ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

11:20 Ladies… don’t marry a computer geek!

12:45 Guys… Nothing good happens with those Russian brides.

14:14 @thefunkygrail Checking… nope, no angry, just boogies.

16:12 @macswim81 I require one "front of shirt".

16:49 5k run in 27:20. Sunny and 53 degrees, light south wind.

17:58 Youtube helpful hint!

18:37 @patricknorton We need more burping posts!

18:39 Listening to da ‘Mats…

19:55 You must have this table! Take it, please…

22:46 9 emails about the table. I have stopped replying.

22:48 I have purged all of my furniture except a futon couch and a chair. I must buy an inflatable couch.

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

07:07 Displacement, boom, euphoria, profit taking, and panic. I would not speculate in oil right now. Oil futures are at tail end of euphoria.

10:15 Another ethanol option. Hasn’t proved viability, but shows promise…

10:48 Flick your butt out… forest fire season.

17:11 Box of books – SHIPPED. On their way to Orem.

17:11 Duluth lawn mower – PURGED!

17:12 Trash bin – UP-SIZED. When Waster Management asked to super-size, I couldn’t resist.

17:13 Online Glasses – ARRIVED. Don’t like’em, too small.

19:55 Free loaders guide to easy living –

21:27 Oops, my niece is following me. Must keep the creepy stuff to a minimum. Nah, fuck that.

22:44 WHO TOOK MY SHOES! You did, I can tell. Yea, wipe that smile off your face, jackass!

23:08 Found my shoes. Maybe I jumped to conclusion on the shoe stealing thing, sorry. But I got my eye on you!

23:42 Bed is calling me. Actually more of gentle hint. My bed is into passive aggressiveness.

23:44 @leolaporte Marty is faking that whole bad hip thing… just an attention grab. Hit by a bus, my ass.

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

10:49 Sunday Morning Sports Talk. Topic: How did the NFL draft become this huge event, when less than 20 years ago, it was just a passing headline

11:16 A quote about me, "Disappointment and Despair. You are a Double D cup."

12:36 Cleaning downstairs shower. I thought bon-ami was supposed to give you a "high". All I have is a headache.

13:17 I think I will mix ammonia and bleach. Thank you, "source of really bad ideas".

13:48 Allergies have flourished because of the "deficit of bacteria in modern living". Let your children play in swill.

14:41 Another purge related outdoor fire. Winds died down, so I went for it. Naturally the winds picked up mid-fire. Survived.

15:00 Watching Leo live talk to a chat room…

15:08 Snowing! Melting on contact.

15:53 I really should move the computer out of the living room. I think viewers of my house may think it a bit… tacky.

15:55 I shall move the computer now… going down…

19:22 Moving main desktop computer into the basement-COMPLETE. Now catching up on Cranky Geeks, missed a couple of episodes.

19:24 When is Malt-O-Meal going to start making Apple Cinnamon Cheerios again. I ask you.

19:43 I should walk over to the neighbors and pay the water bill before it gets dark. Oh, and perhaps I should put on pants.

23:18 Just swapped out the front door’s latch. Way harder than it should of been. I had an all out pout-fest at one point. Home ownership sucks.

23:21 School night, should go to bed soon. Lots of cleaning done today, but lots to go. Who wants to help?

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

10:24 Installed Ubuntu 8.04. They still don’t have wireless networking right. I have yet to connect wirelessly. So easy in Windows.

10:40 Snowed last night, nice coating on the grass. Up to a foot over western MN. I’ve used up all of my tirades on this winter.

11:33 Started the Wubi install for Ubuntu on my other laptop. See how that goes.

16:13 Tried to install Ubuntu 8.04 on the main laptop via Wubi. FAIL! Got the error that there wasn’t a root partition defined.

17:42 Posting this from a fresh install of Ubuntu on my desktop computer. Installed via Wubi. Something worked!

18:00 Had enough, can’t play podcasts in Ubuntu, permissions problem. Back to windows.

18:08 Back in Vista. Feels safe and warm here.

18:26 I think Opie learned a thing or two from the teaches of Peaches… Fuck the pain away.

19:36 2 mile run. Snow melted by noon and the sun came out shortly thereafter. Still raw with temp in low 40s and stiff north wind.

20:31 Displacement, boom, euphoria, profit taking, and panic. A recipe for our current economic trouble…

22:54 The 5th of 5 new light fixtures has just been installed. I am AWESOME!!!

22:56 My awesomeness is from wearing my Sunday underwear today. The Sunday underwear has more power, energy… with a touch of additional purity.

22:59 Twitter Shitter!!

23:19 My Twitter spew is only 15,542 (followers x updates). Would be higher if I didn’t block the spammers.

00:31 Jessica doesn’t like the word moist. My over-share? I like moist TP. I feel so hygienic when I my TP is pre-moistened.

00:34 Bed-time! Good thing I warmed up my hyperbaric chamber.

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One of the many people that I cyber-stalk posts professional looking pictures in her blog. Mainly nature pictures. Here is my feeble attempt at a nature picture (click on thumb image). I have a pet woodchuck that likes something in my yard. Today is the second day in a row that I have seen him. Curious to see if he visits on a regular basis.

Probably didn’t see him too much last year because I had a cat. My sister and her husband visited during the summer last year. While we were playing a board game, I saw Spar make a mad dash toward the pond. About 10 minutes later, he came back wet with some attached pond scum. I think he was chasing our woodchuck. Or a muskrat. Or a mink.

Highland Grill

Just completed the only social event scheduled for the weekend.. lunch with a friend. We had lunch at the Highland Grill.

I ordered one of the specials of the day, the Swedish pancakes with lingonberry preserves. I have no clue what gave the waiting staff this idea, but apparently they thought I hated the pancakes. First hint of their confusion was when the waitress dropped by and asked what I didn’t like about my meal. Dumbfounded, I answered, they’re fine. I continue to eat. Toward the end I put syrup on because of the sourness of the lingonberry sauce, and don’t completely finish because I’m full. Only nibbles left, but all and all, a good meal.

Manager comes over and starts to quiz me about why I didn’t like the meal. Still confused, I say the pancakes were fine, and that I shouldn’t be quizzed because I am such a picky eater. For those that don’t know me, I am not a “foody”, and I have no right to criticize food. I am now getting embarrassed, because I really am not comfortable being put on the spot like this, especially when I don’t know what initiated it.

The manager gave me a $10 gift certificate for my next visit. Some times being overly conscientious can be annoying.

ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

04:15 Early radar look… raging storms moving through IA and N MO.

05:09 Paper craft fun! Your own paper weighted companion cube…

09:19 Ubuntu 8.04 linux distro has gone gold and is available. Project for me tonight.

09:31 @leolaporte Spam is Twitters biggest problem going into the future. Could be the death of Twitter if not addressed.

09:39 @leolaporte The same reason email-ers spam. It only takes a few folks to bite to make it worth while.

10:28 NSFW. Must visit this site when I get home…

15:30 Muskrat currently on my lawn eating grass. If Spar were still alive, my lawn would be properly protected.

19:27 Started Ubuntu 8.04 bit-torrent download. Only 15 minutes for the live CD.

22:12 Successfully loaded TRS-80 program from cassette tape. And you thought you were having fun on this Friday night.

22:48 My boxing game, my most ambitious TRS-80 program, is alive! After nearly 30 years of dormancy, my creation is ALIVE!

22:51 Now if only this emulator worked under Vista. I should see if it works with Wine in Linux.

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

06:07 Pulled over on the way to work. Cop wanted me to be a drunk going home. Nope, just a half asleep weatherman.

13:46 Retro game is on…

13:52 Oops …

14:29 Upgraded to larger garbage bin. Mainly for throwing away old carpeting.

14:35 Just purchased new 72 pin connector for my classic Nintendo system.

18:58 They did it, they are testing the sirens while storms are moving through. Brilliant!

19:30 Next light fixture swap. This one is tricky, 12 feet up. Fear not, dear reader, for I have great guile. This fixture stands no chance.

19:32 Listening to audio book, Stephen Colbert’s, "I am America, and so can you". Always good to reaffirm one’s patriotism.

19:56 Office light fixture – WITHDRAWN! (hint to young twitterers, a thesaurus can make you look smartly)

20:24 New fixture – WIRED!

20:30 Mitt Romney was once pro-choice, for libertarian, and separation of church and state reasons. Then…

21:07 Remember that tweet where I said the new fixture was wired… I have since rewired 3 times. Fuck-up after fuck-up after…

21:12 Go child free… there is no shame in being a genetic dead end.

21:43 Installation of office light fixture – COMPLETE! …’bout fucking time, too.

21:50 I made a mistake yesterday. THIS is the best LARP-ing music video…

22:00 @THErealDVORAK What is this google, thay you speak?

23:32 Finished Colbert audio book. Colbert is right, books are bad for you.

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

04:00 Twin’s Win! I knew they could do it without me.

06:28 Flu bug going around. Good thing I wore my full body condom to work today.

07:06 Can you catch the flu thru the internet?

07:29 She’s lingering…

09:07 Are festering boils a symptom of the flu?

10:15 Prayer for lower gas prices. God’s reply…you got yourself into this mess, you get yourself out.

11:05 Perhaps, madam, you want this after dinner mint. It is wafer-thin.

11:45 Filth is the new home decorating fad…saw it on the Home and Garden channel.

17:58 "I am a government programmed Troll. Think the Bourne Identity but with more Cheetos and Dew and less ass kicking."

20:17 5k run, 8:45 pace. Ran 9 min miles, then pumped it up to 8 min miles for the last half mile. 7:15 pace for the home stretch.

20:44 Then shot baskets. That went well also. Didn’t shoot like I had a brain tumor, like last time.

20:49 I wonder if there is a local dodge ball league?

21:00 See how fun dodge ball can be? Rev3 v. Digg.

22:40 Didn’t do any house work tonight. I’m a bum. Maybe if I set up for the next light fixture now, I’ll do it tomorrow.

23:24 Booo, Twins lose 3-0, even though they out hit the As.

23:30 Best music video with LARP-ing in it, EVER!

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ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

07:53 I am using the Dave & Buster mug that we won last night, RIGHT NOW!

08:28 Good news: Taking Javascript online course. Bad news: Course was developed in 1999.

09:50 My new D&B coffee mug promotes drooling.

12:50 "I ate a cheese sandwich"

12:57 The great "cheese sandwich" debate occuring @THErealDVORAK

16:38 Back from the VW dealership. Yep, a sensor, cooling system. Covered by warranty. We cheer!

16:44 Saw my first Smart car on the way to work this morning. Yeah, my car can take it out.

20:25 2 mile jog this evening. Weather was perfect… 61 sunny. My body on the other hand…

20:27 Thinking about installing a light fixture. Anyone want a live cam of me electrocuting myself? I didn’t think so.

20:47 Today’s over-share: The elastic on my new under-roos cuts in. Plus the horizontal stripes make me look fat.

21:25 I used to consider ceiling fans as "quaint". 3 ceiling fans in this house. I now find ceiling fans, "annoying".

21:31 Kitchen ceiling fan – REMOVED!

22:13 Left my mark. Blood stain on the kitchen ceiling. New fixture will cover it up.

22:31 New light fixture – INSTALLED! Earth day related, went from 5 – 40 watt bulbs to 2 – 13 watt CFBs.

22:48 Crisis? Time to Panic? Sure would be swell if our leaders would bring this topic up…

23:11 I really should go to bed, especially since I have to get up at 345 AM. Upon final reflection, I do think I had a good day.

23:14 Still two innings left in the Twins game. Game tied in the 8th. You are on your own boys.

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