Chris Pirillo and I Should Hang Out

I have one subscriber to my YouTube videos, that would be Chris Pirillo (check his YouTube page). Chris was a host of “Call for Help” on the defunct TechTV. My only theory as to how he stumbled on to my YouTube collection is because of the Scott Herriott video I posted. Scott is also an alum of TechTV. Chris has far more geek cred than I do, but my geek resume isn’t so shabby. We definitely need to be internet buddies.

Since Chris subscribed to my videos… I shall return something of a favor by linking to his latest video-cast.

First Data Set Is In

I filled up after my first half tank of fuel. My Jetta Wagon TDI only got 37 mpg. Very disappointing. I then checked the tires because one of them looked low. All of them were low… about 10-15 psi each. So now I have gone through nearly an entire tank. I went 555 miles on 13.6 gallons of diesel. So I was close to 41 mpg. That is an acceptable number.

Critical Mass

I participated in my first Critical Mass. Here is the Motion Based trace of the ride. I have to admit, it was very empowering to clog up traffic with our bikes. I did shoot a video at the rally at Franklin and Minnehaha. Unfortunately I shot into the sun so the video didn’t come out that well. I’ll have to do this again, lots of fun.

Fucking Dog

I jog the neighborhood fairly regularly. There is a dog (border collie size) that always races around the yard when I jog by, barking at me. Today, the invisible fence that keeps him in the yard was down. So he came after me. I stopped jogging and started walking, but he kept following me. He would charge and bark within inches of my achilles tendon. He kept following me, even though I was now a couple houses away from his house. I finally had enough. On one of his charges, I turned around and started chasing him. Partly because of my rage, I lost coordination, fell down and skinned my palm and knee. I’m sure this scene would of made a good YouTube video. The dog did get the hint, and scurried back to his house. He then proceeded to resume barking at me. I resumed jogging.

One final note, the house that this dog calls home is for sale. Here is a helpful hint that you won’t see on HGTV. If you are trying to sell a house, especially in a buyer’s market, don’t have a barking dog with a mean streak as your greeter.

Holy Crap

I just did a bike hike along the Cannon Valley Trail. Here is the MotionBased trace of the ride. Thirty miles of biking. If I had gone all the way to Red Wing, would of been a 40 miler. I didn’t have it in me, a little out of shape for that. Plenty of scenery. Besides the thumb picture, I took this picture and this picture. Those images look inviting. I really want to take a canoe or kayak trip along the Cannon River now.

I had the septic tank pumped this morning. The guy pumping it had to dig for the tank cover. I was thinking he would be able to use the inspection hole, which was much easier to access. County code says that is not allowed. So he dug up my yard. He is going to raise the opening, and then put something resembling a manhole cover over it for easier access. It would of been just $200 for the basic pump job. With this extra work, $300 total.

Speaking of spending money, I spent some last evening. I purchased an mp3 player and a small 8 foot kayak. The kayak was only $200 at Gander Mountain. Should be perfect for paddling around my small pond. The mp3 player by Sandisk is the first portable mp3 player I have every owned. I bought the 2 GB variety. I am going to connect it to my car stereo via a cassette adapter. Those two purchases were another $300 plus.

I attempted to throw my first party at the new house on Sunday. A bit of a bust. Only 4 people from my family showed up. I’m just too far away, I guess. I have my doubts I will attempt another party. Just small gatherings. Thats about all I can handle. Partys are just too much for me to handle alone.

Finally, this YouTube video is really cool. It is a high speed video of a water balloon that doesn’t pop.

New Ride

I finally pulled the trigger. Introducing the new Zoyx Mobile. That is a 2005 Jetta Wagon GLS TDI. I came real close to getting a Beetle, Jetta Sedan and a Honda Fit. The main reasons for this one is the additional cargo room and the great MPG on diesel.

Before making the trip to buy this one, I dropped by Hecker Toyota to look at a 2003 Beetle TDI. The test drive went fine, probably would have bought it if wasn’t orange and had the not so good transmission. Pre-2004 auto-transmissions weren’t so good, according to my internet lurking.

They then did the hard sell on a 2006 Jetta TDI sedan with only 1200 miles on it (a repo). During the test drive I asked how much for it. The salesman said $27K. Oofda! I told him that my price ceiling was $22K. He thought we could work around that. So we played with numbers, and they came down to $24K. I wouldn’t budge from $22K. So no sale was done. This took about 4 hours… including the drive out there and back.

Then I went to the outfit that had the wagon. I had already test drove the wagon in the middle of last week. With no other vehicles out there that was hitting the spot, this was going to be the one, so I snarfed it up.

Now I have a diesel powered car. Time to start researching biodiesel. One of my first steps is to hook up with the Northfield Biodiesel Buyers’ Club, and see what they have to offer. If I were to start using biodiesel, I would have to invest in a new fuel filter. Apparently biodiesel acts as a solvent, and brings up the kludge that is in your fuel tank, which then ends up in your fuel filter.

Then I may look into making my own biodiesel. Cooking up your own biodiesel from used frying oil is pretty involved. I was hoping it was just filter, then use, but not quite.

Even if I don’t go with biodiesel, I am going to save some serious coin thanks to going from 25 mpg, up to about 42 mpg. Using $3.20/gal for gas and $2.82/gal for diesel, my fuel price per mile should go down from 12.8 cents per mile, to 6.7 cents per mile.

On a Nice Day

I managed to sleep 8.5 hours straight through, no interruptions, last night. Doesn’t appear it was a restless sleep either. Considering I only had 3 hours of sleep the day before, made this sleep, all the more appreciated.

My wireless connection reaches to the end of the dock. Now I need to make sure the laptop doesn’t fall into the water.

Haven’t found a car I want. Still looking at the Volkswagon TDI vehicles. Probably pull the trigger on buying a car soon.

Fire pit has been dug. I have the wiener sticks ready for that camp fire. Mmmm… wieners.

Neat video. Silly song. Kylie Minogue is only 4 years younger than me. I am sure she has had plenty of help over the years, but she is looking pretty darn good.

On a Nice Day.