How I Avoided Halloween

1) I worked a 12 hour day.
2) I went to the zoo and licked 30 tigers. I was careful, I used easy cheese.
3) I got a second vasectomy.
4) Pepper Spray! Worked on the U of WI – Madison revellers. Sure enough, worked on the local kids.
5) Made a replica of downtown Duluth using Jello.


We have metrosexuals and ubersexuals. Feeling left out, I must invent another {something}sexual. I will start with the one that I am most familiar with, the “geeksexual”. Here is my first attempt at a definition.


A scrawny, slovenly, and pasty guy, who has a single-minded passion for a scientific or technical pursuit. A socially inept man, that does not display clues of traditional sexual orientation, but rather comes off as non-sexual.

I don’t pretend to be a wordsmith. If you can come up with a better defintion, go for it.

Old Home

The condo complex I lived in is still standing. A co-worker went down to Slidell to help relatives clean up after Hurricane Katrina and snapped this picture. The complex is across the bayou in the picture… the power lines cut through the complexes courtyard. The water was about 5 feet deep at its maximum, so chances are that water damage is extensive. Those condos weren’t well constructed to begin with, so they will probably be bulldozed. Here is your google maps link.

I can’t help myself

When you find something this good, you have to post it. This is from this site.

The Osmond Brothers. Merrill Osmond’s boys were “discovered” at Disneyland when they were visiting the site in 1962. The Disney people on Main St. just “happened” to recognize the talent of the five boys and signed them up soon for their first professional singing contract. The Osmond Boys did some television appearances for Disneyland such as Meet Me at Disneyland, and Disneyland after Dark. ‘Considering the mind-control programming done to these Osmund children, these TV shows were a cruel joke.) Of the singing Osmond kids, Donny is the next to the youngest, and his sister Marie is the youngest. Both Donny and his sister Marie are programmed multiples who are slaves, who have been subjected to a lot of abuse. They have good front alters. Their father has made millions from drugs, porn and white slavery and is part of the Mormon Illuminati front. The Mormon front of the Illuminati has gotten a lot of good publicity off of the Osmonds. They sang for Andy Williams whose french wife was once arraigned on murder charges. Later they sang for the satanic Network√≠s Lawrence Welk show. Swedish accented Lawrence Welk has been part of the Network. Marie Osmond has grown up, and she has adopted 3 of her 5 children in spite of her busy singing schedule which includes approx. 200 singing shows a year at places like Mafia controlled Atlantic City. In terms of occult families, adopted children are often programmed children, so this is a clue that her children have been programmed too.

My Evening

I am trying to have a boring evening, honest.

After work today, I did a drive by (no guns involved) of a house that I was interested in possibly purchasing. It was across the street from Pike Lake. No lake frontage, but in the vicinity of the lake I want to be near. Nice house, but it had a shared driveway, a big turn off. Ahh, but I look across the street and there is besheveled house on Pike Lake that is “for sale by owner”. I jot down the number and the address.

As soon as I get home, I call the number. I get the wife. She takes my name and number and says the owner will call back later that evening.

Around 7 PM, I get a call from Lino Lakes State Prison. It is a collect call from an inmate named Doug. I ask myself, “Is this the person selling the property?”. If that were the case, he really should get a realtor. Selling a property from prison would definitely pose a challenge. I was also afraid if I talked too long to Doug, he might become special friends with me. Then after being released, come to my place to “bass tape” me. I hang up the phone before the charges takes hold.

I was wrong, Doug was not the person selling the property. The actual property owner called a little before 9 PM. He tells me the property has 100′ of lake frontage. The house he describes is uninspiring and he doesn’t know how many square feet the dwelling has. He says there are two separate one car garages, one in good condition, the other fair. He then gives the asking price, $600,000. Ummm, yeah. After we say our good byes, I go look up the county assessed value. A little cheaper, $204,300. Now usually the county assessed value is a touch less than the actual market value. But 3 times less?! I really shouldn’t be shocked at this, but I am still impressed with the gall.

Side Effects

Some fun side effects from my flu…

– No cankers sores. All spring and summer, I almost had a continuous supply of sores in my mouth. Only a handful of days was I mouth sore free. During my flu, I had no mouth sores. Right now I feel a couple of minor sores coming on.

– The eczema-like patches of dry skin on my hands cleared up. This is a condition I have had for nearly 2 years. No sign of the dry patches coming back… yet.

– I lost 7 lbs. of body weight during the week long flu. I have lost another 4 lbs. since then. I still don’t have my full appetite back… but it is coming back.

– My sensitive tooth is no longer sensitive. I had a tooth that was cracked. This tooth was very sensitive to cold. My dentist put in a filling with some special cement a couple of months back. It was actually more sensitive after the filling was put in place. During my flu, this tooth stopped being sensitive.

Now on to my computer drama. The computer that keeps freezing up and randomly rebooting, is still doing it. This computer is now at the condo. Since I was home sick again, I decided to browse the ‘net to see if others were having my problem. Looks like I hit paydirt with this forum thread. The thread was started back in mid-April, and is still active today. The topic of the thread is about random reboots and lockups with the Chaintech 7NJL6, which is the motherboard I am using. Skimming through the thread, a whole bunch of theories are brought forth, but no solution. Well, there was one working solution, get a new motherboard. Which is what I did. I ordered a refurbished MSI K7N2GM-V after reading through those pages. Same chipset, different manufacturer. Hopefully this will finally fix this computer after months of frustration.

Duke Nukem Forever

According to Amazon UK, Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) will be released on December 2nd. A little hard to believe, considering no screenshots or hype have been associated with this. Although, with all the delays, it would be really cool if it was just released and the online gaming community was blind-sided. If you aren’t up on the myth that is DNF, read this blog entry. Yes, DNF has been in development since January 1997.

Also coming soon is Quake 4 on October 18. Quake 3 was released back in December of 1999. So it has been nearly 6 years since the last iteration. This can be forgiven, since Id Software did release Doom 3 last year, and this was based on a totally rebuilt game engine. I am very anxious for the release of Quake 4. The reviews say the multiplayer will be just as frenetic as the multiplayer was in Quake 3. It will feel good to tap into my inner spaz.

On a personal level, I am home sick with this cold. Snot-nosed and sneezy. Nice thing about a cold compared to the flu, I do have enough energy to browse the internet.

Looks Like I Won’t Be a Serial Killer

I am still in the hunt for the magical mid-life crisis hobby. I have decided against recreational murder in favor of deriving a pickle beer.

You would think the logical color for pickle beer would be green, but that has been done. Think St. Patrick’s day beers. I am leaning toward making my pickle beer blue. I think I am on to something. Remember the popularity of red beers in the late 80s? Some folks made some bucks off of adding red dye to beers. Mmmm, blue pickle beer.

I have also made the grand decision on the theme for when I renovate the condo. A blood and vomit theme. Perhaps add some sex juices for added flavor. The interior decorator I have working on my condo came up with these ideas during our last seance. I forgot to mention that my interior decorator is dead, and can only be channeled. She would be alive today if she were wearing safety goggles while jarring pickles. Damn suckers are slippery. A lesson can be learned here, pickles can easily become deadly projectiles.

I haven’t posted in awhile so here is a quick rundown.

I went back to work last Thursday and Friday, after my 10 day sickness. I was pretty much a useless lump, although I did get some work done.

Friday night, Goatgirl and I went to the local Pizza Luce and listened to a couple rock bands. Neither were too inspiring, but they weren’t bad either.

Saturday I drove down to the cities and hung out with the Zoyx attorneys and a few others. We first went to Palmer’s Bar. The main anecdote from this place was when the alpha Zoyx Attorney escorted me to the women’s bathroom so I could read the poetry scribed on the wall. The barkeep saw this and yelled at us. Thankfully we weren’t 86’d from this perceived perversion. After a little bit of dialogue the bartender got a clue.

After Palmer’s we went to a trendy tavern (can’t remember the name) across the way from Bullwinkle’s in the 7 corners area. By this time, I was having problems with heartburn. The GI track was still not fully recovered from the flu, I guess. I did manage to have a bowl of soup here, but liquor was off limits.

We started this night at 5 PM and ended it around 10 PM. By the time I got to the condo, I was tired. I turned on the local news, laid down on the couch, and was asleep within 5 minutes. Another sign I am not fully recovered from the flu.

Sunday was family party day at my brothers. This party was for me and one of my other brothers. I didn’t mention that I turned 41 on September 28th, did I. Well, the party was lots of fun, and I got to see some of my nephew’s gothy friends. Odd bunch, but they seem to have fun.

Monday after work, I got called back to work severe weather. Severe weather in Duluth on October 3rd? WTF!

Today is Tuesday. Here is a stunner, I am catching a cold. I had a whole week to recover from the flu before catching a cold. If this cold fully blossoms, this will be the 5th virus in the last 10 months. Obviously having a normalized thyroid hormone level as done nothing to improve my immune system.