Daily Tweet Dump

08:35 Happy t-day. My e-card to you all… rattlebox.com/pickup/340798/rb8aca3749de0

09:13 Another Thankgiving tradition – the Gobbler – www.lileks.com/institute/motel/intro.html

09:58 This Peter Schiff guy is a pretty good economic forecaster… no wish-casting here. tinyurl.com/67otdk

11:19 3.894 miles of wii fit running in place. The scenery was beautiful, although a bit cartoony and repetitive.

11:27 @jayspeiden You should of started two days ago.

11:33 I’m late to the party. Just discovered that I can forward my Twit army posts to Twitter. Rockin’ good news!

15:49 @lnedad 64-bit. Vista64 will run your 32 bit apps just fine. 64 bit drivers were an issue early, but not so much now.

15:51 @alittler Yes, lots of fun. Running a L4D server. Look for Llama Forever group in the Steam Community.

15:53 No big feast at work – just brownies and coffee.

15:53 @morbid Nope, only been playing on Normal. I’m not very good.

16:10 @thefrogman No hurry installing 64-bit Firefox. I doubt you will see a performance improvement. Extensions should work just fine, though.

17:07 Vista gadgets give you scurvy.

17:13 @thefrogman All the Oranges will do you no good. The short wave rays that Vista gadgets give off prevent the absorption of Vitamin C.

17:25 A tincture of mercury, keeps the doctor away!

17:47 Sure would be swell if these brownies had a “helper” ingredient. Might make this shift at work go by faster.

18:04 This is great! TWIT Army has greatly improved my productivity! I feel ACTUALIZED !!!

18:16 @wazneeni Can screentoaster capture just sections of your display?

18:28 @thefrogman Not interested in Stewie, but if you can point me in the direction of generic TWIT helmet, I would make you my BFF.

18:31 @trumcgowan Many thanks! Unfortunately, the BFF offer was only for @thefrogman … sorry.

18:37 Only here a short while, and I am already hurting feelings. More sensitivity training for me. Thanks for the info, gang.

18:41 @terryh Any attempt at telling the story, would only add to the confusion that I have created. I should do that, I like confusion.

19:09 Ploops, my plant, just made a blog post. Enjoy – ploops.com/

19:24 We would have an instant 15% unemployment rate if the big auto-makers collapsed. It would get worse form there.

19:29 @terryh Worker contracts need to be re-worked. CEOs need to share in the pain.

19:33 Unions are necessary. Workers need a voice. It is part of the checks & balances that results in fairness. Like anything, they can be abused.

19:40 @terryh Workers need a mechanism to stand up for their rights. My union is definitely working for me.

19:46 Maybe I should turn off auto-post from Twit Army. This getting to be a bit much.

20:10 So convoluted. I post to the Army via Twhirl. That Twit post gets forwarded to Twitter. Then the Twitter posts are dumped to my blog.

20:15 A nice Black Friday shopping list – is.gd/9kia

Daily Tweet Dump

09:06 @thurrott Where’s the drama in that?

10:00 Microsoft appeared on my caller ID. Made for a moment of excitement. Upon answering the phone, the woman from India asked for Don.

21:50 Retweeting @drandolph: “What are we going to do tonight Brain?” tinyurl.com/39csk9

Daily Tweet Dump

07:47 Another sign that I’m sick. I’ve gained 4 lbs in the past week – weigh 199 right now. Very discouraging if you are trying to lose weight.

10:29 Last Gopher football game at the Metrodome. Lost 55-0. The worst conference loss in Gopher history. Est. 20k Iowa fans at the game.

13:01 This is the best November can do. 40 degrees out, light winds and filtered sunshine. I don’t want to hear any complaining out there.

14:02 5k run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1405940 – Feeling better. Unlike yesterday, the Ibuprofen I took this morning, did some good.

20:04 That was fun. I was vote-kicked off of my own server. I shut the server down right after I was kicked off. Idiots.

21:55 There is going to be part of me that will miss Sarah Palin: i174.photobucket.com/albums/w92/tomdebaser/science.jpg

Daily Tweet Dump

08:43 Weekend off, and I feel like I am fighting off a cold. Tis a bummer.

10:18 Coleman and Franken are now within 120 votes.

10:28 A Palin back home, doing a Thanksgiving photo op – tinyurl.com/64ghlb

11:16 The 1U Server is loud. Can be heard everywhere in the house when it is in the office. I just moved it into the basement bedroom. Now quiet.

13:53 Just watched Slapshot for the first time in over 25 years. Classic!

15:20 I had my flu shot last Monday. I think I will blame that for today’s yuckiness.

16:51 2 mile run – connect.garmin.com/activity/1397844 – The half-inch snow is melting really slow. Had to watch my step.

Daily Tweet Dump

05:20 Shut off the server. I suspect it will only see spot duty. Nice to know it works.

05:20 Feels wintry out there. Seven degrees at the Zoyx compound when I woke up at 4 AM.

09:54 Another L4D server guide – tinyurl.com/5zuqeu

15:19 @HolyGod You stopped following me. God must follow me, that is what is written… in the book of Zoyx!

17:19 In prep for next Thursday… tinyurl.com/6k5z64

Daily Tweet Dump

04:14 @boulderrunner Nope… manually get the GC link and paste it into a tweet.

10:19 @randytayler I have nicknamed L4D, ‘Kill the Flailing Retards!”. I didn’t know zombies could move so fast. Look for free play days.

14:04 I’m so ronery… tinyurl.com/5sshr2

18:08 @thurrott When using linux. Can’t seem to get Twhirl to work there. Other clients have less functionality than the web site.

18:24 @adrianpike Just gave it a shot. Adobe Air for linux is isn’t working for me. So no Tweetdeck or Twhirl. Using Ubunutu 8.10.

19:40 Can’t find my 250 GB external HD. Who took it! Was it… yooouuuuu….?

20:04 Putting this here for my own reference. L4D dedicated server setup guide. is.gd/8mX5

20:42 Found my external HD. You’re off the hook… this time.

20:44 @martinsargent Recount is on Minnesota. You might like the vote for the Lizard People – is.gd/8e3k

21:04 Purchased the latest Cinematic Titanic. Their 5th release. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians!

21:40 Getting some use out of my DSL connection. Started a L4D server – in versus mode. Name: Zoyx – Kill the Flailing Retards.

23:01 For cool! Like, God is following me on Twitter – @HolyGod. Good idea for omnipotent deities to use twitter for their outreach efforts.

23:02 Suddenly my webserver is working again. My game server bandwidth usage – games.zoyx.com/mrtg/

Daily Tweet Dump

14:05 @chalain Time to take the Minotaur for walkies?

14:47 Science question: Do strippers spin the other way on the pole in Australia?

15:17 New license tags on my car… only 19 days late.

16:51 Job interview: I need someone to just pick me. These interviews just highlight my weaknesses. I’d rather show these after I get the job.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:10 Just saw a commercial for Enbrel – for psoriasis. No mention for excema. All sorts of fun side-effects – www.enbrel.com/

09:14 Temp fell into the teens last night. Pond is iced over. Canadian geese are gone. Only their poop remains.

14:55 I wonder what it is like to rake leaves when it is 30 degrees out. I should go find out.

15:09 I am posting this from gTwitter, but it is showing up as ‘web’ on Twitter.com. Nice trick to know.

16:43 Now trying Twitux… not much better than gTwitter. Still can’t click on links.

18:51 Wood fireplaces: Plus – lowers heating bills. Minus – messy, smelly, heats unevenly.

21:52 Just got done with a Left for Dead single player campaign. Don’t invite me into your campaign, I’m not very good.

Daily Tweet Dump

07:04 Go team SHOCKERS!! – is.gd/7mLH

07:06 Statistics don’t lie – tinyurl.com/4htr3y

08:33 What other use can you find for this? cartstopper.com/

09:57 Starting over on the weather model computer. Ran into too many problems with Fedora core 9. Trying ubuntu 8.10 now.

10:47 I did not know this much energy went into a single podcast. is.gd/7QT4

15:59 Well, Ubuntu installed and the WRF benchmark has been run. 18 minutes. That sounds about right. Now to get the domain configured.

20:35 Livejournal.com is changing their ip address. Wonder if it will a Russian Ip address.