Long Day + gibberish

I worked my normal 5 AM to 1 PM work shift yesterday. Then I drove straight up to the Minnesota State Fair and worked the NWS booth from 3 PM to 9 PM. Thankfully, I planned it so I could sleep in the next day… which I did… 11 hours of sleeping in.

One of our exhibits at the booth was a water cycle demonstration. Actually it was more of a flood exhibit. One of the techs at the weather office home-brewed this nifty demonstration. I videoed the contraption in action and uploaded it to youtube. Pretty darn impressive, I think. I could play with it for hours… but I am easily amused.

They are going to make a movie based on the early 80s video game, Joust. Does my generation have that much economic clout that hollywood thinks movies like this will work? Maybe this movie will be a hit if the director of the movie takes as many drugs as the guy who made this 2 minute epic commercial.

So this Senator from Idaho is caught soliciting gay sex at the Twin Cities airport. This isn’t the first time he has been outed. Craig isn’t a freak because he’s gay, it is because he is a hypocrite. Barney Frank is better at driving this point home.

Existential Crisis

The 25th high school reunion was Saturday Night. The reunion was thrown together in just a few weeks, so only about 25 out of the 150 classmates showed up. It was great to meet old acquaintances, relive old crushes, and share many laughs.

No fun anecdotes to share from the actual reunion, although one story from back in the day will suffice. One of my classmates younger twin brothers were behind one of the more notorious senior pranks. Night one, they stole over 50 “house for sale” signs. This did not go unnoticed, it made the local evening news. The next night, with help with a guy with a hole auger, they planted the “for sale” signs in front of the school. They also added some “open house” signs at the entrance of the school for good measure.

Sunday was recovery day… I slept in until noon. I did get some work done in the afternoon. The storage shed had a problem last winter. Frost heaving of the ground in front of the shed, preventing the doors from opening. So I took out the small sidewalk blocks in front, dug down an inch or two, then laid the blocks back down. That should fix the problem.

I then went to the nursing home BBQ and hung out with mom. Sister and brother-in-law were there as well. All is well in their worlds. It was cute of my Mom to point out a potential wife to me. Unfortunately, I think the “woman” she was pointing to was a guy. It is the thought that counts.


A little water problem in the basement. It would seem that the 3.5 inches of rain we had last weekend was a bit too much for the drainage around my basement walls. Well, just one wall. The north wall in the basement bedroom. So tonights project was to move the bed out of there, and peel back the carpeting. The pad soaked up most of the water, but some got into the carpet. I think I caught it in time, only see a couple of small blotches of mold. Definitely smells musty in there, so we’ll see.

The previous owner had the same problem. He mentioned water seepage in this room in the disclosure. As a result of this incident, this is the only room in the house with new carpeting. When I read the disclosure, I shrugged off this seepage as a one time occurrence.

Given, 3-plus inch rains are somewhat rare in these parts, they do happen enough that I will probably have to take action. This will give me an excuse to redo the landscaping around the entrance of the house. Besides the poor drainage away from the house in this area, the path to the main entrance is poorly designed and has a 70s look to it. In other words, the entry doesn’t have that curb appeal that you would want. Also I need to put in gutters. Currently no gutters on the house except over the garage doors. Gutters are another tool to get water away from the house.

I don’t like home ownering. I think this will be the last house I will own. Either a condo or rent a house from now on.

Dr. Bronner, Nutjob… but makes a fine body soap.

Cub foods has started stocking Dr. Bronner’s PEPPERMINT 18-in-1. This product has been relegated to small coops and similar stores for much of its lifetime. Now this soap seems to be making a bid for the mainstream. One thing that will make the general public take a step back and ponder is that one of the ingredients is hemp. The other is the gibberish printed on the label. One paragraph…

“THE 2ND COMING OF GOD’S LAW!” Mohammed’s Arabs, 1948, found Israel Essene Scrolls & Einstein’s “Hillel” prove that as certain as no 6-year-old can grow up free without the abc, so certain can no 12-year-old survive free without the Essene Moral ABC the mason, tent & sandalmaker, Rabbi Hillel taught carpenter Jesus to unite all mankind free in our Eternal Father’s great All- One-God-Faith! For we’re All-One or none: “Listen Children Eternal Father Eternal One!”

There is lots more where that came from. The complete label. Dr. Bronner has an interesting biography as well.

I had used this at Goatgirl’s place and liked how the peppermint penetrated the skin with refreshing coolness. Plus you smelled minty for a good half hour after lathering up.

So now I have a bottle. I am only going to use it as a body soap. No urge to use it as a toothpaste or shampoo, like the label claims it can be used for. Hmmm, might use it in kitty’s litter box room. That place could use a kick of penetrating mint odor.


Watched a couple movies over this rainy weekend (3.5 inches of rain so far).

First was Donnie Darko. This movie I liked on many levels. The main thrust of the movie (at least for me) was that no human can be characterized with one variable. Many angles make up a person. Treating one variable won’t fix the whole. This movie does a good job of getting this point across. The whole science fantasy aspect of the movie, also was a win for me.

Then 300. I liked this movie, but I felt liked I was watching a video game. The plot had about as much depth as a typical game. The action was about on the same level, just without the interaction. A passive video game. This is fine for a person like me. If you aren’t a fan of modern video games, I can see you not liking this movie.

Catch Up Post

Last Tuesday (5 days ago), I did another bike hike. This one was marathon length, 26.2 miles. I crossed the 41 bridge again, thats the picture associated with this post. Bridge has a nice look to it besides the dedicated walk/bike path. That is my bike in the foreground. We are looking toward the town of Chaska. Chaska was ranked 8th in the best places to live list by Money.

I kayaked O’Dowd lake on Friday. I cruised by this tree with rope swing. Teenagers were actually making use of the swing. Looked like loads of fun.

Did my annual Ground Zero pilgrimage last night. Since moving to the cities, my circadian rhythm has moved to a later time. When in Duluth I would usually go to bed before midnight and wake up around 8 AM on my days off. That has bumped up a couple hours. Go to bed around 2 AM, wake up around 10 AM. This helped me stay until closing at Ground Zero. I didn’t get there until 1130 PM and left at the 2 AM closing. Didn’t fall asleep until 330 AM. Slept until 11 AM.

The reason for the gap in blog posts is the rearranging of the Zoyx computers. The HTPC computer is now my primary computer. This computer is complete with Vista, Athlon X2 5600+ chip, 2 GB RAM, a 500 GB hard drive with an image of the hard drive from the old computer saved on it, and an ATi 2600 XT video card.

The old SS51 (previous primary computer) briefly had the OS X operating system on it. Yes it was loaded, but it didn’t work properly. Didn’t recognize the graphics card properly, networking was flaky, no sound, and the Safari web browser didn’t work. So after many hours of struggle, I gave up and loaded Ubuntu linux on this computer. Much easier set up. I just won’t have all of that Apple goodness.

The only upgrade for the server computer was the video card from the SS51 (ATI X800 XT PE). There is very limited use for a good video card in a linux box. So now the server computer can play most games should the need arise.

Now I noodle over whether to get a new laptop. No real need for a new laptop, just a desire.

Bike Hike Time

Biked over the Highway 101 and 41 bridges. Neither collapsed! Which is a good thing considering the 101 bridge is less than 10 years old and the 41 bridge was just finished.

Thats what inspired this trip, to scope out the new 41 bridge. Very bike friendly. The east side of the bridge has a wide bike lane that has a barrier between it and the main road. Paved bike trails that follow both banks of the river, hook up to this path. Still some landscaping needs to be done, but the bridge is looking slick.

Computer Rework

Time to reanalyze my home network. I have 4 computers now.

My primary computer is my Shuttle SS51G. It just celebrated its 5th birthday. I was so proud of the initial purchase, I made a post on an SFF forum. Unfortunately, the link I provide in that thread doesn’t work. To see what my initial config in that computer, go to this benchmark page. This page gives most of the initial components I placed in this SFF computer. Looks like I had a P4 2.0 Ghz CPU overclocked to 2.2, a Geforce 3 Ti200 video card and 512 MB memory. The current system has a 2.8 Ghz CPU, Radeon X800 XT PE, and a GB of memory. The initial hard drive was only 30 GB… I am now up to 200 GB. I also upgraded the power supply, from 200 watts to 300 watts.

The laptop is an emachine m6805. This computer is about 3.5 years old. This has an Athlon XP-m 3000+ processor and a mobile ATi 9600 chip for graphics. I upgraded the memory in this from 512 to 1.25 GB. I installed a 7200 rpm 60 GB hard drive into it as well. It has been on the road a few times with me. Right now it is my bedroom computer.

The server has an Athlon 4200+ X2 processor, onboard video and a GB of RAM. Still running a web server, private shoutcast server and a weather monitor program on this. All of my media files are on this computer as well.

The Home Theater PC (HTPC) has an Athlon 5600+ X2 processor, ATi X1550 for video and 2 GB of ram. This computer isn’t doing a whole lot since I cut the cord with Comcast TV and took down my projector. I use this computer to download and view podcasts, and thats about it right now.

So the current plan is to migrate the stuff from my SS51 computer, into the HTPC. This would involve moving the data from the hard drive over to a new hard drive in the HTPC. Also improve the graphics on the HTPC for gaming. The video card in the SS51 can be placed in the server, since that has a free AGP slot. The HTPC will be getting an ATi 2600 XT card with HDMI out. I also purchased a 500 GB hard drive for the transferring of data from the SS51 into the HTPC,

So the SS51 will be empty. I might place an old hard drive in there, and install either Ubuntu linux or OSX. OSX might be hard… all depends on compatibility.

Also considering getting a new laptop. The leading contender is the ASUS C90S. This can easily play all modern games. Plus it has HDMI out for watching high definition video. Big negative is that it uses desktop CPUs. Battery life is 1.5 hours on power saver, half an hour when in gaming mode. But at $1550, I can get a portable computer that can do just about anything. If I want a true laptop, that is still powerful, but doesn’t have much of an upgrade path, the one I favor is the Sager np2090.

Mouth Agape

Dick Cheney 1994: Invading Baghdad, bad idea (video below)! Very well reasoned. So what happened to Cheney’s brain in the interim?