McCloud RIP

So Dennis Weaver passed away. This will probably be the last time to tell this tale…

Mick Jagger is at the Playboy mansion. He sees Dennis Weaver and Hugh Hefner out back in a tussle. Mick didn’t have time to find out what they were fighting about, he just shouted, “Hey Hugh, get off of McCloud”.

… and may that joke rest in peace.

New ShoutCast Playlist

I uploaded a new playlist and the associated music to the Zoyx shoutcast server. The genre is “stuff I like”. So there is plenty of electronic, industrial and 80s stuff on there. I even included some 80s hair bands, disco and classic country on there, just for laughs.

I doubt your cultural base will be broadened with my music stream. Thats why you should go to Radio Edgeways and give the March mix a try. It is an hour and half program (giant mp3) with non-english electronic music on it. I am listening to this program as I type, and I am liking almost everything I here.

I Need a Vacation

I have hit the 200 hour mark on vacation time. That computes to 5 weeks. Where the heck should I go? Ideas please.

March is a good month to get out of town. When I think of March, I think mud. Yes, winter is cold, but there is plenty of clean snow to go around. April is when the green comes out. March is grey and grungy.

Reasons to Hate MPR

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) is slowly rising on my shit list. Some reasons.

• They bought out WCAL. WCAL was strong competition to MPR. So instead of competing and giving listeners a choice, they bought them out. WCAL was replaced with The Current™.

• They won’t disclose the salaries of their top executives (article). The leadership would rather turn down $380,000, then divulge their compensation. It is reported that Bill Kling, CEO, makes in excess of a half million.

• Now they are trying to start a war with Al Gore’s Current TV (article). They are claiming trademark infringement.

The reason folks like MPR, is because they aren’t Clear Channel. When they start acting like Clear Channel, that love affair is challenged. Maybe it is time to stop donating money to them.

Copy of articles referenced behind cut.

ShoutCast Stream

Okay folks, finally figured out this Shoutcast stuff. So there is now a music stream up and running. I had to point the WinAmp output to NULL instead of DirectSound. So now my Shoutcast server doesn’t shut off when I disconnect from the remote desktop. Yay!

The current music that is streaming is just a place holder until I’m in the mood to put together a play list. All the stream is doing now is playing the 2 CD collection from BT “R&R”. The stream can be accessed from, or go to and search for “Zoyx”. You will need that broadband goodness to use the stream. Phone modem people, need not apply.


Played a game of Risk with friends and family at the Little Canada condo Saturday evening. They let me win one of the two games. I thought that was nice of them.

I am trying to set up a shoutcast server from my connection at the condo. Works just fine, until I disconnect from the remote desktop. I think the connection between the Winamp plugin and the shoutcast server is a network connection. Once I disconnect from the remote desktop, that connection gets cut. I’ll have to find a workaround.

I received the extra football games that I ordered. These are the classic Vikings games that I have in my possession… 1970 Vikes/Rams… 1976 Vikes/Steelers… 1978 Vikes/Cowboys… 1980 Vikes/Browns… 1982 Vikes/Cowboys… 1987 Vikes/Niners… 1998 Vikes/Packers. I have viewed 3 of these games. I’ll give a review of each when I have the energy.

I recently received the Ionic Pro that I ordered a ways back. Looks like the only thing it is collecting so far is hard water dust (calcium carbonate?). I have one, sometimes two humidifiers going. So I suspect I have a lot of hard water dust floating around.

Learning a Life Lesson

Don’t shoot another person in the face while quail hunting. A lesson we can all take from Dick Cheney’s gaffe. The Daily Show certainly had fun with this little incident.

The buying spree continues. I purchased a new cell phone. The Vox 8610 from Virgin Mobile. This is a cheap way to cell phone. You purchase this phone for under $30. Then, assuming you only do light phoning, pay under $8 a month. Virgin Mobile uses the Sprint network. So the only possible hold up is if you are not in their coverage area.

A Post

The hot tub is up and running. Me and a friend “frolicked” in it Saturday, and I used it again yesterday. All is good on that front.

Saw the movie Serenity last night. I good sci-fi movie. Considering it was a sci-fi action flick, it had a good plot and characterization. The movie wasn’t as chick friendly as I thought it would be. Romance scenes were fleeting and usually awkward. These characters have been trapped in space and fighting wars too long. I guess that is why they have lost their romantic edge. Serenity was a good movie, but I am not in a hurry to see it again.