Global Warming

Katherine Kersten has discovered that talking about global warming will give you instant eyeballs to your blog. The most commented articles on Slashdot, usually relate to global warming. So I am going to give it a try. Mainly by cleverly retorting her article.

Concerning the cold snap this winter. One winter, a La Niña winter. We have only had about a degree of warming globally since the 19th century. For perspective, if it wasn’t for global warming, this past February’s average temperature for Minneapolis would have been about 6 degrees below normal, instead of 5. Cold years happen. Look at the mid 90s for Minnesota in this annual temperature graph for the past century. Interesting coincidence that 1995 was a La Niña year.

Sea ice is back. Yep, its winter, it tends to do that. Last September we had the least amount of ice in the Arctic sea ever recorded in modern history. Temperatures got cold, and it grew back. Freaky, huh. I wonder what will happen when summer comes.

Solar activity is stronger forcing than anything man-made. Bollocks. Solar variability is a small player relative to the CO2 that we are pumping into the air.

Antarctic ice is growing due to increased snowfall over Antarctica. That would be incorrect also. The 36 cubic miles of ice a year coming from Antartica is responsible for 0.4 millimeters a year of sea-level rise.

The sea-level rise is just a continuation of melting from the ice age. From our own government (NCDC):

Global mean sea level has been rising at an average rate of 1 to 2 mm/year over the past 100 years, which is significantly larger than the rate averaged over the last several thousand years. Projected increase from 1990-2100 is anywhere from 0.09-0.88 meters, depending on which greenhouse gas scenario is used and many physical uncertainties in contributions to sea-level rise from a variety of frozen and unfrozen water sources.

Actually that 0.88 number could easily go to 3-4 meters, if these researchers are correct.

That should do it. Now I wait for all them eyeballs to my blog.

New Ride : 9 months later

Doing some math, when I first bought my TDI Jetta, I figured I would be spending 6.7 cents per mile. This was assuming 42 mpg at $2.82/gallon. This was in comparison to 12.8 cents per mile with my Forrester, using May 2007 pricing.

So nine months later, we have flip-flopped on price per gallon. Back in May, diesel was 38 cents/gallon cheaper than gas. Now diesel is 60 cents/gallon more expensive than gas. Furthermore, my mpg estimate was a bit off. I am only getting around 38 mpg. So the new number is 9.4 cents per mile using the real mpg and current price of diesel. If I had the Forrester still, the number would be 12 cents per mile. This is still significant. I figure I have saved about $500 on fuel over the past 9 months.

Volkswagen continues to innovate. They plan on selling a diesel hybrid in Europe. They are saying nearly 70 mpg with their Golf hybrid. Subaru plans on a flat diesel engine. But again, initially only in Europe. When fuel prices start to shoot up toward $10/gallon, look for diesel and other fuels to get much more attention in North America.

ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

09:35 Awake for 2nd time. Inspector at the door woke me up. A bout of insomnia 3 hours ago. #

10:58 Leo broke Twitter. He is one of the top people on Twitter and he busted through the friends top limit. The entire Twitter API is broke. #

14:27 Solving others computer problems… and failing. #

16:01 Hate it when the boss walks in, and you have a gtalk chat window open. Bad form. #

17:46 Disturbing event near my house. #

18:10 Condo lurking… #

00:27 Off to bed, enough cyber-stalking. #

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Exploding Laundromat Day

You roll out of bed, its 1130 AM. You scratch various body parts as you wander to the kitchenette in your studio apartment. Mix a bowl of cereal. While eating, you look back at the bed, seeing the clothes on the floor. After cereal, you pick up the clothes and throw them in a basket. You slip on the “bottom of the drawer” clothes, grab the keys, some change and the basket and head out the door.

The laundromat is conveniently located across the street from your apartment complex. You amble in… only you, the cashier and one other person now inside. The cashier notices and walks over to you. “You Phil?”, she says.

A bit puzzled, you answer, “Ummm, yeah”.

“This was left for you.”, she extends an envelope with your name and today’s date on it to you.

You open the dusty envelope, read it, your eyes grow big, and your sleepy face now shows panic. “Everyone out of here now! Keep running!”. You forcefully grab the other customer and the cashier and you run them out of the building. As you are doing your best run, the laundromat behind you blows up. Not the big fiery explosions you see in the movies, but it is impressive all the same.

After a few moments to gather in what has just happened, the cashier quizzes, “What was in the letter?”.

You hand it to her, she reads, “‘Someone has planted a bomb in the laundromat. GET EVERYONE OUT NOW! – Chelsea'”. The Cashier then asks, “Who’s Chelsea?”

You answer, “Girl friend from two years ago, she’s dead now”.

The cashier is naturally puzzled. She then flips the letter over, “There’s more, it says on the other side, ‘Now get over it, move on, and get a job!”.

“Yep, thats Chelsea. Always was a bit of a bitch.”

Happy Exploding Laundromat Day!

ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

08:45 I’m up. I wonder how the man will keep me down today? #

09:26 Had the office/entry measured. The person who measured gave me update ideas for my kitchen cabinets. New hardware/new molding in black. #

10:53 Adding to evil alpaca awareness. #

13:18 At work, not drunk yet. #

13:33 Aren’t you glad I don’t twitter my gastrointestinal or masturbatorial adventures? No need to thank me. #

15:27 Severe turbulence over San Francisco. Just thought you would like to know. #

17:31 Everex announces mini-gPC for March 1 release. WANT! Mainly for Mame games. #

20:28 Leaving now. Never did get drunk. Need to work on that. #

21:11 Back to the Zoyx Compound. The house of spank? #

21:37 Playing Audiosurf. Damn game. #

21:58 Martin keeps whining about his shattered hip on Internet Superstar. We’ve all had shattered hips, what makes his so special. #

22:42 Watching debate between Buckley and Chomsky. Back when righties/lefties had intellectual/logical discussions. #

23:51 Where were my valentine M&Ms? Where was my love? #

23:58 I hate things I don’t understand! This includes this post! #

23:58 I am going through many emotional layers right now. Better go to bed. #

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Live Your Dreams Day

You read on somebody’s blog that sniffing glue, specifically molding and trim glue, before you go to sleep, gives you vivid psychic dreams. So tonight you give it a try. A deep penetrating wiff of the glue with a bag over your head, then off to bed.

You quickly fall into a deep slumber. The REM sleep soon follows. The dream begins with you going to a pond near your house, taking off your clothes and jumping in. You swim a lap in the mucky, algae and milfoil infested pond. When out of the pond, even though you are now muddy and covered in green shit, you are approximately 20 years younger. This epiphany wakes you out of your dreams and sleep with a start.

It is now morning, and you are anxious to give this dream a shot to see if it comes true. As fast as your middle aged legs can go, you motor down to the pond that was in the dream. You strip naked and hop into the pond. Swimming the lap takes about 30 minutes in the muck and weeds, but the swim seems to get easier as you go along. Getting out, you feel invigorated. You touch the top of your head, the bald spot is gone. The flabby skin has tightened up and the joint pain has vanished. It worked! You have found the “fountain of youth”.

As you are putting on your clothes, a pack of venomous Alpacas crash out of the woods and attack you. As they gnaw and bite, you fight back with all of your new found strength, but to no avail. The poison from their saber sharp teeth takes hold and your body begins to go numb and relaxed. As the alpacas rip away your flesh, during the last moment of clarity before unconsciousness, you realize that maybe you should of let the dream finish before waking up.

Happy Live Your Dreams Day!

ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

08:02 Awake, checking email. Michelle of Lakeville updated her pictures again. She is trying way too hard. #

09:55 Called Scott county, they need to probe my freshly installed water heater. #

09:56 Listening to Systm podcast… how to cheat at guitar hero! #

10:36 Just got done skyping the Zoyx attorney. Terrorists have attacked a laundromat in Riverview, FL! #

10:51 Now watching Diggnation…St Louis episode. #

11:50 Leaving for work. Pants? Check! #

12:43 At work. Yes on the pants. Matching socks on the other hand… #

14:40 Bored at work. Oh look! Cake! #

16:45 Yeah, Hillary is a bitch. But bitches get shit done. #

19:12 Tour of cub scouts. Is it wrong that I wanted to strangle them? Back to therapy. #

19:39 Cafeteria didn’t reload the vending machine with chocolate milk before they closed. I am most irrate! #

22:17 Tech guy podcast. Also reading GOA report that deals with the future of my job. #

23:47 Installed new wireless card into my laptop. Fixed the problem of disconnects when switching to battery. HappY! #

00:25 Bed time. Helpful hint… if you want weird dreams/nightmares, sniff glue! #

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Yes, I bought an HD-DVD Player

Toshiba’s HD-DVD format has lost to Sony’s Blu-ray format. So this is the perfect time to buy HD-DVDs, I think. On the way home last night, I purchased the XBOX 360 HD-DVD player add-on, and attached it to by living room HTPC (home theater PC). Since HD-DVD is the loser in the HD format war, a fire sale is under way. This add-on originally cost $200 when it was released a year and a half ago. I was able to get this player at the Lakeville Best Buy for $50. I got the last one. Besides the player, I received a remote control and the latest King Kong movie, included in the $50. I also got a voucher for 5 free HD-DVD movies. Given, the selection of movies suck, but dammit, they’re free.

The hardest part about the setup was finding software. Finally found Cyberlink’s Power DVD Ultra. That did the trick. Concerning the remote control, I haven’t figured out how to make it work with my HTPC yet. The IR reader I have hooked up to the PC blinks when I point and shoot the remote at it, but nothing happens. Hacking will probably be involved to get it to work.

Now on to more important things. What are we going to do when pulsing concentric circles attack!