New Years Eve Bash

I have been invited to a New Years Eve Festival down near the Twin Cities. Screw that! I am going to Laser Floyd in Hibbing. That’s where it is happening!

I better hurry. Due to last years tsunami, New Years actually comes one second sooner!

Speeding Up ADSL/DMT

This is a technical post. For those that don’t get into this geeky crap, go play some java Mah Jong.

For you geeks still with me, I want to speed up my DSL broadband at my condo. It is a type of DSL that uses ADSL/DMT. According to my googling, ADSL/DMT uses “interleaving” for error correction, which lags the connection. I’m not describing this correctly, so I better quote directly.

Interleaving and you

Still Nothing to Post About, So I’ll Make Something Up.

I have a web page for my game server, right here.

I want to build a Home Theater PC (HTPC). This is the guide I will likely follow.

So you’ve wondered where blue balls came from. Now you shall know. Had me fooled, I thought blue balls were formed from being overly stimulated.

One of my nephews received a hand-held 20 questions game. Here is the online version. It was a fun conversation piece during our family party.

If you want to go to Harvard, looks like all it takes is to become a two-mouthed fish.


It has been over a week since the last update. I just can’t find anything fun to say. I am a bit bitter that my job will provide me with eggnog, but not any rum to mix in with it. Bastards.

I did buy two more 80s video game machines. I am now the proud owner of a Tempest machine. This can be found in my basement of the Duluth house. I also purchased a cocktail Mr. Do machine. This is now serving as my coffee table at the Little Canada condo.

That is it, that’s my boring post. Hope you enjoyed it.

Pride of Duluth

Every other Duluth based blog has posted this story, so I might as well post it. Our beloved mayor had a little accident. He was drunk at the time. Dumass. Here is a picture. Here is an article.

Fun fact! George Bush received a DWI when he was 30 years old. Dick Cheney received two and lost his license for a time in his early 20s. Maybe we should of taken that as a sign.

Good News!

I’m still in the family! Unfortunately one of my brothers was voted out. The sacrifice to the holy astronauts will be Sunday morning. All is welcome to view the ceremony. You must bring presents, however. The astronauts get pissed if they don’t get gifts from every attendee. The holy astronauts are kinda shallow that way. Oh, and don’t bring your first born as a gift. The black market baby trade is slow right now, just not the money maker it used to be.

Still Dead

John Lennon Died 25 years ago. Below is a picture of when he wasn’t quite as dead.

I was riding the bus to school when I found out. The bus driver had KS95 on. KS95 was (and still is) a Twin Cities top 40 station that didn’t play any Beatles or related music. That morning it was all Beatles and Lennon. Took me awhile to find out why, lot of noise on that bus. Not much hub-bub on that bus about the assassination, either. Caught up in being kids, I guess.