I just bought myself a new gizmo ( linkage). This “personal training device” will be primarily be used when I jog. However, this unit will come in handy when I go for a hike or go biking. Maybe it will be water proof enough for kayaking and river tubing. Through the use of software and a website, I can post routes that I took on the internet. So hopefully I can post fun hike routes on this here blog.

The big melt has started. This is the third straight day of temperatures well into the 40s. We actually popped briefly above 50 yesterday. Still a long way to go to get rid of the snow around here. We are expecting thunderstorms tonight. This coupled with the snow melt, may cause a flooding problem or two. Fortunately, just to the south of here, there is very little snow cover.

Old man Prince can still pull out a hit album from his colon. His new album, “3121”, debuted at number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Prince isn’t the only Minnesota icon from the 1980s making noise, the Replacements are assembling a “best of” CD. The remaining members got together (picture) and cranked out two new songs for this release. If you want a reminder of what the Replacements sounded like, this guy has the “Bastards of Young” video embedded in a blog entry.

Edit: “The Ledge” – by the Replacements. “Achin’ to be” – by the Replacements.

Races I Have Run

Below is a bunch of links to results from runs that I have participated in. Trying to get this in all one place for future reference.

William A. Irvin 5k – 2002
Victory 10k – 2002
Trees and Trails 5k – 2002. There was no way in heck this was a 5k… more like 4.5k.
Bear Tracks – 2002
Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon – 2003
Grandma’s Marathon – 2004… Yes, I ran (walked) under someone elses bib. Shhhh… don’t tell a soul.
Bear Tracks – 2005
Get Your Rear in Gear 5k – 2006

Missing races…
Park Point 5-Miler – July 2002 – I ran it in just under 40 minutes.
Bear Tracks 10 mile in September 2002 – Right around 90 minutes.
Fitgers 5k in April 2003 – 24:45 … or something like that.

Another Weekend

Concerning last weekend, Friday was preparation day, and Sunday was the day of recovery. So lets just talk about Saturday.

Saturday began with the “Get Your Rear in Gear 5k”. The funds gathered by this run went to colon cancer research. They still haven’t posted the results from this race. Here’s the results from last years race. I have no idea why I am linking to last years results. Maybe I am quietly hoping they will magically turn into this years results. Actually I just like to confuse my readers. My time was around 27:50. This is about as good as I can do with my current body. My fastest time in an official 5k race was 22:56, back in 2002. How the mighty have fallen.

After a little bit of rest, I went on a work related field trip out to the western Twin Cities. A fruitful trip that I can’t really comment on.

After a frozen pizza dinner, then a beer at Gordies, I went to Lakeshore Players Theatre to watch “Taming of the Shrew”. I know the Stage Managers of that play, so I was able to get a reserved isle seat. Nice play. Parts of my brain were being used that hadn’t been used in a while. Kind of painful… but no pain, no gain. I was even somewhat inspired to become an actor. That didn’t last long.

After the play, I dragged these stage managers to the Flame Bar in Willernie. Coincidently, when entering the Flame Bar, there was an actual flamer entering the bar. All right, this person, was one of the stage managers. This particular openly gay person is the nephew of Fred Phelps! Oh, I do love irony. I hope Uncle Fred likes the taste of sweet, sweet irony as well.

Update: Results from the Colon Cancer Coalition Run-Get Your Rear in Gear 5k race are in. Nine minute miles… yuck.

More Cytomel

I received a check up by my endocrinologist a week ago. Apparently my Synthroid/Cytomel intake isn’t enough. So my dosage has been increased on both. I am now supposed to take 112 mcg of Synthroid a day, and three Cytomel pills a day, instead of two. I actually feel worse since starting Cytomel two months ago. Also I am up to 225 pounds, which is the heaviest I have ever been.

Not a happy post is it. At least the accompanying image is goofy.

Fire Engine!

Oh, thank you, Hypo Luxa.

The Revolting Cocks latest CD contains the song, “Fire Engine”. I have played this song about 10 times straight. I then went for a jog, and it was in my brain the entire time.

Why do I like this song? I have no clue. All right, some clue. It is a great wall of sound, and it’s silly. Would you see Trent Reznor getting this silly? I think not. He’s too damn introspective to have this much fun.

Let me share in the greatness that is RevCo… you can stream the “Fire Engine” music video! The wife of Hypo Luxa was kind enough to post links to the music video stream in this forum thread.

I think you will agree, this is much more fun than being shot by a tazer!

Update: Since I suck at reviews, here is one done by a “pro”. It approximates my feelings on the CD, “Cocked and Loaded”.

Update #2: In that cartoon music video, you may have noticed one of the cartoon band members holding a guitar with 6 arms on it. Here is a clue to who that is supposed to represent.

I Suppose I Better Tell You About My Weekend Already

Let’s start with Thursday. I think I did next to nothing that day. I might of done some shopping, then a 2 mile jog… I dunno… it’s all a blur now. Oh, that’s the shopping I did, I bought a green T-shirt.

Friday was St. Patricks Day. I packed my things and headed to the Twin Cities. Just as I was pulling out of my driveway, my foam mattress arrived in a little brown truck. I shoved this in the back of my car, and continued on my way south to Little Canada. Once there, I hauled the mattress into the condo. On the box it recommends team lifting. I should of listened, I strained my back.

Once the mattress was unpacked, I dressed up in my Green T-shirt (pants? who needs pants?), and headed for the Palm Club. I hung out briefly with two members of the Zoyx Lawyer Team during the late afternoon. I am still holding one of the members green, plastic, blinking shamrock hostage. I haven’t come up with demands yet. Oh, and for those wondering, liquor does wonders for a sore back.

I was invited to a Paddies Day Party down in Faribault. Two reasons I wussed out on going. It was a 40 mile drive by myself. This pretty much meant no drinking. I also would of played the role of creepy old guy, with a bunch of “kids” 10 to 20 years younger than me. I couldn’t get myself excited enough to play that role.

So I hung out with a couple of friends closer to my age and closer to home. One of the friends volunteered to be driver so the other two of us could get a bit drunky. We called it quits fairly early that evening… about 11:30 PM. Two of us felt pukey from something we ate.

Next day was LAN Party day. My main gaming buddy and I drove out to Medina for this get together. This was a crowd we had never been with before. Took a chance and it worked out great. This was a basement LAN with about 20 people. The games they played were stuff I liked. A lot of UT2004… some Onslaught, Invasion, and Jailbreak. Battlefield 2 and Serious Sam 2 were also thrown into the mix. The last game was Ghost Recon, but we didn’t stick around for that.

For Sunday, I was supposed to go for an 8K run with one of the Zoyx attorneys, but I had another belly ache from the bad food mix at the LAN party. So I drove back to Duluth. That evening, instead of composing this entry, I bummed around. The only thing I did was hook up this controller I recently purchased, to my PC. Then I tested out the controller on classic arcade games for a bit.

That concludes this fun lovin’ post.


The Shining

I finally saw the movie, “The Shining” last night. I have been making an effort to see all of the Kubrick films, and this was may latest stop. I saw “Clockwork Orange” a couple weeks back, and “Full Metal Jacket” a couple weeks before that.

I haven’t read the Stephen King book, which is fine, since Kubrick’s version is only loosely based on the book. King’s book apparently hit on the supernatural stuff and the inner demons of Jack more, while Kubrick hit on the dehumanizing theme. In this film, it is never made clear if what you are seeing are actual supernatural events, or images that are made up in their head. From what I understand about the book, it is made more clear that these are supernatural events.

Cool movie, I liked it. Horror movies should be done like this. The major criticism of the movie I have is the music. For instance, Jack is walking through the Gold Room toward the bar. There are these screaming, eerie violins playing as he is walking. Absolutely no connection between the action and the music. I don’t like artificial tension. This one thing I don’t like in general of horror flicks. I was hoping this film, being done by one of film’s masters would be different in this aspect. It wasn’t.

The main thing this movie did do right was build up to the action. The melt down of the characters as the movie progressed, was well done. The horror at the end seems to make sense by the time you reach that point. That is something you don’t see in most horror flicks.

During the day today, I have been blurting out the occasional, “Red Rum!”. Plus the Road Runner theme is constantly playing in my head. Now that I have seen this movie, I like this flash version of the film even more.