This is us

Just completed my longest run of the year, 5 miles. No, I am not going to upload the data from my training device to the ‘net. You will just have to take my word for it.

Drained the oil out of the lawn mower, and poured in some fresh stuff. I cranked the engine and let it run for a minute. I then looked at the oil. The new oil was now as dirty as the stuff I poured out. Looks like I should do another oil change after the first lawn cutting (coming soon).

I bought the CD by Covenant, “Skyshaper“. I own and love their previous release, “Northern Light“. The two songs that I repeat over and over from this new release are “Ritual Noise” and “20 Hz”. Wouldn’t you know, those were the two first singles released in Europe. I can pick ’em. There isn’t a bad song in the bunch. I am really looking forward to the more up-tempo remixes that are bound to be released. Here is a more in-depth review of this album.

I purchased the Minnesota Weather Almanac. The book tries to retrace all the great Minnesota weather events of modern history, and does a good job of that. I was looking for more numbers and tables than what was provided. I am a big fan of numbers and statistics. This love for numbers is probably the main thing that drew me into weather in the first place. The almanac by Bruce Watson, released back in 1976, was chock-full of tables, statistics and numbers. I read and reread that book in my early teens.

Kitty Kat would appear to have another blockage. More problems keeping food down. I am going to start feeding him saucers of milk, in hopes that this will lube things up. Kats are interesting creatures. He has this problem, but shows no outward symptoms of it (besides the puking). Seems to have the same energy as he always has. Last night we played our favorite game, “Let’s Go Downstairs”. As soon as I say that, he perks up and sprints ahead of me as I go down the stairs. Once at the bottom of the stairs, he plops down and rolls on his back, looks up at me and meows. Once I get down to him, I rub his belly. Kitty is a strange creature.

Ritual Noise

The results for the Fitger’s 5k are in. My official time for this race was 26:52.

I have been on my new diet for 10 days (Easter was day 1). I figure I have lost 3 pounds…something like that. My weight bounces all over the place, so it is hard to get a representative number. Especially when I am working overnight shifts. I retain water and my digestive system gets all funky.

I managed to get in a run everyday last week. I did about 20 miles total during that week. Slow start this week. I did the hike on Sunday… no running. Then I felt like crap after my first overnight shift Monday, so no run that day either. I forced myself out yesterday and today, even though the crappiness continued.

Another Hike

I hiked in the woods near my childhood home this morning. Here is the plot of that hike. One of my high school classmates bought the house next to my childhood home. He was out working on his car, so I walked up and chatted with him for a bit. He didn’t have much juicy gossip, and I didn’t have any either.

He did fill me in on what he knew about how the old neighborhood is doing. The gentrification of the old neighborhood is almost complete. Back before I was born, this property out in the country was cheap, so naturally it attracted the not so rich folks. Now this property is some of the most prized in the Twin Cities. It isn’t much of an exaggeration that my folk’s 30 acres and house would be worth over a million dollars. They bought that land and house for about $30,000 back in the 1950s. Too bad they sold back in 1992.

So yesterday was a busy day. The recap includes the Fitger’s 5k (still no official results yet), the drive down to the cities, the round of golf at Logger’s Trail, then I topped off the night by hanging out for 3 hours at a couple of Willernie bars. While at the Flame Bar, I ran into another high school classmate. She was a bit tipsey, but she was a fun drunk. One remark she said was, we should go together to the 25 year class reunion (next year) and pretend to be a couple. That is a funny thought and would freak some classmates out. I agreed to it, although I have an inkling that this was a drunken proposition, and she probably has already forgotten about it.

Look at that tasty ham. Looks lickable, doesn’t it.

Fitger’s 5k

A quick blurb about the Fitger’s 5k race I just ran this morning. Yes, I had my little trainer GPS thing-a-ma-bob. So here is the MotionBased page for that run. Almost a minute faster than what I did a month ago at the Colon 5k (or whatever the name of that race was). As soon as the official results hit the streets, I will update this entry.

Upate: Went golfing at Logger’s Trail later in the afternoon. Of course I had to wear my GPS toy. Here is the plot of that adventure.

Wanna Arm Wrestle?

I just uploaded another 99 songs to the Zoyx Shoutcast. I also hit the randomize button again to mix up the playlist. This brings the playlist to over 500 tracks and clocking over 40 hours. More to come.

Crispin Glover turned 42 yesterday. Besides playing the role of Marty McFly’s dad in “Back to the Future”, he was the one that had the “nervous breakdown” on Late Night with David Letterman. Thanks to, we can all share in this great TV moment. So for those that are still thinking that this was drugs or a nervous breakdown, visit Wikipedia.

I am not going to the Geek Prom. My date wussed out on me. Something about being called into work. Yeah, right. Actually I was losing enthusiasm for the event. I just wouldn’t know anyone there. That would limit the amount of fun I would of had. I am going to play a round of golf instead. Which frankly isn’t all that geeky. The Star Tribune has an article on the Geek Prom this morning. A copy of that article is in the cut below.

Geek Prom Article

The Big Burp

Just one more thing to worry about, melting methane hydrate. The article in the cut below, has an entertaining look at melting methane hydrate, and its ramifications. Admittedly, the research of methane hydrates is relatively immature. But there is strong reason to believe that an apocalyptic scenario, could involve the rapid melting of methane hydrates. Big Burp is a bit of an exaggeration. Methane would leak out slowly over decades. At least that’s what this article explains. So now the NY Times article…

NY Times Article

Yummy Vegetables

I have consumed various vegetables in the past 24 hours. For people who know me, this is shocking news. I must be getting really serious about this diet thing. I have also stopped sucking up snack food shit at my place of employ. I am on day 3 of this diet. If I make it to the end of this week on this track, I will declare myself officially “dieting”.

Other changes forthcoming is the removal of moo milk from my list of consumables. I feel like I am becoming lactose intolerant. I will be switching to soy milk as soon as I run out of my current stash of homogenized cow lactate.

I added two hours of music to the Zoyx shoutcast stream. This brings the stream up to 33 and half hours (from 31 and half). I also hit the randomize button, so the playlist is now rearranged.


I just completed my longest run of the year, 4 miles. Here it is.

I used my little training device to track me during my drive from the Hermantown Log Home to the Little Canada condo. Here is that plot.

I am posting my cholesterol numbers again. I am going to get in shape, dammit. So I am posting these for some twisted reason to inspire myself.

• November 2001… Total Cholesterol: 198. Triglycerides: 351. Risk Ratio: 5.1 My weight at the time was 218 lbs. I had the test first thing in the morning (8 hour fast).
• October 2002… Total Cholesterol: 190. Triglycerides: 128. Risk Ratio: 4.6 My weight at the time was 195 lbs. Again had the test first thing in the morning.
• January 2005… Total Cholesterol: 202. Triglycerides: 469. Risk Ratio: 6.1 My weight was around 218. Just ate a meal before the blood was taken.

Total Cholesterol: Should be less than 200
Triglycerides: Should be less than 190
Risk Ratio: Should be between 2.0 and 4.5

I weighed myself before today’s 4 mile run… 222 pounds. I imagine my current cholesterol numbers are higher than those January 2005 numbers. So there really isn’t any point in getting them rechecked. I have high cholesterol, and I need to take action.

Happy Easter everyone! And remember, the Easter Bunny hates you.

Google Map Bug

I found a bug in google maps. I have no clue where to report it. Hopefully the google bot will see this and report it for me.

So here is the bug. Note that the streets are plotting about 1000 ft to the east of the satellite image. Looks like it is an indexing error of the satellite image.

For the curious, TJs Country Corner was where I turned around in yesterday’s bike hike. Also was a great place to purchase some Gatorade and a pint of Three Musketeers Chocolate Milk.


First things first, I did a bike hike on the Munger trail. The Carlton to Mahtowa section. Now, my knees hurt.

Two jobs in the Twin Cities that I want, are being advertised (no I am not going to give you the details about them). I applied for both of them. This is about the 50th time I have applied for these type of jobs. I have been trying to get something in the Mpls./St. Paul area since 1992. You would not believe the angst. I need new ideas… a new angle to get these jobs.

First thing, a prayer circle. I will be attending a gathering of friends this weekend. We will get together, hold hands, and make our plea to the master of all. If P-circles can de-gayify a homosexual, then getting me this job should be a cakewalk.

The other thing I will try is the, “Get a Job in the Twin Cities Interpretive Dance”. It is very closely related to the “Mr. Roboto Interpretive Dance“. The Mr. Roboto dance pulled the music industry out of its early 80s slump. Just think what it can do for my career!