Daily Tweet Dump

04:00 Only lost 2 lbs in the past 30 days. Crap.

08:55 Just ordered goat milk hand soap. Supposed to help excema. I am going to stop using Dr. Bronners soaps as soon as these arrive.

17:51 @randytayler My assumption was based on the bailout passing. It didn’t pass so the opposite happened. Stonger dollar = lower oil prices.

17:54 @chalain I’m going to miss Dr. Bronners, but it is drying out my skin. I must be attuned to it, Bronners doesn’t seem to have the same kick.

18:59 If there ever was a time I needed a garden weasel, that time would be now!

19:39 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/960297 . I’ve been doing landscaping. This has been replacing jogging as my exercise.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:00 Some folks are saying that taxpayers will make money in the long run from this “investment”. Why do I doubt this?

19:25 Looks like my neighbors are on the verge of putting their house on the market. Wonder what the chance of swinging hot lesbians moving in.

19:49 Yar! Space Warrior – 30170 points on Gorf.

21:12 Oil is at about $107. With the bailout about passed, crude is going to hit at least $120 tomorrow.. $130 isn’t out of the question.

Daily Tweet Dump

04:26 Feeling better. Felt like crap last night. Ear ache, sore muscles, etc.

08:21 Edina Realty now lets you filter for foreclosures/lender owned housing. Time to do the vulture thing.

22:01 I can only make Space Colonel on Gorf. If I can’t make Space Avenger, I am nothing.

22:33 @alexalbrecht Gorf!

Daily Tweet Dump

09:49 New nvidia drivers released. Laptop graphics are about 5% faster now.

10:27 Ear flush complete. I have some spare ear wax if you want some. Yummy! Now the steroid cream for the excema.

12:05 Installing Fedora Core 9. Ubuntu doesn’t seem to like the WRF weather model. Sad, because I don’t like Fedora, Ubuntu is muchly bester.

12:23 Thyroid numbers in. 1.84 on the TSH. T3 and T4 numbers also normal. Continuing the 125mg dosage of levothyoxin.

12:23 Fedora 9 installed! Now installing updates.

13:12 @martinsargent Quit spamming me fucktwat! 😉

14:46 Podcast talking about ewoks. I agree, it totlally makes sense that these ewoks totally owning the empire. Totally.

18:01 @chalain Very nerdy… replying to yourself.

18:04 Last night, while watching the Twins, they fell behind 6-1. I stop watching, they come back to win 7-6. I will try the not watching thing.

21:37 I like running arcade games in demo mode on my mame computer. The video game background noises are as good as music sometimes.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:04 Good News..weigh below 196 lbs today. Bad news…see no way I can get below 194 lbs by the end of the month.

11:05 Just came back from the doctor. BP of 102/58. Heart rate of 45 bpm. Blood drawn for cholestoral, glucose, hemo, etc.

11:08 Got some fresh cream for my excema. We’ll see if this crap works. Made an appt to see a dermatologist for a month from now.

18:44 @randytayler Food is very overratted. So is breathing.

23:44 Just applied for a couple more jobs. Nothing as fun as Hawaii though.

23:48 This weeks Atari 2600 contest is a homebrew. is.gd/39wo. Frosty must snuff out flames, then eat ice cubes to prevent from melting.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:31 @Lileks Just saw your Eclipse Records vid. Classic. For more local geeky video game stuff, try gridcycle.com . Party on October 11th!

11:21 2 mile run – connect.garmin.com/activity/912594

11:23 Roofers working on the neighbors house – Def Lepard is blasting. Smart thing they aborted yesterday… 0.90 inches of rain.

22:10 NtS-3dmark05 score w/4670 card – 14257

22:11 @ynoelani NWS

22:17 NtS – Crysis Bench 1024/noAA/Med – 33.93 fps

22:33 NtS-3dmark03 score w/4670 card – 25152

Daily Tweet Dump

21:33 @ynoelani I applied for a weather job.

00:27 Took off my glasses, so now I have to be 4 inches from the screen to read my tweets.

09:33 We have had over a week of dry weather. Today looks like rain. Good day to tear off the neighbor’s roof shingles.

Daily Tweet Dump

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of Midnight Central Time.

15:54 Veggie chili with beans! {insert favorite farty noise here}

23:56 Just drove to Stillwater and back. Yes, a woman was involved. {evil grin}