It’s gone

The Marble Madness Arcade game was picked up today. An end of an era. A very short era (18 months), but an era all the same. I must sell more stuff. Maybe this desk that I have this computer on is next. Or perhaps my bedroom set. Yes, I am in the middle of a purge.

I purchased Geometry Wars through Steam two days ago. Very addictive game. For the uninitiated, Geometry Wars is a Robotron styled game. Here is a video of someone really good at it.

Apparently the arcade style games that I played back in the 70s/80s are now called “casual games”. I am slowly drifting back to this type of game. The shooter games of the present era are getting too realistic and too complex. As a result, too time consuming. These arcade games are perfect for burning a half hour… it doesn’t kill a whole day.

Damn Kids

I went to Dubuque, Iowa this past weekend with the wonderful, loving, still enigmatic, I think I am falling in love with again, Goatgirl. Her family had a party out on a 5 acre hobby farm, complete with a dunk tank, trampoline, and other kid toys. The evening began with a dinner that couldn’t be beat, then a live band played a mix of classic rock and country. I did some dancing, although I think the dance I did was more like drunken stumbling.

We tent camped that night. I thunderstorm strafed us… no direct hit. Although I counted how far the lightning was… the closest strike was about 2 miles away. The rain wasn’t particularly strong, but some water did manage to make it into the tent. Some clothes got wet, but I had enough dry clothes for the drive home that day. Had a nice breakfast that morning with mom and a brother. Saw the childhood home where the 7 kids were raised. Then drove home. Good times, can’t wait to do something like that again!

Oh yeah, about those damn kids…

Oil Change

I bought some Mobile One Turbo Diesel and Truck (TDT) oil for my Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) car. I chose this oil because according to the TDI FAQ, all I needed was an API grade of CG-4. This oil met this grade as well as CH-4, CI-4 and CI-4+ grades. I then purchased an oil filter from the dealership, and I drove up to the local Jiffy Lube and told them to swap in the oil and filter. While I was paying up for the service, the manager told me that they used Mobil Delvac 1 for all of the TDIs that come in, and that the oil I chose wasn’t as good. So he got me thinking.

After I got home, I checked the oil level. They over filled. This is a bad thing. Because overfilled oil, increases the chance of crankcase oil getting into the cylinders, which can cause a runaway diesel. A runaway diesel engine is one that is at full rev, with no way to shut it off. Well unless you shoot CO2 from a fire extinguisher into the air intake. So I drive back to the Jiffy Lube and have them suck out the excess.

Back home again, I start doing research beyond the FAQ. Apparently my Pump Deuce (PD) version TDI needs and even more specific oil than the one placed in my machine. I then opened the owner’s manual (step 27 in Zoyx world) and saw this very ominous warning. To paraphrase, “You will die if you so much as mix a drop of any other oil that doesn’t meet the VW 505.01 standard”. This fear mongering worked on me.

I immediately hit the road to my local VW dealer. I then purchase another oil filter and their very specific oil for my car. The total for all of this is another $45. I ask if the dealership could swap out the oil for me. They had a 10 day backlog on appointments. So I drove to a nearby Valvoline oil change place and they did the swapping for me. I traveled an entire 20 miles on my TDT oil change.

Somewhere in all this, I started a forum thread in the TDIclub community. Apparently there are a few adventurous folks using TDT in their PD-TDI. I don’t think I will. Well, maybe after the warranty is up.

Concerning two blog posts back, I canceled the contract to put in a new air conditioner for the house. I need to shop around, I think I can get cheaper without losing quality.

Its Friggin Hot

I turned on the AC for the first time yesterday …. and it didn’t work. Oh noises were being made, but the air coming out of my vents was about 77 degrees. The 90 degree outdoor temperature laughed a mocking laugh at this pathetic attempt at cooling. The upstairs of my house heated up into the mid 80s. Thankfully the basement is remaining a relatively cool 75 degrees, so I can sleep at night.

Sounds like the AC needed a recharge of freon. The house inspector I hired caught this, and it was written into the purchase agreement. But yet here I am with an unrecharged air conditioner. That makes me most bitter… or is it tart. I have trouble telling the difference.

The air conditioner is 20 or so years old. So instead of the recharge, I went for the new unit. The new unit is built for the new environmental friendly freon. Unfortunately, after rebates, the cost is going to $2800. The money pit that is this house continues.

The next big expenses expected will be to swap out a patio door and new hot water heater. Those two expenses will probably be around another $3000. Joy!


Below is a performance by Lard. I think this occurred during the Houses of the Molé tour by Ministry. For the uninitiated, Lard is Ministry doing the music, and Jello Biafra writing the lyrics and then screaming them. Here is a sample of Lard music for your listening pleasure.