A Post

I would just like to say that the CD, “Deep” by Peter Murphy is the best ever. After all these years, I can still get lost in it.

My last fever was Monday afternoon. For some odd reason, I am still getting the yucky night sweats. Wish they would go away.

I tried cutting the lawn yesterday. I got about a quarter of the way through and that was enough. We’ll try again today, weather permitting.

Getting Better

Finally turned the corner on this bastard Flu. I better have, since it is now day 7 of a seven day bug. Fever actually made it down to 99.2 degrees this morning, before rebounding back to around 101 degrees. That was the first time below 100 degrees since Tuesday. My high temperature mark during the entire ordeal was 103.5 degrees.

Part of the reason I haven’t been posting is that I had become really sensitive to light. Watching TV and viewing the computer screen became really tough. This is improving. I was able to watch the Vikings game, although I was constantly wiping tears from my eyes (no, I am not that emotional about football games).

Still have the really bad headache. This will probably take a good while to go away.

I missed 5 overnight-shifts (including one scheduled for tonight) and one day-shift during the mess. My next scheduled day for work is Thursday. I should be good to go by then.

Finally, I am eternally greatful of the help from Goatgirl during this. Thanks xxxooo.

Flu From Hell

Just posting to let you know that I am alive, but just barely. I could post more fever temperatures… naahh. Just visited the doctor, says I should turn the corner over the weekend. He better be right.

Could be worse. I could have this Flu, and be in the path of Rita. Those folks are in a far more dire situation than I am.

More Sweating

My fever topped out at 103 degrees around noon. I took a couple of Ibuprofen and went to bed. Two hours later, the fever only dropped 4 tenths of a degree. So I took to 2 more Ibuprofen. This finally got the fever moving, although it is still 101.3. Not a big fan of overdosing on Ibuprofen. Hopefully my 217 lb. girth will prevent damage to my liver.

I also have a bit of fluid in my lungs. When I am lying on my side, I can hear gurgling when I breathe. The gurgling goes away when I lie on my back. Not much of a cough yet. I can induce a cough when I take a deep breathe.

In other news, there are about 100 house flys in my bedroom. I have no idea where they came from. I remember having this problem last year. The only real problem they cause is that they die and fall in my upright halogen lamp. When I turn the lamp on, I cook the flys. A nice plume of smoke develops and a not so wonderful oder envelopes the room.

The Serious Sam 2 demo has been released… downloading as I type. I am looking forward to playing this game. Problem is, I have a roaring fever induced headache that would probably suck all the fun out. It’ll be there when I am feeling better.

Knock, Knock, Knockin’

Still on deaths door. I have never had that much night sweats in my life. Last night, I drenched two t-shirts, the sheets were all wet, and I woke up with dish pan hands. The shirt that I took off and slung over a chair at 1 AM is still moist. I now know why they tell you to drink plenty of fluids when you have a fever. I just weighed myself, and I have only lost a couple pounds. By the way, the fever hit 102.5 before going to bed last night. It is 101.3 now. Are these numbers getting any sympathy from you all?

Bug Report

Around 3 PM, I maxed out at a fever of 102. It was at this point that this latest bout reached its peak. Since then I have been improving. Most notably my body aches. Feels good to walk around without grimacing. I still have a fever of 100.7, but getting rid of much of the aches and pains makes a big difference.

I dropped in at the clinic this morning to visit a doctor. After the usually probing, followed by the blood and urine tests, the doctor proclaimed I have a bug. A wussy flu variant. Which kind of surprised me, because I associated flu with lung and nose problems. I have none of those. He then said I should be feeling considerably more perky in a couple of days. Hope so.

Yeah, I’m Sick

Fever of 101.5 degrees. Sarcastic WOOT!

Doesn’t bode well for ol’ me to make it down to the cities the next couple of days, as originally planned. Ima thinkin’ there is a doctors appointment in my near future. The symptoms I am feeling are nearly identical to what I had back in February. I didn’t get a complete diagnosis that time. All the doctor said was that I had a virus. This time I am going to be a bit more assertive about getting a diagnosis. Probably won’t get me very far, but it is worth a shot.

These Posts Suck

Sick again. I woke up with the body aches from last night intact, and the added bonus of a weak fever. I called in sick at 630 AM, took some Ibuprofen, and went back to bed. I woke up again around 830 AM and the fever felt like it was gone. Around 945 AM, I dropped by the clinic and had some blood drawn for another thyroid test. Should know the results by tomorrow, assuming I remember to call up the clinic and bug them.

Hope this bug goes away soon, I have big plans down at the condo the next couple of days.


I now weigh 219 lbs. Only one pound shy of my all-time high. The good news? I managed not to eat anything from the company snack fund this past day. The reason for this will power will be within the next paragraph.

I had a bit of gut rot last night. I called in sick around 4 AM after not being able to sleep for two hours. After this call, I went to bed, and promptly went to sleep. When I awoke at 6 AM, I was much better. So I called back in saying I would make it after all.

Right now I am having intense body aches. No clue why. The two theories are leftover sickness from the gut rot last night… or my thyroid is acting up.

It is 935 PM and I am going to bed.


Right now, my cat is growling at a neighbor cat that wandered onto my porch. They are having their stare fest through a screen, so I’m not too worried about a cat fight. It is apparent that these two will not be buddies. Too bad, because my cat needs a new buddy.

I just ate out with Goatgirl and one of her friends. We were at the Lakeview Castle. Interesting note… Louis’ Cafe mentioned in that article was closed because of some infractions. One of those infractions caused my co-worker and family to spend some time in the hospital. They won the lawsuit.