Perfect Day

The Perfect Duluth Day blog is now part of the Zoyx Feed Bag.  You can also make it part of your LJ friend’s list if you visit perfectduluth.  My favorite recent post?  This wonderful Thanksgiving dinner they had.  Troll anyone?  I know what my tummy says, and it says “yum-mee”.

Yep, if you live in Duluth long enough, you also will develop this same warped sense of humor. Comes with the hours upon hours of being trapped inside your house during the endless winters. It isn’t pretty, trust me.

Reliving Those Boyhood Geek Years

I won the Marble Madness machine. Yarrr! It is mine. I do love America and its mass consumerism. I also love E-bay, for providing the vehicle to relive those teenage years, at enormously large costs.

Boy, are the chicks gonna flock to me now.

Bob Yates

Bob Yates completed his last show on the Mighty 1220 this morning. From what I understand, he will be setting up his own web cast. He also has a completed screenplay that he is on the verge of selling.

Bob is a tremendous talent, and it is nice to see him move on to greener pastures. He was nice enough to come to one of our junk food/hot tub parties we had recently. I also played a round of golf with him back in the summer. He was gracious and great company at these get-togethers.

Keep up the good work, Bob.

Kitty in Krisis – Day 5

The Kat started puking up his food last Thursday. On Friday, I assumed that it was a 24 hour food poisoning, so I felt comfortable leaving the Kat alone while I traveled to the Twin Cities. I arrive back 48 hours later on Sunday to find a plethora of puke piles (alliterations are fun, aren’t they). Even with the mess, Kitty seems to be doing fine. He has full energy and is frisky. I even wrestled with him for a few minutes that night. Monday I awoke to another puking session, so I took some time off from work to bring Kat to the vet. X-rays, indicated a foreign object in his Kolon. Since Kat seemed not to be in any discomfort, the vet just pumped him full of fluids, and told me to watch over him.

It took 36 hours, but Kitty-Kat dumped his Klog this evening. I helped matters by feeding him milk and Kream. He was able to keep that down, thankfully. Milk products are known for containing lots of Kalories, and helping to lube the GI track. Seemed to work for Kat.

So I am thinking of taking that foreign object (still in the litter box), and finding a suitable frame and placing it on my fireplace hearth. Would be a grand ornament for the holiday season.

Hey, Let’s Call it Marble Wackiness!

I am currently in an ebay auction to buy an arcade Marble Madness machine. As of this typing, I am high bidder with 3 days left. I fully expect some professional game collector to outbid me. I am not purchasing this to make part of a collection, I want to actually play this machine.

Marble Madness was my favorite game during my mall rat days. My all-time high score was in the low 180,000 range. During the time, I never saw a higher score. According to Twin Galaxies, the all-time high score is 187,880, I doubt I scored that high. The score you see to the right is my all-time high score using the Mame emulator. The Mame emulator unfortunately uses the mouse drivers built for Windows. I can not achieve the speed or precision that I could with the actual arcade game.

Besides being a game that is challenging, it is also a very pretty game. Even though it was designed over 20 years ago, the game still stands up today as a work of art. Whomever designed this game was either on drugs or very imaginative and creative. The game is non-violent, so even Mr. Jack Thompson wouldn’t be offended.

On the outside chance I do win this sucker, I shall post pictures of this trippy game machine.

Update 11/28: No additional bids so far. I suspect most of the action will be in the last hour. I wonder if I should get some auto-bidding software.

Update 11/29: A little over 24 hours left in the auction and I still have high bid. I can’t stand the drama.

Golfing With Tiger

I am playing in a pro-am golf tournament. I am in Tiger Wood’s ‘s foursome, and we are on the 18th green, getting ready to wrap up the round. All of our balls are safely on the green, and we are about to begin putting. Then suddenly, my ball caroms off the green. Someone from the party behind us has hit into our group. From the gallery shouts, “It was Harold Duffy”. Tiger with an evil smile on face, picks up Harold’s ball, flings it in front of himself, then with his golf club, baseball bats the golf ball back to Harold Duffy’s party. The crowd cheers as Tiger, still smiling, waves at the group that hit into us.

I then drop my ball back on to the green in the approximate location where it was before. Now there are about 50 balls on the putting surface, so now I have all of these balls between me and the hole. I get frustrated and just pick up my ball and head back to my hotel.

So that was my dream last night. What does it mean? Probably means I am coming down with something. I usually have weird dreams before becoming sick.