Hey look! Weather!

I bought a weather station. I got it up and running finally this past evening. Take a lookity at the local weather. The weather page is very primitive… something I whipped up in 15 minutes. The images are produced by Virtual Weather Station. I’ll get it looking prettier at a future date. Probably tie-in a web cam with it as well. This will be a weather support web cam. Not a web cam showing me scratching myself.

Clue Club

I wake up this morning… oooh… a little before 8 AM. I scratch my ass and waddle out to the kitchen. I fix up that PBJ sandwich that can’t be beat… then plod down to the computer. I start viewing my e:mail alerts (Plumber job in St. Cloud anyone?). My eye catches the time. My computer claims that it is 7:03 AM.

Wait for it…

It’s coming…

Pregnant pause…

Oh, today is the day we switch to standard time. Fuck.

So I finish my sandwich, then throw a few basic tools into the car, and drive out to the condo. Today is the day I did the final cleaning before I place the condo on the market.

Yesterday was the day I moved the heavy stuff out of there. The Marble Madness machine is now side-by-side with the Tempest game in the basement here. I have to say, my basement is looking pretty damn cool. I have the games, a video projector, surround sound stereo system, pool table, dart board and a wood burning stove. Get the hot tub and the hookers going, and this basement will be complete.

I bought an Oregon Scientific weather station. I took down the TV antenna off of the roof and replaced it with the weather station instruments. I fired up the base station and it seems to be up and running. Bad news is that the PC software doesn’t seem to want to work with the base station. The software claims that it is connected via USB, but yet all the numbers are zeroed out. I hope the fix is something simple.

Today was also the first day I kayaked on Thole Lake. Not a big lake, but all the fingers in the lake can extend the length of any kayak hike you do. One thing that pops out, lots of expensive houses on this lake. I’m sure a few”estates” easily bump over the million dollar mark. Next lake… O’Dowd Lake.

I have been telling folks I live in Shakopee, and will probably continue to. But actually I live in Louisville Township. I am livin’ the rural life. My back yard view is of a pond, and beyond that, a corn field with silos.


My LJ username has been switched from the cumbersome “wls-xenolith”, to the easy to remember and type “zoyx”. I had to spend $15 to do this switcheroo, but I had to do it. There is an auto-forward thing, so using wls-xenolith still works. But why would you do that? So one more time, the URL for this blog is now…


These also work…


Firefox 2.0

I just downloaded and installed Firefox 2.0 web browser. What follows is my hard-hitting review of this latest product from the Mozilla franchise. Ready? Here it comes!

“Seems to work.”

That concludes my deep introspective look at Firefox 2.0. Hope you gained some valuable information from this review. Next week, Internet Explorer 7!

More Music Vids

Ima guessin’ that with Google buying YouTube, coupled with pressure from big corporate, we will begin to see our favorite music vids and other copyrighted stuff pulled. So we better enjoy them while we can, eh. Here is some newer music that I have enjoyed recently.

Warm Leatherette” by Trent Reznor, Jeordie White, Peter Murphy. The gothic voice of Peter Murphy, backed by the industrial noise of Trent Reznor. Very interesting mix. This is a live radio broadcast. Curious if there is a studio session related to this. I’ll google later. These guys are music veterans… Murphy is 49 years old… Reznor is 41.

Black Grease” – Black Angels. This band seems to be reaching for that early 70s buzz guitar sound. They even have some songs with a Vietnam theme. Interesting retro band for these times. Good music though.

Sugar” – Ladytron. Yep, newer gothic. They have another video that kinda creeps me out. I have a tough time watching it. I am referring to the video for “Destroy Everything You Touch“.

Lawn Mower Fun


The riding lawn mower has a dead battery. The battery is so dead that it won’t take a charge. I am going to put off buying a new battery until next spring.

The push mower didn’t travel well. Something is gumming up the works. The blade won’t spin without me going underneath and using a great deal of force. I am guessing there is oil where it shouldn’t be. Some oil has dripped out of the muffler. That can’t be good.

I bought a new lawn mower before going into work yesterday morning from Lowes. I made it out to the car just fine with the mower. When I lifted the box to go into the back of my car, the bottom of the box broke. The new mower was sent flying onto the parking lot. The lawn mower did a flip and landed upside down, scratching the top of the mower. I was in a hurry to get to work so I put the mower in, collapsed the box and went on my way. I realized as I left Lowes that I had placed the receipt in the box at the cash register. I drove back to my parking spot, and thankfully the receipt was still on the ground there.

I just put gas and oil into the new machine and it started up just fine. The temperature is in the 20s right now, so I am going to postpone my grass cutting until tomorrow afternoon. I will have the day off tomorrow.

In other moving news, I found my external sound “card” for my laptop computer. This has been missing for at least a year. I must of done at least 5 hours worth of searching in the log home for this thing over the past year. The device came with a remote control, and that is still missing. I would love to know where the movers found it.

Weird Dream Night

First dream was about the coming apocalypse. The signs were everywhere that it was coming. People were so sure, they were digging their own graves, including myself. The thing that convinced me was that I saw one of my relatives develop a magic touch. This person was touching children on the head and they would become possessed by satan. These children would glow blue after being possessed. They turned blue because the original devil was blue instead of red. I learned this on a PBS special.

Second dream began with me on the edge of a lake. I go to the end of a dock and dive in. The water is crystal clear and I can see all this merchandise. I just dove into an underwater mall! I swim around into various shops. I have to come up for air on occasion, but dive back down again. Then the curators of this mall close up. I get stuck inside and drown… along with about 20 other “shoppers”.

Next dream takes place in St. Paul, circa 1922. I know this because I picked up a newspaper during the dream. I am witness to a secret government project. They are building a humongous flying machine. It is blimp shaped, and made out of planks of wood. Its hugeness requires 8 buses for landing gear. I did see it fly, and it flew quietly and gracefully. Upon landing, it almost kills people because the 8 bus landing gear is very clumsy. The buses were on 8 independent legs and you didn’t know which way they were going to go.

I had two other dreams last night, but I can’t recall them.

What are these dreams a sign of? Usually means I am coming down with something. I am overdo. I went to a wedding reception last Sunday, and you know those things are disease vectors.

It is out there

While at the reception yesterday, a sister said she saw a version of Springsteen’s “Jacob’s Ladder” on PBS performed live. I said I bet it is on YouTube. I just searched, and I don’t think I found the version she was thinking of. But I did find 6 other versions. The one below was at Xcel Center in St. Paul, MN. More proof that YouTube is a wonderful thing.

Bruce did another video in St. Paul… about 22 years ago. This video stars a young Courtney Cox. Hmmm… I think I also wore jeans that tight during the early 80s. Praise a savior of your choosing that we have moved on from that fashion faux pau.