Brain Liposuction

We did it! The temperature for the Twin Cities topped the 100 mark for the first time since July 1995. The official temperature at the Mpls/St. Paul airport hit 101 at around 4 PM. Cold front with thunderstorms will be moving through tonight. These storms are going through Duluth as I type. Hopefully my house will still be there when I get back.

I am living life dangerously by staying at my Little Canada condo. There is a restraining order against me. The dinosaur pictured is the one that filed the grievance. Court orders also say I am not supposed to talk about “the episode”. All I can say is, sorry for the loss of the tip of your tail, Mr. Sinclair Gas Station Dinosaur. This will teach me to get too drunk at Gordies. I get loose judgment, cross the street to the Sinclair station, then bad things happen.

Happy Birthday!

I know zenkitty_714 had a birthday recently, so I guess this is mainly for her. Feel free to use this video for your next birthday bash!

For a little bit of history of the “Lunch with Casey” show, go here.

YouTube Test

Looks like you can embed youtube videos into Livejournal posts. Let’s test…

I really should update my blog.

I started the riding lawn mower today for the first time in 15 months. Had to use a battery charger to get the thing going. Now to put it on the market.

Still looking for a good home for the snow blower and my cross-bow resistance exercise thing.

Visited my future place of employ Tuesday in Farmington. Should be fun! There are something like 200 folks that roam that facility. They are going to take 4 weeks to train me in. Seems a bit excessive, but I suppose they have their reasons.

I visited the Thomson Legal building in Eagan. This is where the Zoyx Lawyers hang out. I have never seen a cube farm that huge. It wasn’t even on one floor, at least 3 floors of cubes for as far as the eye could see. Yeah, I am sure you lose a piece of your soul in that environment.

I found this neat little condo in Edina, MN. Next time I am in cities I will have to get a showing. This place is about a half an hour drive to the job in Farmington, and 15 to 20 minute drive to a possible future job in Chanhassen. The main thing it has is those amenities that I like to spoil myself with.

Old Chicago Must Die

My going away shindig last night was held at Old Chicago Pizza in Canal Park. All I had was two slices of thick crust pepporoni pizza, a 20 oz. Hard Core (a hard apple cider) and a piece of cake. I now weigh 214 lbs. That is 5 lbs more than 3 days ago. I am feeling bloated and my sleep last night was erratic. I just completed a 2 mile jog in an attempt rid this poison from me. All it did was make me light-headed.

Fuck Old Chicago.

Update: All right, that was a horribly depressing post. So I must balance it out with this delightful short film entitled, “Mr. Heavyfoot Kicks a Ball“. Enjoy!

Going Away… Eventually

Tonight was the night of my going away party. As you can see, it wasn’t just my going away party, but also some dude named Andy (he wrestles ‘gators… really!). All right, this cake is actually for some other Kurt. I just snuck over to another table at Old Chicago, and took this picture. I think the Andy and Kurt on this cake are lovers on their way to Amsterdam to get married.

Anyway, I had fun, and I greatly appreciate everyone for the send-off shindig. Just think, you only have to put up with me and my shenanigans for another 4 weeks!

Black Topped!

They are placing the first layer of black top on my road today. I moved my car so I would be sure to have an escape from this construction. Note the realty sign in front of my house. Hopefully we will be able to drive on it by this evening. Yes, the picture with this post acts as a thumb image. Fun stuff!

Another Quicky

I had a house showing a couple days ago. No word on how it went.

I did a jog/hike on Park Point beach this past afternoon. Here is the motionbased trace. I found out from one of my old neighbors that my Park Point house has been sold again. Sounded like it was a house swap.

Saw a skunk a couple houses down from my place while I was out walking last evening. This may be the guy who maced my cat. Although you would think my cat would of stunk more. But skunk spray can temporarily blind you. That is what happened to Spar.

I weighed 209 lbs this morning. That means I have lost 13 pounds since Easter. After my beach jog I weighed 206 lbs. I know, water loss… but I enjoyed seeing the 206 on the scale.

Quick Update

• They have started pouring the cement curbs around my house. The older neighbors were quite entertained by this. They all took turns gawking at the work. At this pace, they might be ready to lay the black top within a couple weeks.

• Had the new plumbing fixtures installed in my main floor bathroom. What brought this on was a leaking shower and a toilet that got clogged when you looked at it funny. I had them install a new sink faucet while they were at it, just because the old one was dated and was crusted up with dirt and water deposits. What a great feeling it is to turn the shower off and the water. stops. flowing. WOW! Just think how excited I’ll be when I make a movement and I don’t have to use a plunger when flushing.

• Someone sprayed Spar the Cat with mace or something similar. He came home last evening around 8 PM with his eyes closed/tearing and he was salivating/drooling uncontrollably. I opened the door and had to push him inside because he didn’t realize that I had opened the sliding door. He was basically blind at this time. I brought him down to the 24 emergency vet office, because at the time, I didn’t realize what was going on. By the time I reached the vet, he was recovering and had some vision. The vets were in the middle of another emergency, so I just left without seeing a vet. I tried wiping his eyes when I got home with a wet paper towel when I got back. That was a bad idea. The leftover residue on his fur was dragged into his eyes. This pissed off Spar. In order to get rid of the residue, I took Spar into the shower and let water flow over his head for a good 10 seconds. This worked. Ten minutes after his “shower”, he was much better. He was asking to go outside by the time I left for work at 1130 PM.

• I had an open house yesterday. Only two groups went through during the two hours. Actually better than I thought. It is vacation season, the construction makes the house hard to get to, and the market has slowed considerably. Probably shouldn’t have another open house until after the black top has been laid.

Barry Manilow is a weapon.

• The men’s bathroom door near Heidi’s desk is stuck open. This is making her very uncomfortable. Watching men use the bidet is very disturbing. Someone should fix the door… NOW!