Daily Tweet Dump

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of Midnight Central Time.

18:37 Mmmm… new ylnt podcast xrl.us/YLNTe15 . Perfect for my post early morning shift blaws.

18:40 Playing with Netlimiter Monitor. Shows bandwidth usage for each process. Now I will see Twhirl’s usage when I press enter.

18:49 Front went thru. No big temp drop, but dewpoints went from low 70s to mid 50s. Considerably more comfortable outside.

18:51 So tropical! Official temp hit 94 degrees today.

21:54 I hate food commercials when I am dieting. So cruel.

23:05 @Lileks Incredible! How can you remember stuff like that?

23:28 2nd mouse caught. It is at these times I miss Spar the Kat.

23:40 Finished ylnt episode. Now for the assignment. Construct my personal Coat of Arms, then smoke pot and deconstruct The Little Rascals.

23:46 Did some work on the Mame computer this evening. Adding external USB, audio and LAN ports. Disappointed in the results. So amateur.

00:07 Thinking about my coat of arms. It would have: Glass of chocolate milk. PBJ sandwich. A joystick. Tornado. Something inflatable.

09:45 @chalain Exactly! You read my mind. I couldn’t have been thinking about an inflatable girlfriend. Heavens no.

11:12 Watched NOVA "Car of the Future" last night. Part 1 of 6 is here. is.gd/193F A very non-threatening way at looking at the future.

14:05 @sysord www.twhirl.org/

14:28 Installing the Crysis demo on my laptop. I want to see how much eye candy I have to drop to get Crysis to run smoothly.

17:49Numbers are in. Crysis benchmark_gpu demo – 1024×768, no AA,Med-Quality: 21.28 fps on my laptop. Yes, playable, just not pretty.

18:07 Still 88 degrees out at 6 PM. Too hot for jogging. A bike ride is in order.

21:00 Fun! I got the job at Raymond-Co. Too bad my name isn’t Kyle.

21:04 Bike Ride – connect.garmin.com/activity/452160 . Went a little bit further than I planned.

00:26Bought this Xbox360 HD-DVD player back in February. Tonight, I finallywatched an HD-DVD on it. Maybe it was the 37″ TV, HD is silly.

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A few nights ago, just after playing a video game on the laptop. I stood up, and thought I saw a streak run along the wall, back behind the TV. Mouse? I could be hallucinating, since I had just finished a game. Just in case, I purchased, then set, a couple of mouse snap traps.

Yesterday, I saw that the peanut butter bait had been cleaned off the traps. Yes, I have critters. I reset the trap, but this time with more of a hair trigger. This morning, we had a snared, and now dead mouse. Probably means I have more, so I guess we will keep setting the traps.

I also was greeted by black ants in the downstairs bathroom. I found the entrance point, and sprayed it with anti-insect spray (yes, some may call it insecticide… oh, but not me). That seems to have solved that problem. Although it would be a good idea to look for ant farms around the house and spray those.


Loud Twitter Makes Me So Bitter

Loud Twitter didn’t post my tweets from the past couple days. If only LJ had their own micro-blogging feature, problems like this would be nearly non-existent. One can dream. I’ll do a catch-up Twitter post in LJ, as soon as figure out a clean way to manually do it.


Daily Tweet Dump

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of Midnight Central Time.

09:38 My tweets are again being posted on my blog. We’ll see how long that lasts.

09:43 The guy overseeing the unit I work for is doing "missionary work in Croatia". Could this be code for something?

11:12 @parsifal Oh, so you broke Twitter. I lost about 12 followers as well. I doubt I will miss them.

14:51 New goal. Lose 8 lbs more, then run Bear Water 10 mile run on September 13. www.raceberryjam.com/bearwater.html

14:53 Free pizza, chips and cake at work. I haven’t had a nibble. I am so disciplined. Can’t wait for my 330 PM Cheerios lunch.

15:33 @martinsargent Yeah man, linux all the way. Hey, wait a minute. This wouldn’t be one of your crazy social experiments, would it?

21:52 2 mile run – is.gd/13hi . I did the 2nd mile in 8:05. Epic promptness. Yesterday’s 5k run – is.gd/13hk

23:34 Then: Play Atari while listening to Twisted Sister. Now: Play Nintendo while listening to NPR.

23:36 Have to disagree with Dems on this one. You only release oil from the reserves when you have a shortage, not to bump gas prices down. Dumb.

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Garbage Time

5k run. Excellent run. Taking 2 days off, getting caught up on my sleep, and not having sore legs, equals a quality run. Looked like a home school gathering was breaking up during my twilight run. Looks like they played some volleyball. Don’t know if they did the “gather around a guitar player and sing hymns” thing, though.

Got a copy of all of the NES ROM files and an NES emulator. So now we have the MAME computer all ready for when the USB adapters come for plugging in the NES controller into this PC. Hours of retro joy await.

I recommend the latest “You Look Nice Today” podcast. It covers two of my favorite topics, girly drinks and virtual girl friends.

My horoscope for this week, “You’re about to undergo a deeply religious experience. Unfortunately for you, it’s the kind that involves being alienated, persecuted, and finally crucified”.

Finally, time to learn all about the Tera Era (below). You will have to adjust the volume slider to trigger the sound.


Just back from kayaking. Other activities today included, watching the British Open, cutting the entire lawn, and watching the Twins lose. Also took a nap after the cutting of the lawn. For some reason, that took a lot out of me.

British Open

Watching the British Open. The wind is up to 36 mph sustained. This is apparently real links golf. I don’t like it. The course and wind are making the players play bad. I like good golf.

Wii Fat Box

My Wii Fat Box says I weigh 205 this morning. This is the 10 lb lost benchmark. Only 20 lbs to go. I will start training for a marathon if I lose that 20.


More music downloading. Purchased the latest Devotchka album, “A Mad and Faithful Telling“, from Amazon. From the Wikipedia entry, “DeVotchKa is a four piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble that fuses Romani, Greek, Slavic, Bolero, Mariachi (and many more styles) music with American punk and folk roots”. I feel so cultured. I wonder if they are into naked greco-roman wrestling. That makes me feel cultured also.