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Spending Spree

My hard drive failed on my second desktop yesterday. This isn’t a bad thing, but an opportunity. The data lost was not critical. I always wanted to try RAID 0. I did try a RAID 1 configuration with a game server I built, but I had a bunch of problems with the RAID array becoming corrupted. This time the hard drives I’ll be using will have a Serial ATA interface with Native Command Queuing (NCQ). With NCQ, these 7200 RPM drives will apparently get transfer speeds nearly equivalent to 10,000 RPM drives. With RAID 0, the transfer speeds in theory will be twice as fast. These setups never do reach theoretical speeds, of course.

Also part of this little spree is a USB Audigy 2 NX external sound “card”. I don’t own a sound card. I have been using the integrated sound that is built into the motherboard. This external device is portable. All I will have to do is unplug this unit from one computer and move it to the other.

Provigil – Day One

Last night was the first time that I used Provigil to help me stay awake during a “midnight” shift. I only took a half dose (cut the pill in half). I made it through the shift without a “narcoleptic” collapse. I certainly was not hyper, quite the opposite. But I didn’t have any problems concentrating on the job. I am going to do a half dose again tonight. The second midnight shift can sometimes be harder, so the test isn’t over.

I’m Confused.

“This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous,” Bush stated in a press conference at the headquarters of the European Union. But, he added forcefully, “Having said that, all options are on the table.”

Wow! Energy!

I feel great! First time in over 2 weeks I have full energy. Just last night I had a weak fever. Today started like most days since I got sick… headache and some body aches. Half-way through the day I suddenly had full appetite. I ate more than my fill of junk food. When I got home I pulled out the two cycle snow blower and cleared out the 4 inches of fluff on my driveway. Still felt good. So I did a 20 minute run on the treadmill. To top it off I did some weight training… first session since I pulled that muscle in my back over a month ago. I am now waiting for the other shoe to drop. It hasn’t yet.

One negative is that I have gained 3 pounds. I weighed 204 lbs when I first woke up this morning. After my exercise this evening, I weighed 207 lbs.

Health Update

Feeling okey-dokey at the moment. Had a full day at work and came home with some left-over energy. I even ate some pizza at work… first time in weeks. That should be a good test for the tummy. So far so good in that department. It wouldn’t be unbelievable if I had another relapse. I had a fever of 99.8 degrees just last night. In fact, I am kind of banking on a lousy nights sleep tonight.

Fun fact: I have lost 6 pounds in 10 days with this bug.

Before I got this virus, about two weeks ago, I went to get that prescription for Provigil. While I was in there, they tested me for thyroid. The results came in yesterday, and I had low thyroid. I went back in for a follow up test today. Low thyroid would make sense considering the symptoms.

• Slowing metabolism – Kind of a given with age.
• Weight gain – Before the diet and being sick, I was up to 218 lbs. About 30 lbs. over ideal. I weighed 204 lbs. this morning.
• Weakened immune system – Sick 3 times this winter.
• Bad ratio of good to bad cholesterol – My physical from a month ago had this.
• Decreased energy – Yep. I have this weird sleepy feeling while jogging sometimes. Concentration has always been a problem with me. Seems to be getting worse.
• Skin problems – I have some random dry skin patches on my hands right now.
• Poor cold tolerance – I have become a wuss with the cold. I wear a sweat shirt at work, even during the summer.
• Depression – Not really. Haven’t exactly been bright and chipper lately either, however.
• Hair loss – Hard to discern between the male pattern baldness and what I have lost from low thyroid.

So if I am diagnosed with low thyroid, it won’t be a shocker.

Fun Fact

I am watching “The Miracle on Ice” being replayed on ESPN classic. Today is the 25th anniversary of the Team USA hockey team beating the Soviets at Lake Placid.

Okay here is your fun fact. The goalie coach, you know, the guy who brought out the most out of Jim Craig. He taught me Social Studies in 11th grade. The only anecdote I can remember is his daily grumblings over the text book we were forced to use. It was ordered by the first year principal, and he rarely said a kind word about her decision making.

His name is Warren Strelow. As recently as 2002, he was the goalie coach for the San Jose Sharks. He was also the goalie coach for the 2002 USA team, which Herb Brooks was again the coach. They won silver that year.

Now you know.

More googling… looks like he just underwent a kidney transplant.

Doctor Visit

Went to the Doctor. According to him, I probably have a virus. But it is not a cold or the flu. Sigh… and they say weathermen are wishy-washy.

I am doing better in the fever department. I only had weak fevers off and on today. They measured 98.8 degrees at “urgent care”. Fighting a little bit of heartburn right now, which doesn’t feel too good.