucia. This is a familiar voice. She has been on 105 FM (in its various incarnations) for some time. Her format on The Current so far is a bit more beyond main-stream alternative (think that one through) music she played on 105 FM. I have yet to recognize a song. This is a good thing.

The Current is broadcasting non main-stream music, in a professional manner. Non main-stream in this case means not the music that the RIAA feels like ramming down the average person’s throat. As much as I respect college radio, and the service they provide to up and coming bands, I do prefer high production quality in my radio stations. This station does have top-notch talent running the place.

Another good thing is that the station is streamed. So you out there in internet-land can listen. One stream uses the AACPlus format. It is possible to get FM quality (they claim CD quality, I beg to differ) streaming from 48 kbits/sec. So in theory, you can listen to this stream on a dial-up connection. The latest version of WinAmp supports AACPlus natively .

I am probably glowing too much on a station that has only been on the air for less than a day. To be honest, I probably won’t listen all that much. In the core, I am still an Industrial/Techno guy. This station will be a good change of pace for me on occasion.

The Physical

No prostrate problems, whew. I had my first physical in over three years today. Everything’s cool.

Now the guessing game. What will be my cholesterol count? Some previous numbers to help you guess.

October 2001… level was 198. My weight at the time was 218 lbs. I had the test first thing in the morning (8 hour fast).
October 2002… level was 190. My weight at the time was 195 lbs. Again had the test first thing in the morning.
Today… I had the test after eating lunch… some lowfat breakfast cereal. Also had a PBJ sandwich in the morning. I now weigh about 208 lbs. I should see the results of the blood test by the end of the week.

The one big improvement I had between 2001 and 2002 was the triglyceride count. The count fell from 351 (above 190 is bad) to 128. That was the year I was running fairly hard. I entered 4 running races that year…two 5k races, a 5 miler and a 10k. I have an inkling the triglyceride count will be above the 190 mark again this time around.

Now I need to get a little more serious about this vasectomy thing. I will probably make the appointment for this in the next few days.