More Mike Daisey

Guess who commented on my last post. The one and only, Mike Daisey! I get some geek cred points there my friends. I hope he was impressed with my blog. The 5 people who view my blog on a regular basis sure are. Oh, by the way, HI MOM!

Well to keep him coming back for more, I am posting another YouTube video, this one with Mike Daisey as the interviewee. This interview dates back to around 2001, when TechTV was still in existence, and The ScreenSavers was still a cool show. I actually watched this snippet when it was originally broadcast. The interviewer is the one and only Kevin Rose. This was when Kevin was in his mid-20s, being paid slightly more than an intern salary at TechTV. Now his estimated worth (on paper) is probably pushing 9 figures, thanks to his popular site, amongst other things. Read his Wikipedia entry, and be prepared to be jealous.

This interview mentions the book “21 Dog Years“. Mike has been quite busy since then, mainly with one man shows based out of New York. Read his wikipedia entry to get a taste of his body of work.

Easy Eulogy

Remember Steve “Chopper” Sedahl? Of course you don’t, because hardly any of you watched Lets Bowl. Well he has moved on to create the online business, Easy Eulogy. He is also doing on-air work with Atomic Auction. I preferred him on Lets Bowl as Rich Kronfeld’s straight man, but at least he has found work.

I am sure he is writing better eulogys than this guy (video clip below). This is Mike Daisey, dating back to his local television* days.

* From Mike Daisey – “I believe this clip is from KIRO-TV, the CBS affiliate in Seattle.”

I Don’t Like Castration Movies

I saw the movie “Hard Candy” last night. This movie is disturbing on many levels. The main level that disturbed me was the 10 minute, drawn out, castration scene. I had to take multiple trips out of the room during that scene. I had to wander back in to check and see if I was missing important dialogue, but then I would wince and make another exit. The antagonist was evil, no problem disliking him. But the protagonist wasn’t too likable either. Almost as twisted as the bad guy. So I have finally found a WTF movie that I can’t handle. The topic of this movie is important for your adolescent kid. There has to be a better teaching tool than this movie.

The next movie on my Netflix list is 2001: A Space Odyssey. I think I am safe from any castration scenes in that movie. There might be Cat Stations, but no castrations. I haven’t seen this movie in about 30 years, and it has been about 25 years since reading the book. Maybe I’ll understand this go around.

More Bullets

– If only I could find someone who loved me this much.

– I’ve had furnace problems. Two nights ago I awoke with the house temperature at 64 degrees. I keep the thermostat at 70. I shut down the furnace, then back on again. The furnace would fire, the blower would kick on.. but after a few minutes, it would shut down again. I repeated the shutdown, start up three more times, when the furnace finally stayed on. A call to a furnace repair shop the next morning, resulted in the theory that the flame sensor has issues.

– During all this I noticed a drip coming from the condensation tubing in the furnace. So last night I unclamped this tubing, did some cleaning/pruning of the tubing, then reclamped. When I did that, I disconnected another piece of tubing without realizing it. The furnace wouldn’t fire because of this. About 45 minutes later, I found the disconnected tube, reconnected, and the furnace fired up.  The drip is gone as well.

– It has been four weeks since I took my last synthetic thyroid hormone pill. I ran out, and the pharmacy wouldn’t refill because the prescription ran out. So I had to make an appointment with the local doctor about this. I took the blood test (two weeks ago) showing high TSH. This doctor still doesn’t believe that I am hypothyroid, so he wants me to take another test a month after the initial test. To be honest, I haven’t noticed a change since being off the medication, so this doesn’t really bother me.

– I have set up an elaborate laser detection muskrat keep away defense system. Spar the Kat is very susceptible to muskrats and their cult. Muskrats are like and evil temptress, very similar to what a mermaid is to the human male. I wouldn’t want to call in Harvey Keitel.

– This would be a good Penthouse forum letter. I call for a furnace repairman. Instead of a guy with an associated exposed butt crack, I get these limber ladies knocking at my door. After they clean and fix my furnace, they whip up some mean potato salad, and then the sexual shenanigans.


– I walked 5.5 miles along the Minnesota River path this afternoon. Then jogged 20 minutes on the treadmill this evening.

– I have only lost 3 pounds since the first of the year. That works out to be about a pound a week. That is the pace you should lose weight, but I still would like to go faster. Lack of patience. The first serious diet I ever did was the mid-80s when I was in my early 20s. I lost 35 pounds in 3 months. I went from 210 to 175 lbs.

– I received a used Lexmark X6170. Needs new printer cartridges, however. Many thanks.

– I saw the movie, “Men With Children” last evening. An intense dystopia movie. It is this movie that inspired the previous post. Had some brief happy moments, but overall a depressing movie. With that said, I liked it. The movie threw society a not-so-realistic variable, then told a good story based on the resulting society. Because of the intensity, I am in no hurry to see it again.

– My netflix movie a couple days ago was “A Scanner Darkly“. The review for this is about the same as “Men With Children”. A good story, based on something bad in society.

– Apparently I am an alien, who thinks they are a human being. Or so says someone at the Pablo Mexican in Shakopee. This would explain a lot.

Your Girlfriend is Pregnant Day

Besides wiping out a third of the earth’s population, the flu pandemic rendered all women infertile. So slowly, humanity is aging out of existence. Twenty years later, the world is mostly dissolved into anarchy. You are lucky to be living in a city that is still clinging to some semblance of a civil society. The penthouse apartment that you live in is fairly well fortified.

The woman that you have been shacking up with for the past 2 months hasn’t been feeling well the past week. Many puking sessions have taken place. You find her crying in the bathroom after her latest episode. After being in denial during this time, you finally quiz her, “Did you miss your period”? She will nod her head yes. You sit next to her for the next half hour, petting her hair and reassuring her that you will take care of everything.

After getting her to bed, you type out an e:mail to your contact at the state office. About 2 hours later, police bust down your door. You confront them screaming, but one of the cops takes the butt of his rifle and hits you in the head, knocking you out. When you awake, the state contact will be standing next you. He helps you to your feet. He then slips you a tidy sum of currency, about 2 years worth of rent and security. You request to be present at the birth. He nods and then leaves.

Happy “Your Girlfriend is Pregnant” Day!

Date Time

I will be going out with a nice woman tomorrow night. I am so excited! I need fun ideas for things to do. This is what my latest brain dump on the subject has resulted in:

– Weenie roast!
– All night bible study!
– Tomorrow is Confederate Memorial Day. We could go Confederate Memorial Day Caroling!
Mascot Dress up! I would probably choose the Happy Tornadoes.
Latex Foam LARP-ing! May my thrust with my rubber double-blade battle-axe be true.
– Slide show of my August 2005 procedure.

That oughta be enough ideas to get me through the night.


We got down to 16 degrees below zero at the Zoyx Compound last night. Yes, there was condensation, and even a touch of frost on the windows. Time to triple glaze! Besides the cold, we received some snow a couple days back. Finally in mid-January, we are having some winter.

I uploaded another classic Vikings snippet on to YouTube. I hope the NFL doesn’t clamp down and have these videos removed. Time will tell.

This clip contains Tony Dorsett’s 99 yard run against the Vikings. Ahh, but who won the game? The video tells all. Some trivia:

– As Frank Gifford alludes to just before the 99 yard run, the Vikes had just returned an interception for a touchdown.

– 1982 was the first season in the Metrodome for the Vikings. This is the week where a snow storm ruptured a hole in the teflon roof. A mad scramble resulted, and they got the roof patched in time for the game. This is why the field looks like shit… lots of snow/water got on to the playing field.

– Ahmad Rashad announced his retirement during the week before the game. He had a cracked vertebrae.

Video removed because I don’t want the NFL coming down on my ass.

Hail Mary!

When your home team sucks, you look back to the good ol’ days. So thats what I did today. I uploaded this snippet of Vikings past. The final drive of the Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns game from 1980. Some tidbits:

– Vikings scored 3 touchdowns in the final 7 minutes of this game.

– Bud Grant is seen happy, instead of his usual stoic self.

– Ahmad Rashad is the stoic one. You don’t see modern wide receivers act this way.

– Gives a feel for what outdoor football was like in Minnesota before they built the Metrodome. This is a December game.

Video was removed by YouTube… I weep.


I lost my check card back on Wednesday. I didn’t realize this until Thursday evening. I canceled my card that night. In the meantime, two purchases, totaling $132, was charged on my card at Target. Yes, I told my bank about the Target transactions, and they are going to see if they can recover that money for me.

I retraced my steps (the day I went to the dentist) and I am fairly certain the card was lost at my last shopping stop at Cub Foods. At Cub Foods, I swipe my card, sign my name on the LCD display, then place the card on the writing surface next to the swiper thing for the cashier’s inspection. Then I scoot to where my groceries are going, so I can get a head start on bagging. On this day, I only remember receiving the receipt from the cashier. In fact, she just said, ‘here’s your receipt’ and threw it on my groceries. I was so busy with bagging that I didn’t realize that I hadn’t received my card back. Somewhere in all that my card was stolen. Had to be the guy behind me. I do remember that part. It was a guy following me in the checkout line.

The signature on my card had almost entirely worn off. Almost every time, cashiers have been asking to see my drivers license because of this. The exception would have to be at Cub Foods and Target.

I am in a bit of a pickle… because I am down to my last check, I don’t have a credit card, I don’t have an ATM card, and the new check card doesn’t arrive until later this week. So it looks like I am a cash only guy for the near future.