Dumpster Juice

I spent some money today.

• 10 yard dumpster – $300
• Molding for living room – $100
• 10″ power miter saw – $100
• Used Wii with Wii-Play and Sonic – $350
• Wii-mote battery charger – $30
• The Cinco De Mowo! CD by Mocean Worker – $10

So that is darn near $900 for today. Not bad.

I just finished painting the molding. That’s today’s thumb image (click for bigger). I also patched the floor (look to the left in the picture. We’ll be tacking that molding to the wall in the next day or two.

The Wii was purchased from some local kid via Craigslist. He was paranoid, and was asking cash only. I was paranoid, and asked for a receipt. I have no idea what the receipt will do for me. I guess if this transaction makes it to small claims court, I have something. I have created a Mii called Zoyx. Don’t know if he is wandering the intraweb yet.

The Wii will play a part in my New Year resolution to get in better shape. I plan on buying Wii Fit, which is due out fairly soon. This appears to have a well-rounded exercise regimen. My current regimen is jogging, with the occasional bike ride and kayak float during the summer. A bit one-dimensional. Wii Fit does yoga, balancing and muscle conditioning exercises, besides the aerobic stuff I like to do. My back will appreciate the stretching, and the lower impact exercises.

That CD I bought was from me browsing through Imeem. Thats how I discovered Mocean Worker. I sample playlist from his latest CD is below.

Must be logged on to free account on Imeem.com in order to hear entire song.

Team Fortress 2 Stats

Hey look! I play video games!

This is just my statistics for one particular game server, not my global Team Fortress 2 stats. But plenty enough to exhibit my gaming suck-i-tude.

I should be driving a cheesecake truck instead (song below).

Must be logged on to free account on Imeem.com in order to hear entire song.

St. Stephen’s Day

It is St. Stephen’s Day. The celebration includes, “bleeding the livestock and ‘holming’ (beating or slashing with holly branches) of late risers and female servants.” Sounds like way more fun than Christmas.

Happy St. Stephen’s day!

p.s. Where are my effing two turtle doves! … and the partridge in a pear tree for yesterday!

Oh, crap… just realized I don’t have a true love to give them to me. Makes sense now.

More Fucking Snow

The forecast was for one, maybe 2 inches of snow yesterday. We have at least 6 inches of new stuff, and it is still falling this morning. Only saving grace, really light fluffy snow. My small 2-cycle snow blower went through it easily. The Zoyx attorney said it best, I would rather have giant balls of shit fall on me, than more of this white stuff. Behind the cut is the infamous snow diary – must be at least ten years old… but it is appropriate.

Minnesota Snow Diary

Frigid McTurndown

At the Riverview Cafe back on Saturday, the laptop worked wonderfully. Picked up the wifi signal at the cafe easily – instantly I am on my way to stupefying and funny internet entertainment. Please note – don’t laugh and consume Tomato Basil Soup at the same time. When you blow Tomato Basil Soup through your nose, folks around you think your brain is melting from a psychic scanner in the room, or they think you are a zombie. If the latter, thats when the other patrons try to ram a wooden stake through your heart. Makes for an uncomfortable social situation.

But annnywaaayy, that evening, I start up the laptop, I get a Windows blue screen. This must be a fluke. I reboot, get to the login screen, another blue screen. I repeated this reboot about, ooooh, 20 times – each ending in a blue screen. I keep trying because I make it to the desktop 3 out of the 20 times, which gives me hope. After the 20th times, I do what any Redmond-hater does, I blame Windows. This laptop is dual boot with Ubuntu Linux. I boot up into that. Not even a login screen, a nearly immediate “kernel panic“. Maybe we have a hardware issue.

I have been having problems with the optical drive before this incident. So that is the first thing I yank out. Still blue screens. I pull the battery out and run straight from AC. More blue screens. I re-seat the hard drive. Nope. Finally I pull out the 1 GB stick of memory that I installed into this machine 3 years ago. We happily and gaily fire up cleanly. We have found our culprit.

I hopped on to Newegg.com and ordered another stick o’ memory. While I was at it, I ordered a DVD burner. Grand total including shipping, $140.

This laptop has a mobile Athlon 64 3000+ CPU inside. According to this forum thread, with a hacked bios, I can plug in a mobile Athlon 64 4000+ CPU. These chips are only available on such sites as ebay. Still worth pondering.

Flowers on the Razor Wire

– Found this neat radar map. Combines the ridge radar overlays with google maps. Useful mash-up.
– Yesterday was snowy, windy with a high of 14. Good day to be a hermit. Fuck you Society!
– I did get some work done yesterday between chugs of Rum-laced eggnog. Painted over the green in the basement. The green just wasn’t working. I liked that black with antique white so much in the back of the room, I went with it to cover the green wall. I am happy with the results. Pictures to follow someday.
– Started tearing up the living room carpeting. Having the carpet attached to particle board instead of plywood does make the tear up process easier. For instance, staples pull out much easier.
– I am going to stick with the red in the living room. If it is good enough for the white house and for Twin Peaks, it is certainly good enough for me. Yes, that is a damn fine cup of coffee.
– The Minnesota Vikings football franchise have a winning record, and I still can’t stand to watch them. They lost last night, which was painful enough. But even in past victories, they just aren’t an entertaining team. They can leave for LA, they have my permission.
– Below is a Sisters of Mercy playlist that I made on Imeem. You need to be logged into a free Imeem account to listen beyond 30 seconds of each track. The song “Ribbons” draws some analogies between Love and War. Captures my current mood a bit.

Wii-Remote Future Projects

The Wii Remote used for head tracking and VR display. I see motion sickness in my future.

Another Wii Remote project by Johnny Lee. Multi-touch white board.

Johnny Lee is my hero. I must buy a Wii Remote.

Expert at Rejection

Cousins: First off, I received a DVD full of pictures of my cousins family. A very well produced Christmas card. Pictures dated back to the 60s with the marriage of their parents (my Uncle). It was fun looking through a spy glass of another family’s growth through the years. I haven’t made through the entire album, but I think I only make one appearance in this album. Today’s thumb image is the sand castle that howardtayler, randytayler and Billy built on a sunny day in 1992 (maybe 1993), in Sarasota, FL. Here is a picture of me, Howard and Randy placing the finishing touches on it. I have great memories of that trip, including some pool time and playing some fun game at one of the LDS missions.

Last Night: I went to Stasiu’s Place last evening and hung out with the Capitualor. Ian from “Drinking with Ian” was indeed the upstairs lounge bartender. We got there early enough that we got some face time with him. To go with Ian was 70s decor with 70s funk/groove/disco music. The DJ was oddly 23 years old. The next “Drinking With Ian” episode will occur in February at First Avenue. No firm date, but I think I should make an effort to show up. Ian seemed to be open to me being one of his groupies.

The band downstairs seemed to be doing some new wave w/ latin beat thing. The lead guy was especially scary. He had the full Grizzly Adams beard, with orange full body long underwear. He was a complete spaz – jerking around and rolling on the floor. I thought I was in some lost Buck Rogers TV episode.

Learning to Lose: George Karl, head coach of the Denver Nuggets says that trashing your team, then going through a losing season with young players is not a good thing. All you’re teaching the young prospects is how to lose. I have gone through a lot of rejection lately. Rebuffed by various women, job applications that go unanswered, pets dieing, etc. I have got this coping with losing down. That was reinforced today with another blind date at a Minneapolis coffee joint. Ended with total and complete rejection. This just bounced right off me. Man, I am good.

After the crash and burn, I called a friend who lived in the neighborhood of this coffee shop. She did the quick drive over and visited. I haven’t seen this friend of nearly 25 years, in about 3 months. It was great to see her, and she did a great job of lifting my spirits. She’s always been good at that.

My candidate

According to this quiz, my candidate is below. The next 3 were Dodd (49), Kucinich (47), then Clinton (46). The bottom 4 were, Romney (9), Hunter (4), Tancredo (3), then Thomson (3). Edwards wasn’t on the top of my list in my brain.

John Edwards
Score: 51
Stem-Cell Research
Health Care
Social Security
Line-Item Veto
Death Penalty

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Surfin’ USA

Surfing Duluth style. Lake Superior can’t provide the big waves that oceans can, but the 38 degree water, and air temperatures in the 20s can provide its own unique experience.