Damn Lake

I spent the 26th through the 29th down in the Twin Cities and today I was back in Duluth. My current house is 2 miles from the Duluth Airport. My previous house from two years ago was in Duluth Harbor. Now the temperature round up from this past weekend.

High temperatures…

		Duluth Harbor	Duluth Airport	Minneapolis
May 26		61		68		83
May 27		55		69		87
May 28		58		79		97
May 29		59		77		94
May 30		84		79		84

Okay you amateur weather folk, guess which way the wind was blowin’ during these days. You now have some insight as to why Duluth springs can suck the big one, especially when you live in downtown Duluth. This effect becomes less dramatic in the summer when the lake warms up.

We had a cold front with associated thunder bumpers last evening. The thumb picture with this post is of those storms as they moved over Duluth Harbor.

My nephews are playing the game Armadillo Run. I have just started tinkering with this construction type game. Definitely has the potential of being addicting. The nephews and their friends have made some very clever virtual contraptions.

More Dating Tips

The Zoyx Relationship Adviser shot me with a paper clip, to get me to look at this page full of dating tips. The welt on my neck is temporary. The wealth of knowledge from this article will last a lifetime.

The Hoff is alive and kicking. He still exudes confidence. It takes a man who is comfortable with himself to hump a pepsi bottle.

The picture included with this post will be my new look. The hairy coos oozes metrosexual. I am in love with the highlights.

Another Bike Hike

Went around White Bear and Bald Eagle Lakes this morning with 3 other folks. Here is the MotionBased trace of that fun trip.

Have I mentioned that this weekend has been hot and windy? Well it has. Yesterday’s official high in the cities was 97 degrees. It was also blustery, with frequent gusts in the afternoon around 30 mph. Very similar weather today… windy and it has already topped 90 degrees.

Another Round

Played golf at Sawmill Golf course, located in the City of Grant, Minnesota. Shot a 49 going out and a 46 coming in. The picture (click for bigger version) with this post is from the tee box at number 5, a par 3.


The Minnesota Twins will be starting their rookie pitcher, Boof Bonser tonight. When I was in high school, the word boof was synonymous with anal sex. The Urban Dictionary seems to agree. Let the juvenile giggling commence.

Poor Boof.

Bike Hike

Biked earlier this afternoon… 20 miles total biking between Maplewood and St. Paul. Here is the MotionBased page.

The thumb to the right is from the Gloster Junction. This junction is where the Vento and Gateway Trail cross.


I have to break some hearts today. The word “dork”, is not the proper term for whale penis. At least not according to this guy. I know we all had our hopes up that this was the magical meaning for dork, but it isn’t. In actuality, when someone calls you a dork, he/she is just calling you fucking retard. Nothing more, nothing less. End of argument.

I just went to the infamous Palm Club. I took my own picture of the WALL OF SHAME. So now it is time for a game. See if you can find the special 86’d note on the wall of shame. You can do it without any clues from me.

I also took this picture of the west bank. I finally learned the “street name” of those apartment towers in the back ground. That term is “crack stacks”. I will let you, and your imagination, figure out the meaning.

There is going to be a play about the west bank of the U of Mn campus coming up. There will be 16 showings of this play during the month of June. I would have more details about this stage presentation. Frankly, I was too liquored up to catch all of them.

The Quarry

Played my third round of golf of the season this past afternoon. This round was at The Quarry in Biwabik. I shot a 95, which is very good for me on such a tough layout. Driving to Biwabik to play golf is a rare and special event. Playing on a well designed course, in the middle of undeveloped wooded country, is what makes it special.

This course is an hour drive from my Hermantown home. Today’s greens fees cost $58 with cart, and that is the offseason rate. If you add in the snacks and the gas, you have a rather expensive day.

I took my new camera along. The thumb picture to the right is one of the snaps I took. Click on the thumb for the big version.