Hit in the Nuts

Comedy Central has placed highlights of the Daily Show on the web. They were too good for youtube and all their “hit in the balls” type material, so they created their own exclusive video sharing site. Let’s have a look at a sampling, shall we…


One of my cousin’s (Howard Tayler) blog posts was used to spark a discussion on slashdot.org. The main concern is the deletion of fringe web comics on Wikipedia.

I don’t have deep opinions on this. But since this is a blog, and I am on the internet, I shall now spew. I am in favor of trivial and fringe entries on Wikipedia. A certain degree of triage needs to take place, however. Everything needs to be factual, with reputable sources. If someone places an entry, but it is time consuming for the admin to fact check, I have no problem with the Wikipedia admins saying, “fuck this” and hitting the delete button. But if the entry is factual and verifiable, no matter how trivial, the entry should stay.

Things get muddy when dealing with sources. There are good sources and bad sources. If you start using these nefarious agenda sources, then you start entering into the world of “truthiness”, and away from true facts. I don’t want to see the Fox News-ing of Wikipedia.

I did three web comic strips back in 2002 with stick people. I was testing the waters to see if this is something I could get into. I decided the love wasn’t going to develop, so that is where it stopped. If the web page for these three strips still existed, and I made a Wikipedia entry giving the history of these strips, should it be a valid entry? Depends. If I were to write up an elaborate background that wasn’t verifiable, then no. If I just talked about what can be seen on those three strips, then I don’t see a problem.

Update: Welcome to Fark Space (filed under showbiz Oct 31).

Behold the battle of egos between two of the least powerful and most self-important groups of people in the world: Webcomic Creators and Wikipedia Administrators


My spine: Much better, almost no pain.

Leaves: Almost all raked.

Jogging: Did my first run in ten days, two days ago. Will attempt another 2 miles this evening.

Chanhassen job: Canceled after two and a half months of waiting.

Weight loss: Total weight loss for the year stands at 12 pounds.

Women: They all hate me.

New Entry Landscaping

The landscaping around my entry is done. Here is your before, during and after pictures. Some sexy curb appeal going on there. More plants will be added in the spring, assuming I’m still living here.

I put in a job application for my old office in Slidell, LA. This would be an IT manager job. This got me thinking about the place I first lived in while down there. The condo complex took a direct blow from Katrina. Sure enough, according to Google maps, the condos have been removed. Here is a pic of the condos shortly after Katrina (note the power lines). Now looking down using google maps (find the power lines again), those condos are gone. Those condos had really shoddy workmanship, so it isn’t a shocker that they were torn down.

Geek Cred Maintenance

Today’s thumb image displays my Atari 2600, emachine laptop with Apple’s OSX loaded on it, and the Shuttle SS51 with Ubuntu (Gutsy Gibbon version) installed. Shield your eyes from my geeky presence!

I am very happy with Ubuntu. It is the best Linux distro ever. Let me qualify that. It is the Linux distro that is best for Grandma. Once configured, I can see Joe Sixpack being able to use an Ubuntu computer. Adding new hardware, and other fun stuff like that, will still need the help of that tech savvy friend. But basic usage should be a breeze.

The OSX load on the emachine is not perfect. The sound breaks up when playing a video or sound file, and I can’t seem to hook up a USB mouse. I am at version 10.4.6 of OSX. If I upgrade to a higher version, the operating system fails to boot. If I can solve these issues, I’ll be a happy camper.

My Naked Self

Just got back from the chiropractor. The first time a session has made me feel better. The other two visits I felt like I had just been beaten up. I took the day off from work because when I first woke up, I could not sit down for longer than ten minutes. Since I have a sit down job, that wasn’t going to work. But now I can sit down just fine. Assuming no relapses, I should be able to make it to work tomorrow.

While at the chiropractor, I snapped a picture of my x-rays (click on thumb). The big thing is the curve in my lower spine. This is a reaction to my pelvis not being level. My left leg is a touch shorter than my right. My upper spine trys to curve back but doesn’t quite make it. So I have a near parentheses for a spine. Other things found was that I have Spina bifida occulta in one of my vertebrae in my neck. I also have a birth mark on the back of my neck. Wonder if the two are connected? I also have two fused vertebrae at the base of my skull. This explains the mental retardation.

Still Hurts

Had another back episode this morning, the worst one yet. Can’t do much right now, at least without lots of pain. The optimistic part of me says that after some sessions with the chiropractor, my back and general health will be better after a few weeks. The pessimistic side of me thinks this will go chronic, and I will have to move in with a relative because I can’t take care of myself. Let’s think happy thoughts, shall we. The spinal episode happened while visiting Goatgirl in Duluth. Had to cut the visit short because of this.

Yesterday was fine, however. One highlight was seeing Cloud Cult (an example video) at Lakeview Castle up the lake from Duluth. Before the bands hit the stage, there were presentations of the paranormal, including aliens, bigfoot, lake monsters, etc. Some pictures I took while there.

While Cloud Cult was playing, two artists were painting alien themed pictures. The cool thing is that the artists were switching pictures every other song. So the two pictures were collaborative effort. These pictures were to be later auctioned off. We left early so we didn’t see the end result.

Goatgirl carved a pumpkin while I was there. The only contribution I made was that I cleaned out the inner “guts” of the pumpkin. She asked for opinions on how to carve the pumpkin, but I don’t think that my opinions had that much impact on the final product. This was a Goatgirl creation. Click on the thumb image to see this jack-o-lantern in its full glory.


I have been watching the Dexter series that appears on Showtime. Just discovered this show, even though it is into its second season. I don’t have Showtime, so that explains why I missed it. Dexter is a well written series about a vigilante serial killer. Here is a youtube video that Showtime put together that better explains the series. I think I will go as Dexter for Halloween.

Maria Bamford has a new video cast up on the net. This episode (after the commercial) is about her personal journal. Apparently she has the occasional unwanted thought.

Finally! The government is starting a new program to help schizophrenics, with a thorough monitoring program. Thanks Onion News Network for info! I have been part of the beta program and I can barely notice the extra cameras and bugging devices in my house and yard. It is really comforting to know that someone is watching after me. Technology is a wonderful thing.

The picture included with this post was done by one of my personalities. The person that analyzed that picture says that the spikiness is a sure fire sign that I am schizophrenic. Sure, thats what she wants me to think.

Missed Anniverary

The anniversary of me moving into this house just passed me by. I signed on the dotted line on October 11th, moved in on the 12th, and blogged about it on the 13th.

What made me remember this event was the card from my realtor. It said something about hoping that I am still happy in my home. I am happy here, peaceful and quiet and I feel safe. But the house is just too much for me. Too big of a yard to take care of. Too much unused square footage inside. Too big of a monthly payment. Too long of a commute. Too far from the culture of the big city. My aching back in June and again now have amplified these problems.

So in the spring, if things don’t change, I will be placing the house on the market. Then searching for the house or condo that fixes the above mentioned problems.

In other news, I am redoing the entry way to the house, at the same time I am fixing the drainage problems. Total estimated cost? $3300. Yep, too much. Half of the cost is the pavers that will be used for the walkway.

As far as things possibly changing, I have another application in for Eureka California. We’ll see how that one pans out.