Actually ducks on a dock. Click on the thumb image.

Went to go see a “fire opera” last night. Lots of pyrotechnics with some type of plot attached to it. Flame juggling, flame swords, flame whips, etc. Don’t quiz me on the plot, went right over my head.

After the show, saw an escape artist. He escaped from a straight jacket while hanging upside down. I made a video of it. I’ll try and upload this video to Youtube some day, then link to it here. The video isn’t very good, so don’t get too much on the edge of your seat.

Blog Ketchup

– Tear down of the old siding has begun. Already had a rain day yesterday. Tomorrow could be another.

– Ice melted on the pond Sunday. I rolled the dock out into the water that day.

– Reached 81 degrees back on Monday. A record high for that day.

– Hundreds of dead fish washed ashore on my beach on Monday. The ice was especially thick this year, and no one had an aerator running. The result was oxygen starvation for well over a thousand fish. I cleared the fish from around my dock, but the ones that are mixed in with the cattails will have to break down there. A not so pleasant smell in my back yard, to say the least.

– The snow melt caused high water along the Minnesota River (click on thumb). The crest was just a half foot below flood stage. The trees in that picture have a different opinion about what is flood stage. I was a little late in capturing the crest. The picture is from today… about a foot and a half below the crest.


The Muskrat guardians were put on orange alert today. The siding contractor was going to make an appearance. Extra ninjas disguised as muskrats were called in. The door bell rang! The door was answered. Sigh, it was only a nipple salesman. Begone nipple salesman, or I shall torture more walruses. Then the phone rang, who could that be? It is only, recruiting. If they only knew about my sick kitty. No, not from the contaminated cat food, from too much easy cheese.

Finally the siding contractor rings in. He shows me James Hardie and vinyl siding. I pick the vinyl. The color of choice is to be an orangery-pink. No orangery-pink! So we go with Green Ivy. Regrets already, should of gone with the blood red siding with puke green fascia. But what of the endocrinologist? Does he want to check my endocrines? Nay, he wants me to start taking pig thyroid, BEGINNING TODAY! But what if that turns me into a were-pig, just like in the movie, “Mystics in Bali“? Just stab yourself in the sternum with an orangery-pink carrot, then buy a blue Honda Element with a roof rack. This vehicle will not hold your kayak, but it will be a wonderful place to hang your underpants. With the rear power outlet, you can heat up your Twinkie Sushi, while driving to the end of old Cedar Road for a cougar siting.

All done, now time to wallow in my own filth, like all were-pigs do. Life would be so perfect if I had a ping pong top for my pool table… maybe tomorrow.

My First Vista Hack

Windows Vista requires validation within 30 days after installation. I don’t want to validate. I bought the OEM version, not the retail version. Apparently, once you validate an OEM version of Vista, that version is forever tied to the hardware that is on your computer at the time of the validation. So if I want to update the CPU, hard drive, graphics card, etc., I would need to buy another version of Vista. Currently Microsoft isn’t enforcing this, but it is in the user agreement. So Microsoft could bring the hammer down at any time.

So I hit the 30 day limit. Vista went into limited functionality mode. This means, I only had my default browser (Firefox) as my desktop. Fortunately, I can browse my hard drive using the browser. Which means I could run this hack. The nice thing about this hack is that I didn’t have to download some dubious program, just use the tools that Vista provided. The short version of the hack is, start up a command window as administrator, go to the /Windows/System32 directory, run the command “slmgr.vbs -rearm”, then reboot. I got an error pop-up message, but it still worked for me. I have a new 30 days.

A Big Brother Post

I rented “V For Vendetta” a week or so ago. This would be your Orwellian/Big Brother themed movie. Well done! Highly recommended. A dark movie, but has an uplifting ending. Your quick blurb borrowed from IMDB

The futuristic tale unfolds in a Great Britain that’s a fascist state. A freedom fighter known as V (Weaving) uses terrorist tactics to fight the oppressive society. He rescues a young woman (Portman) from the secret police, and she becomes his unlikely ally.

Then I ran across this Youtube video. This video goes into some of the liberties that are trying to be yanked from our lives as we type. Very creatively done. If you don’t appreciate the message, at least appreciate the art.

To complete this Orwellian trifecta, Nine Inch Nails. NiN has a new CD coming out in April. They released this teaser video. Again with the overlords are watching you and your deviant behavior. You may have to watch it a few times to figure out what is happening.

This music video is only remotely related to the 1984 theme. It is mainly linked here because it is cool.

Trip to the dentitht

I jutht had two fillingth put in. My faith ith thtill numb after an hour and a half. Thith really thuckth! Hopefully when I give my weather briefing in 4 hourth, I won’t have thith horrible lithp. Be kind of embarathing to begin my talk and I have to continuouthly wipe away drool.

Good Parody

A poke at Apple and the current political environment, all rolled up in one. Well Done Mad TV! {golf clap}

Triple Rock Socializing

Me and a Duluth friend went to the Triple Rock Social Club. The main band was Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. A country punk band? Perhaps. From their website…

Colorado’s harsh geographic and metaphoric isolation have given rise to a whole sub-genre of hellfire-and-brimstone-tinged balladeering perhaps best exemplified by Slim Cessna’s Auto Club. Part old Appalachia, part new country, part salvation, and part eternal damnation, the Auto Club epitomize “the Denver Sound,” and their manic live presence, dueling vocalists, and frenetic finger picking will have you breaking out your best bling-bling belt buckles and spurs.

An excellent band! I recommend them. High energy and fun songs.

The thumb picture included with this post is from their performance. I little of their brimstone delivery is evident in that picture. I used a camera flash for that picture. I bet that wasn’t allowed, but I wasn’t kicked out, so all is good.

Here is a picture of the men’s pooper in the Triple Rock. Notice the lack of a privacy boundary between the shitter and the urinal. There used to be a stall, but, well, something happened. I wonder if I should submit a review to Restroom Ratings. Someone already did a review for the ladies.

Eliza and I

I got bored with you humans, so I talked to Eliza. Here is that chat…

Eliza JS: Hi, I’m Eliza JS. So what brings you here today?
Guest: Constipation
Eliza JS: What does that suggest to you?
Guest: Not enough fiber
Eliza JS: You are being a bit negative.
Guest: Yes
Eliza JS: I see. Tell me more.
Guest: I have no granola!
Eliza JS: Why do you say ‘no’?
Guest: Because saying “I have yes anti-granola” doesn’t make sense.
Eliza JS: Is that the real reason?
Guest: Yes, are you questioning my judgement?
Eliza JS: Perhaps in your daydreams I am questioning your judgement…
Guest: I have no daydreams, my life is just that focused.
Eliza JS: You are being a bit negative.
Guest: Statements of fact, my friend.
Eliza JS: Tell me more about your friends.
Guest: They like to see me make snow angels naked.
Eliza JS: I’m not sure I understand you fully.
Guest: They like to take me to bars without any pants on.
Eliza JS: I see. Tell me more.
Guest: Then I get 86’d from bars and I am traumatized.
Eliza JS: Do you believe it’s OK to be traumatized?
Guest: Yes it is. That is why I spend hours in my 20 foot deep pit filled with eels.
Eliza JS: Does that question interest you?
Guest: Which question is that?
Eliza JS: That’s quite interesting. Go on…
Guest: I am not interesting, I am boring. Quit trying to mislead me.
Eliza JS: Do you believe it’s OK to be not interesting, you are boring. Quit trying to mislead you?
Guest: yes
Eliza JS: I understand. Go on…
Guest: No, I am bored with your line of questioning.
Eliza JS: How long have you been bored with my line of questioning?
Guest: Bye
Eliza JS: I really enjoyed your visit. Let’s chat again!