I Need an Exercise Avatar

Final tally is in, I did 68.8 miles of running in August. I only missed 5 days of running, so 26 runs in the month of August. I managed to get two bike hikes in there as well.

Today was the quickest run of the month. I ran 2.71 miles in 22:39. That would be an 8:21 minutes per mile pace. Used this handy calculator to compute that.

Who’s Gonna Clean Up This Mess!

I just spent 6 hours cleaning up the condo.

In the living room, I have the blue cube computer set up on the Mr. Do cocktail table. Also have the projector and DVD recorder on top of it. You can see the stereo in the background. Speakers are on chairs so that the neighbors below will have some dampening of noise. The blue cube was on the dining room table.

I then moved the two servers and the Shuttle computer into the bedroom. They were in the living room. Yep, that is an old door on sawhorses for a desk. The Marble Madness machine is in the background.

Both of the included images can be clicked on to make bigger.

If Penis’ Could Make Calliope Noises

I am finally making a blog entry. Happy already!

This week of learning the new job has resulted in me not doing a whole lot. I come home from my 40 to 50 minute commute… go for a 2.5 to 3 mile jog… watch the Twin’s ballgame… then go to sleep.

One fun note is the dress code at work. There currently is not one. It is really refreshing seeing people earning 6 figure salaries, coming to work in t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. Of course I am the kiss of the death. The new contract includes a dress code. Business casual beginning in September. Since this contract was not accepted by the union, I expect a few grievances to be filed.

No women in hot pants at work, unfortunately. If there were, I am sure you would of heard the calliope music…


Once I get wind that the hot pants woman has a husband or steady boyfriend…


Taking Stock

Let’s see… I moved all of my furniture out of the log home Friday. Today was my first day of work at the new job. I am in “what the hell have I just done?” mode right now. Spar the Kat is wondering the same thing as well. He is currently sitting in the middle of the living room, meowing at me. Probably can be translated to, “We had it perfect up in Duluth, and now we are in this shit hole”. Hopefully things will improve when I am in the Shakopee house, and I am settled into the new job.


Followed the inspector around my future house yesterday. The house does have some issues, and I will have to spend some bucks. Mainly on the exterior. This is fine. I was planning on making changes to the exterior anyway, due to aesthetics. Now that I have seen some defects, these changes will be raised in priority.

I toured the shag room this inspection. This is the room with the lime green shag carpeting in it. Well I found the perfect chair for this room. This bean bag chair by Sumo. They call it an “Urban Lounge Chair”. I guess they are trying to get a disconnect from the earlier generation 70s versions. In comparison to the older bean bag chair, the dimensions are a huge 4.5 x 5.5 feet. It is also made with “space-age”, rip resistant, spill resistant nylon. This nylon doesn’t sound all that comfortable. Might have to crochet my own slip cover.

Then there is Fanny Bags. Softer and a touch smaller. The main thing that caught my eye at this site was this statement. “Alone? You are more likely to hook-up with the opposite sex on a foam bag than on a sofa”. There you go, I have to get one. This web site has tapped into my sexual insecurity, and now has a sale. Bravo!

Music Note

The Zoyx shoutcast music stream is back in service. This move I am in the middle of required a reconfiguration. The stream can now be found here. Feel free to shake your groove thing.

All done

Just finished my last shift at the Duluth office. Sad and happy at the same time.

The Circus Parade Experiment

I couldn’t find the music video for “Mr. Krinkle” by Primus on YouTube. I had no problem finding “Wynonna’s Big Brown Beaver“, “Shake Hands With Beef” and “Southbound Pachyderm“, but no “Mr. Krinkle”. So I fire up my Youtube account and start to upload my copy of the video. After the upload, I immediately get the “Rejected because of copyright”.

So I am conducting an experiment. I shrank my copy of the video down a bit, then renamed the file. I then uploaded the file with a title of “Circus Parade” and the only internet tag I have is “Primus”. This upload was not rejected by YouTube’s bots. We’ll see if some other layer of protection catches it. In the meantime, here is the ingenious music video, “Mr Krinkle” by Primus. Not many music videos are over 5 minutes long and done in one continuous take.


Team Chaos

The day today. Worked overnight shift. Went to bed at 8 AM. Phone call from movers at 10:30, waking me up. Attempts to fall back to sleep fails. Cut the front half of lawn. Get call from realtor in Shakopee at 1:30 PM. My final purchase agreement is faxed to work. I go to work and sign the agreement and fax it back. Arrange for this final agreement to be faxed to my mortgage broker. Get prescription drugs at Walmart. Arrive back home around 3 PM. My realtor in Duluth calls saying that the house showing for this afternoon will be postponed until 7 PM. Hmmm, I usually am asleep at 7 PM while working overnight shifts. Schedule inspection of Shakopee house (pictured) for Saturday morning. Take nap early starting at 4:30 PM. Sleep until 6 PM. Get call from realtor saying that the house showing is canceled. Do 2.25 mile jog. Start watching Viking pre-season game at 7 PM. Conclude, win or lose, the Vikings are going to be a boring football team.