The Switch

The switch from MediaCom cable TV to DirecTV was completed about a week ago. Today I got the call that ClearWire was now available in my area. I jumped on it. After the guy called, he was here installing it within a couple hours.

The ping times are equivalent, or even slightly better than what I was getting with Media Com. No lost packets either while playing games. This connection isn’t quite as good as what I was getting with Charter down on Park Point, but it will suffice.

The connection is through the air. They have a transmitter/receiver on the cell phone towers around town. ClearWire apparently has a monopoly on a frequency spectrum (around 2.5 Ghz). This helps in reducing interference, and works as somewhat of a security feature. Here is the press release that announced their initial launch in Jacksonville, FL.

This service is also a bit more flexible. I can take my modem into Duluth and use it there. This means I can bring my laptop and modem over to GoatGirl’s, and not fight her dial-up connection.

Tomorrow, the MediaCom guy will be dropping by to disconnect my MediaCom connection, and pick up my TV box and broadband modem. Could be the end of an era.

In the, “how did they do that” department. The web host for is out of New Orleans. This web host is still up and running, and never went down during the hurricane. The blog where they brag.

Update: ClearWire just went belly up on me. Probably not ready for prime time. I will have to have a chit-chat with them in the morning. Maybe I will keep my MediaCom internet connection up for a bit longer.

Hodge Podge

The Zoyx Attorneys gave me all sorts of blog material. My small, sleep deprived brain is having problems sorting through the randomness. Be prepared to be confused.

The Zoyx Attorneys learned that the best way to my heart is to let me embezzle large sums of money from them. One attorney responded to this by spitting red wine and cheetoes out of her nose.

Conversing with two female, blond attorneys, is one of the scariest experiences you will ever go through. I think I can now handle being trapped in an attic with rising flood waters. Actually there is a similarity between these two scary situations. A hatchet solves both problems.

A friend of one of the lawyers believes that squirrels are CIA plants. I need to meet up with this person, I have eastern bloc communists infesting my house. CIA squirrels seem to be just the cure. Probably do a better job than Orkin.

I had a self-induced owie a couple weeks back. I never had any special friend give a gentle, loving kiss to make me feel better. Bad News Hughes will probably be luckier in this regard. My noodly appendage was even more purply than this guys little toe. At its peak color, you wanted to take my noodly appendage and spread it on bread for some peanut butter and jelly goodness.

I have had no takers when I try to show my scar to the girls. Bouncers at bars get all uppity when you attempt to get free beer this way.

The same lady who believes in CIA squirrels, is also the actress who has to go through a ceremony to kill all of her characters after the role is done.

This woman is dating one of the most manly men in the world, named Courtney. I don’t think this is the same Courtney that was on “Friends”. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Courtney has to purchase her noodly appendage. God wasn’t nice enough to provide Courtney with one. Probably some bureaucratic snafu.

Finally, a video that will make you snicker. Don’t snigger, though. They don’t prefer to be called that.

The Feisty 82 Year Old

At the family party, I was playing badminton with some of the nieces and nephews. I overheard the conversation on the patio switch over to Hurricane Katrina. So I broke off from the volleying and wandered over to the patio to give my expert insight on the situation. I am a weather dude who lived in the New Orleans area, after all.

The conversation wandered off to something else, but I remained, spinning my badminton racket. My mother seeing this, said with a smile, “Are you going to stand there twirling that thing, or are you going to go play.” She’s had TIAs up the ying-yang and is wheel chair bound, but she still is a smart-ass. Gotta love it.


I just googled my nephews nickname and found his page on acidplanet. This particular nephew is a mere 17 years old. I think you should play some of his techno tunes. He appears to have TEH SkIlLZ. The song I just listened to is “Javen Stampede”… a goody.

Trip to the Cities

Make it to the family party to serve my home cooked M&Ms. – Success

Give Caps my old video card. – Success

Install DirecTV satellite dish at the Condo – Failure

Go on a bike hike to scope out the neighborhood – Success

Reserve Condo party room for next family party – Success

Bring retro, 70s era, amber glasses to the Condo – Success

Finish off Bailey’s left over from the last time I was in town – Success

Snipe roof workers who were making all sorts of racket over my head at the Condo – Failure

Hurricane Katrina

I worked for the National Weather Service at the Slidell, LA office from 1992 to 1994 (Slidell is just northeast of New Orleans). So I have some friends down in harms way of Katrina right now. This hurricane is not taking the worst case scenario path from what I can see. Still going to cause widespread damage and people will lose their lives. Not a good situation.

The radar picture to the right is from the Slidell radar. Looks like my comrades are keeping the radar going as of 8:43 AM this morning. I am sure they are on generator power by now. The radar image also indicates that the worst part of the hurricane is yet to come… probably over the next few hours.

Update: KLIX radar’s last image came in around 900 AM. Could be the actual radar failing or just a communications failure. Probably both. Some reports of New Orleans levee breaching have come in. This is bad.

All Creation Has the Promise of Heaven, and Still You Travel the Road to Hell

Okay, who let the retards out of the zoo?

I am driving to work at around 1135 PM last night, just a two mile commute. About three quarters of mile of the journey is on US 53, a four lane highway. I get on from Lavaque, and immediately go into the left lane going eastbound, because I need to whip a shitty to back track to the office (on US 53 westbound).

As soon as I get settled in the left lane, a westbound car flashes his headlights. I check my high beams, they are good. I am thinking during my turn onto the highway, I must of hit a bump and gave the impression of high beams. Two more sets of headlight, apparently side by side going west bound. The one to the left flashes his headlights.

It finally registers what is going on. The set of headlights to the right are heading straight for me in my lane!

Holy Shit, evasive action! I plunge all the way to the right and to the shoulder. We pass safely (obviously). In my rear view mirror, I see that the wrong way car is applying his brakes. Did my quick jerk out of his way, finally wake him/her up from whatever altered state they were in?

I go to work, tell my tale to my co-workers, I get my shift briefing. One of the guys I am relieving is going west bound on US 53 for his trip home. He cell phones back to us as he is traveling on US 53, that there was a shitload of cop cars around a car. Chances are it was my buddy.

No Global Citizen Here

I am going to try and move out of the log home within the next year. Now that I have a second home (Little Canada Condo), I am now feeling a bit of a pinch financially. So the goal is to sell this place and move into a much cheaper condo somewhere in Duluth. Preferably one that is about half the price of my current place. Then I will be doing the dual condo thing, one in Duluth and one near the Twin Cities.

The original plan was to buy, then move to the new condo. Then rent out the log home. The rental market here in Duluth does not favor landlords right now. A bit of an excess of rental property. With interest rates so low, it is cheaper to own instead of rent. So there is a shortage of renters. My log home may be an exception. There probably is a shortage of good family rental property, and this log home would be very enticing to a family just moving up to this part of the world.

But I have since talked myself out of that idea. With all of the debt I would be taking on, the profits would be slim at best. So I will probably test the market here shortly with the log home. Probably take the hit on the capital gains taxes if it sells before the two year ownership mark.

So meanwhile, I am now waiting for the installer to come to set up a DirectTV Dish. The window of arrival was between 8 AM and Noon. We are now past 1 PM. The installer dude did call me at 1030 AM saying he would be a bit late. It is nice to know he is out there somewhere.

The goal is to setup DirectTV for two rooms. One here in Hermantown, and one in Little Canada. The DirectTV install guy will set up the two rooms here at the log home, I will then move one of the receivers to Little Canada. Probably purchase one of these portable satellite dishes for the condo.

Anyone Got a Gun?

Aren’t they neat? I like deer.

Most of my neighbors consider these guys overgrown rats. These critters like to munch on their gardens. I don’t have a garden so these guys are cool with me. Well, I do kind of wish they would hold their poop/piss until they get into the woods.

(Picture taken around 7 PM 8/26/2005. Click to enlarge)

From the Zoyx Attorney

Apparently the Zoyx Attorney is getting some continuing education. Here is a quick anecdote she sent me…

I had to take CLE’s to keep the old Zoyx attorney in good standing. Mostly boring stuff except for the medical examiner’s real slides of baby brains, eyeballs and other gore. Put me right off my feed.

The other fun one was on gambling presented by a guy from the Dept. of … oh shit… gambling… anyway, they screen the games for content, artwork, cheating, etc. One rejected was a Dukes of Hazard theme scratch-off called —- and they made a guy attorney read it out loud and he DIDN’T get it — “MY DIXIE WRECKED”. Mouth it, or say it out loud — either way. Can you tell why it got rejected?

In other news… I am healed enough from my procedure right now, so that when “my dixie wrecked”, I don’t feel any pain.