Dancing Moose

Looks like I will be doing some camping this weekend. Getting back to nature used to be something I looked forward to when I was younger. I camped all the time when I was a Geologist in training. Now I am a total wuss about camping. No tent for me, I plan on sleeping in the back of my wagon. I should be safe from any bears, moose, chiggers, deer ticks, thunderstorms, etc. I also plan on bringing my laptop so I can watch a movie or listen to music. I doubt there will be any internet at the camp, so no play by play commentary of my camping adventures in this blog. Now if only I can remember the other stuff I need to bring. Nothing else probably, a laptop is all I need.

The campsite will be at the Trails End Campground at the end of the Gunflint Trail in Minnesota.

Stink … Stank … Stunk

Thurl Ravenscroft passed away a few days back. He was G-r-r-reat.

He only lived to the age of 91. If he would have lived in pre-Noah’s flood days, this would mean that he had died in his adolescence. Thats according to this page. This graph shows that Noah’s flood killed 9 billion people. I would like to know what happened during the big flood that shortened our life expectancy.

Probably God’s will. We just keep letting him down. What a bunch of losers we are. With the possible exception of Thurl Ravenscroft.


I finally got to see the movie “Freeway” just now. The Zoyx lawyer is the reason I watched this movie. This is in the same category as “Blue Velvet“. That would be the “What The Fuck” or WTF category. Whenever you see a WTF movie, do not watch it depressed our in some sort of sour mood. It will only enhance that mood and make it worse.

Now you are probably thinking that I didn’t like this movie. I did. It just didn’t have any characters you could rally around. It was chock full of social commentary and character development. But none of these characters grow into anything you care for. Shit begets Shit. This movie can also be considered a dark comedy. Although I didn’t find myself laughing all that much. A lot of times I just had my mouth agape. I guess what I liked is the shock value, the aforementioned social commentary, and watching some really awful people die at the hands of this warped, not so nice, teenage girl (our protagonist). The Reese Witherspoon character is funny, if you are into mocking trailer trash. How the heck did Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland and Brooke Shields get into a project like this?

On a brighter note, I watched the movie “Hot Shots” three nights ago. That one you can be depressed and come out feeling all better. Well at least it works for me. Yeah, its a dumb movie, but I laugh at the stupid jokes anyway. The main thing I like about this movie is that it has the word “Mahtomedi” in it. I went to Mahtomedi High School. Nothing like pandering to my childhood home town to make me a fan of your movie.

Little Shit

The cat just came in. He was gone for 41 hours. This is a new record for him, exceeding the old record of 36 hours he set while we lived down on Park Point. I don’t suppose sending him to military school to learn some discipline would change his carousing ways.

Just so you know, Spar is a male, but has been snipped. We did have a nearly full moon with nearly clear skies the past couple of nights. I thought he would eat some food and then collapse on a chair and sleep for hours. He did eat some food, but he seems ready to go back outside.

When he goes out, where the heck is he going? Where does he sleep? I need to get a GPS collar for him so I know where he is.

Oh, if you only knew…

One thing I didn’t report on two nights ago was about my chair. I leaned back on my mesh office chair, and I kept going back, all the way to the ground. A weld broke underneath. This $200 chair is finished after 3 years.

So yesterday I went on a little excursion to find a replacement. I first went to a HOM store. All the chairs that I liked there, were pricey. I am looking for that cheap, made in China look.

While at the HOM store, I looked at spas. The cheapest one they had was the Redondo for $3000 shipped. The spa requires either a 240V hookup or 15A @ 120V hookup. The outdoor location where I would place this spa, has an 120V outlet currently nearby. Unfortunately, this outlet is hooked up to 15A circuit and it shares this circuit with other indoor outlets. I am sure someone would tell me that I would need a dedicated outlet, with a circuit rated 20A or higher. So in order to plug in this spa, I would need some expensive electrical work done.

So I moved on to Best Buy, I was now in made in China heaven. I found this loverly desk chair. Unfortunately it was out of stock. Nice chair and a cheap price does create a demand, so I guess this shouldn’t be a shocker. I’ll check back in a couple days to see if there are any new ones in stock. According to the salesman, trucks will be unloading over the next couple of days.

For bad news, my cat has been missing for 18 hours. Left him out around 7 PM last night, it is now 1 PM. I took a walk in the woods in hopes of hearing him. No such luck. Damn cat.

Moving On

Things I did today…

1) Listened to Saturday Morning Sports Talk. During the show, I learned our Governor is in favor of a $.75 per pack cigarette “user’s fee”. This is not a tax. The Governor promised no new taxes when he campaigned, and dad-gummit, we aren’t going to get any.

2) Went to an art fair in Chester Park. Boring. I need to go to an art fair at least once a year to reaffirm that art fairs are still boring. Don’t know why, just do.

3) Played another nine holes of golf. Weather was “suckier” compared to last evening. Temperature in the 50s, cloudy and windy. So my score was 3 shots higher. I did get a birdie today, though. I also had a quadruple bogey on another hole.

4) Saw a 3 person blues band at the Fitger’s Brewpub. The stage is only 15 foot by 4 feet, and only 4 inches above the floor. So the drum set was only a single drum and a kick cymbal. The percussionist made the best of it though, and the overall sound of the band was great. No egos in the band. They weren’t playing for themselves or the band. The sound was their bitch. Made the hard cider I was drinking go down smooth.

There is a dance club across the way from the brewpub. It was called the Red Star, and has only been in existence for a month. Local hipsters were there, although no dancing. The DJ was just spinning generic, uninspiring dance music. I don’t think the Red Star is long for this world, if this small sampling represents their current direction. I only walked a lap around the place and walked out. Maybe it got better later on in the evening. I did feel old in there. Not because of the atmosphere, but because of the 20-somethings. Dance clubs have not changed their basic look in over 20 years, so there wasn’t anything new and intimidating in this club. Duluth needs a dance club similar to Ground Zero in the cities. The industrial look and hard techno sound would not be generic in this town.

My Car Blew Up

I played a round of golf after work today. I shot a 43 on a par 35 – 9 hole course. I had 3 pars during that round. The shot of the day was on the 208 yard par 3. Hit a 5 wood within 12 feet of the hole. A nice lazy shot that plopped straight down in the wet, soft green. The ball rolled maybe a foot from its ball mark. I love watching shots like that.

On the way back, I topped off the gas tank. The first time in my life, the gas nozzle didn’t shut off. So while I was cleaning the wind shield, gas was pouring on the ground. Must of been a half of a gallon before I realized what was happening. One of the employees saw it happen, and came out and shut down the pump. Didn’t give me any money back though. I rolled my car back so I wouldn’t be starting the car in the gas. No, the car didn’t blow up. The title is just there as an attention getter.

Right now I am watching a gem of a Twins baseball game. The final batter just got out. Carlos Silva only had 74 pitches in his complete game victory. Just over 8 pitches per inning. That must be nearly a record.

Update: The record for least pitches in a complete game is 58 pitches. So Silva was only 16 pitches from the record. The other remarkable thing about the 1938 game is that it only lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes, which is also a record for a night game. Never see times like that nowadays with all the commercial time needed for TV.

Update #2: They have been keeping pitch counts as an official stat since about 2000. This is the lowest pitch count in that short of time. Here is the ESPN Box Score. Note how the Brewer’s pitchers had nearly 100 more pitches in only 8 innings. If they kept track of time of possession, like they do in the NFL, I think the Twins would of won that stat 2 to 1, if not 3 to 1.

The Remarkable Transformation of Ministry

Ministry pretty much invented industrial music, at least its hard modern definition. But in the beginning, he (Ministry is really just Al Jourgenson) was a synth-pop dude. If you like Soft-Cell or Human League, you will like Ministry’s first album, 1983s, “With Sympathy“. It is actually an excellent album, in a bubblegum kind of way. In this album, Al actually sings, not screams. He also has this cute British accent. How the heck he got a British accent growing up in Texas is somewhat of a mystery. Maybe he picked up this accent hanging out in the Chicago dance scene, where this sound was hatched. More likely he was trying to tap into the popularity of the British synth bands of the time.

He broke off ties with Arista after this one album, seeking more artistic freedom. The result was “12 inch singles” and then 1985’s, “Twitch“. Still all electronic, but very dark and not very “poppy” at all.

Then came 1988s, “The Land of Rape and Honey“. In five short years, the transformation is complete, and a hard industrial metal sound is born. Only 3 songs on this CD have the thrash guitars. But Al’s voice is screaming and electronically distorted all the way through, and the drums are usually hard and rapid fire. This blogs saying, “Like chewing on glass” comes from the song, “Stigmata”.

The CD, 1989s “The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste” finishes the deal. The best Ministry album in my humblest of opinions. It also was the first Ministry Album I listened to all the way through. All thrash, distorted vocals, heavy sampling and drums, all the time.

To get a feel for this transformation, sample “She’s Got A Cause” from the “With Sympathy” album. Then listen to “Thieves” from “The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste“. This change in music stylings is like Britney going from her current bubblegum and making a metal gangsta rap album. Strangely, I can imagine Britney doing this.

Faith Collapsing

I am watching a Comedy Central cartoon show (not South Park). One of the main characters has an octopus for a vagina. The entire episode is spent taming this octopussy. How can I compete with that much weird.

I can’t.

Update: Boris Yeltsin is still alive! I thought he pooped out his liver years ago. Must be all that dancing. Dance some more for us, Boris.