Daily Tweet Dump

04:20 I don’t listen to polls, I go by lawn signs. So get ready for President Remax.

14:01 Just got a paypal receipt for something i didn’t buy. Transaction isn’t in my paypal history. A scam, but I don’t know how it works.

16:49 @jayspeiden Start composing your manifesto, very cathartic. Best place is a 150 sq ft trailer in a redwood forest.

17:05 Still have the angry/jealous knee. No running again today. Hit the rake.

18:35 Who would of thunk that Opie would grow up to be a terrorist-loving commie. is.gd/57Pt

18:36 Such a slacker. Only 75 minutes of raking this evening.

19:09 Well, $110 and a few weeks later, my ASUS c90s is back in service. The replacement video module worked.

19:28 Downloading Ubuntu 8.10 currently. I have no idea what they updated from the previous major release.

19:40 Just ran 3dmark05 to test the new vid module – 6083 was the score. The fans don’t seem to be as loud. I wonder if it is running cooler.

Daily Tweet Dump

04:01 I gained weight the past month – I now weigh198 lbs. New goal set on my Wii Fat – 193 lbs by the end of November. I must stop cheating.

04:06 The next 30 days contiain Holloween and Thanksgiving, don’t they. Sigh…

16:17 My 12 day streak of running is in jeopardy. I have an angry knee. Maybe if I properly humuliate it, the knee will come around.

18:29 I just did 2 hours of leaf raking. I hope my knee is properly humiliated after watching my upper body do all the work.

Daily Tweet Dump

14:46 My 1U rackmount is too loud. I think I will move the server back into the previous case. The linux system will be moved into the 1U.

14:48 ♫♫ New @ylnt ♫♫ – xrl.us/YLNTe22

15:50 5k run – tinyurl.com/5zoapb

15:55 @randytayler I’m not worried – is.gd/4zpi

17:12 S&P500 rose over 10% today. Now for the inevitable swing the other way. Way too much manic/depression in the markets.

18:20 Cool new site called youtube – tinyurl.com/2h9tp6

19:42 Building A 6th computer. I have no idea what I will use it for. Loading Vista for now. Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex later?

20:28 The first ever youtube video is actually kinda funny – tinyurl.com/poonr

21:43 Possible use for 6th computer. Podcast and IPTV auto-downloader. Hookup the Drobo for storage. ‘Tis an idea.

22:23 The Drobo uses about 17 watts at idle. The new computer uses about 40 watts. So that is nearly 60 watts being sucked down 24/7. Not good.

22:27 According to this calulator, I need 2890 callories to maintain my current weight. is.gd/54wy

Daily Tweet Dump

08:35 Startribune endorses Herbert Hoover for president. blogs2.startribune.com/blogs/oldnews/archives/255

08:38 Sign from 1932, “If You Vote For Any Of These Men You Are Licking The Boot That Kicked You.” Men = Republicans in this case.

10:42 @Lileks When you are chasing your garbage can in 40 mph gales, you may think differently.

12:41 @chalain I just did that. I purchased Spore, then I downloaded the crack so I didn’t have install secuROM.

15:27 @martinsargent Keep the dobber up. Keep us abreast on your next exciting adventure. Don’t get hit by a bus.

17:31 Blu-ray can bite me. I have audio, but no video. HD-DVD works fine.

17:57 Problem solved. Needed an update to PowerDVD.

18:59 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1194362

19:01 The 5k run from yesterday – connect.garmin.com/activity/1180556 – yessery, 11 days in a row.

19:02 Layoffs at revision 3. Internet Superstar is no more. A moment of silence.

21:09 Rev3 employee that ejected 9 months ago, blogs about the current Rev3 layoffs. Some reality… tinyurl.com/6j68hl

Daily Tweet Dump

08:48 The gales of November have arrived a tad early.

11:04 I have one of those neighbors. Leaf blowing while we have a wind avisory in effect.

11:06 I just did a 5k run. Garmin connect seems to be broke this morning. The hoody was over my ears today.

21:31 Mamaorgram party – My place – Saturday night.- Be there!

21:39 During the mammogram party, I will give a town hall meeting on wood chipper safety.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:29 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1172326 – 9 days in a row.

22:30 Just watched the Barkly, Coleman, Franken senate debate. Very lively. Mud-slinging was fun!

23:53 Zoyx diet tip. Always have a relationship with your food. Give your food a name. Exchange letters. Make love with your food. Bon appetit!

Daily Tweet Dump

09:27 I stopped using my homemade lapboards that were coated with polyurethane. My hands seem to be clearing up. Still some patches, though.

11:33 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1164394

21:48 Can’t access my weather page outside of my house. I wonder if qwest finally blocked port 80.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:54 At the riverview cafe, waiting for my TDIHeater to be installed. There are kids here. Pluses and minuses to a kid friendly coffee joint.

12:00 twitpic.com/hs9b – Bedlam theatre Miss November. Also a friend of mine.

12:14 Made a video while waiting here. Audio didn’t work… tinyurl.com/5f9va7

12:55 Tried another video from the cafe, and was again met with failure… tinyurl.com/5bucd6

17:24 @lonelysandwich Pantaloons?

19:21 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1160095 – 7 days in a row.

20:37 Guilty pleasure. I just bought Peggle Nights. From the fast-furious Geometry Wars, to the slow paced, plink-plunk of Peggle.

Daily Tweet Dump

08:36 Well crap. I missed my 2000th twitter post. I was planning a party! Instead I talked about my 1U rackmount case. Lame

08:53 Wow, she was a cuty. tinyurl.com/6f2hgl

10:16 Wired did a cost of ownership analysis between the G1 and IPhone. Winner? G1. is.gd/34ya

10:25 @Ihnatko My favorite hockey fight: Gretsky v Broten. I think this was the only fight for either of them for their careers. is.gd/4yBM

12:44 Rainy drippy day out there. Looks like a house work day. House is a mess, so it works out.

12:46 Living alone means I have to be my own nag. “No video games until you clean the house!”. “OK…”, as I sulk away.

14:04 Looks like a dry slot is heading my way. Might get that jog in later this afternoon. Very fall like out there. Temp in the mid-40s.

14:27 A test fire in the fireplace. I really should of brought in some firewood before the rain started.

14:44 I don’t feel quite as guilty about running my power hungry computers in the winter. The waste heat goes to heating my house.

18:39 2.9 mile run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1154531 . Managed to get the run in before the next wave of rain.

20:57 Feel good song of the moment – is.gd/4AYC – a club cover of a Carpenters song.

Daily Tweet Dump

04:11 We have found the root source to the global financial crisis… is.gd/4teZ

18:30 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1146884

21:48 Server is now in a 1U rackmount case. Loud fans. I don’t have a low profile CPU fan, so for now, I can’t get the cover on. Problems.

22:12 Just ordered the low profile heatsink/fan. Also got a blu-ray drive for the HTPC. This drive is under $100 before shipping. Getting cheaper.

22:14 Latest addiction… Geometry Wars:Galaxies for the Wii. Using the classic controller. Hours of arcade fun.