Daily Tweet Dump

07:36 Thanks Grindhouse… I had 3 drug-induced shootings during my dreams last night.

08:21 I like funny atheists: tinyurl.com/9llnou

08:27 @commandertim Gom doesn’t come with most codecs. You need to download them. Same for Winamp. The codec installed for gom is used by MPC.

08:36 @commandertim In summary, codecs, once installed, are used by all players. e.g. Gom uses quicktime’s h.264 codec.

10:39 Amazon Recommendations algarithm understands me more than you do.

10:59 In honor of today’s snow… tinyurl.com/8opscv

11:53 An oil-based plugin fragrance thing tipped over and produced this stain on my kitchen island. How do I fix? is.gd/edbr

12:48 @Lileks My feelings about the snow … tinyurl.com/8opscv

13:01 For those that like to lobotomize their news – good-news.alltop.com/

14:03 Steve Jobs dieing? – tinyurl.com/9s3zqc

14:17 Oh look, iFart is the #1 selling iPhone app. is.gd/dYbq

14:30 I can’t see across the pond. That means less than a quarter mile visibility. Snowing heavily.

15:02 Looks like the worst of the snow is over, just flurries. Going to venture out to shovel the driveway. Wish me luck!

19:11 I have my digital converter box. I wonder what hax I can do with it?

21:59 @echuckles So how is your intelligence dept? Any group think problems?

Daily Tweet Dump

09:19 @commandertim Yeah, I have an account, Zoyx. How do I browse the songs that you’ve played? Let me know if you see mine.

09:47 Big sale at Steam. Purchased World of Goo and I-Fluid for $20.

09:52 Patrick Reusse to do morning talk on at KSTP-AM. Some balance going on. KSTP was nearly all righty talking heads. is.gd/dZIT

10:37 Apparently Boston Butt is from the upper part of the front leg shoulder. No wonder New Englanders are confused, you’re doing it wrong!

15:34 Using wireless out of the Fitness Center. VPN through the house seems to be functioning properly.

16:24 The sun’s rays coming into my house really showcase how much dust the humidifiers are spewing into the air.

16:26 I feel a need for a nap. Must find a podcast to lull me into sleep. Tekzilla!

18:46 Which Tetris lyrics meet your approval, this: is.gd/bJ9R or this is.gd/e5wH ? The first one is probably NSFW.

18:50 Applause worthy skills: is.gd/dZ4Q

19:08 New record today at the indoor track. Did 28 laps in 19:23.

20:35 s cleaning house and listening to tunes. The tunes in question can be found here: twitter.com/ZoyxTunes

21:22 Life lesson learned via @echuckles RT >> twitter.com/echuckles/statuses/1085209371

21:58 Winamp still fail with divx. Back to Gom.

22:32 Watching Grindhouse… a tough movie. May have to move onto something else.

23:03 Subscribed to yammer via my work email address. Now receiving spam. Fuckers.

23:54 @commandertim I like winamp, but video support sucks. I have media player classic installed but don’t like it. Gom works great for video.

Daily Tweet Dump

08:32 It’s official, I gained 5 lbs in December. There is a dark side to the holidays, and this is it.

09:24 I’m jealous. My cousin received a Strohl Munitions BH-209i plasma gun for Christmas. Where’s mine! Where’s my love! is.gd/dPyy

10:29 Another email entitled, “Google Password Assistance”. Someone trying to gain access to my gmail account. Unsettling.

11:04 @echuckles I went down a bra size myself. In my case, that’s a good thing.

11:47 Leaving for work. Recording the Vikes game. Shhhh… don’t tell me the score.

14:08 Discovered samepoint.com, a social search engine. Query “zoyx” and a response is a blog post I did about “New Guinea Wasting Disease”.

16:12 Looks like Xcel is doing a mashup of wind power and batteries… tinyurl.com/7o3m26

17:15 Many girls are just finding out that their Christmas ponies defecate. A smelly defecation at that. Something they are responsible in cle …

17:39 Men must win & conquer, again & again. Video game study – tinyurl.com/a8r52c

18:48 @commandertim If you have some scores posted in either mono or mono pro, pass along the songs so I canz beatz them.

19:20 So you want to build your own Schlockmercenary plasma gun… tinyurl.com/72a2et

22:52 Workout – COMPLETE! Now watching the Vikes. I bet they lose.

22:57 The reason Bud Lite has drinkability is because it tastes like water. Everybody loves water!

23:58 Unlike Andy Rooney, I trim my eyebrows.

00:41 All that freezing of the kicker caused my DVR to miss the winning field goal. I am most dipleased. Going to my bedroom to pout.

Daily Tweet Dump


10:22 More than one way to get information: is.gd/dvYW

11:15 North ★Star★Roller Girls are getting some hype on Saturday Morning Sports Talk. I won’t be able to make it, unfortunately- is.gd/dHUt

22:33 @martinsargent No Warren’s revenge? I’m surprised.

22:33 28 laps and bucket shooting – COMPLETE!

22:40 Oil light was on during the drive home. Put black electricians tape over the light – problem solved! I’m so clever, thought of that myself.

23:35 Time for bed. What have I learned today? Ducks have 32 livers, and no other organs. That’s what makes them so aerodynamic. ‘night.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:00 Another lost song – FOUND! – tinyurl.com/6xqlga

10:10 You know how I said a few days back that I would never by a music CD ever again. I lied.

10:47 Yet another lost song as been found : tinyurl.com/8dhu3p

11:39 In my culture, pants are optional on Dec 26th. Well… time to get ready for work!

13:34 41° currently at the compound. That’s a 54° climb in the past 36 hours.

13:50 Yep, twhirl stopped working on my laconica site when I updated to Laconica and twhirl teams aren’t on the same page.

14:33 Made up word alert! Undercast = clouds tops.

15:10 @Lileks Was it ticking?

17:48 Who’s messing with my temperatures sensor. Just shot up to 47°. Damn you kids, get outa my yard! {shakes fist}

23:12 @commandertim I use Chrome for Gmail. Works pretty good. Make a gmail shortcut via Chrome, then gmail acts very application-like.

23:17 Eggnog POWER!! Did 29 laps in 20:44 at the gym. Bonus! – Had the hot tub all to myself. Nice not sharing with an obese septuagenarian.

23:44 I am being followed by @Repurblican. Ruh-roh, the republicans have discovered Twitter.

00:20 @HotAmishChick Dear Lord, please bless the homosexuals, even though they are ruining America with their hedonism. Love to Jesus. Amen.

00:26 Time for bed. Good night to my Twitterites. Oh, and how can I forget my Facebookians… FLOWERS!!!

Daily Tweet Dump

08:16 I was wondering how Wii Fit was going to handle Christmas. The dancing balance board wished me Happy Holidays and was wearing a santa hat.

08:23 Hooray south winds. 7 degrees right now. Thats a 20 degree warm up since 11 PM last night.

09:40 Why are my Imeem uploads not showing in the search results? I ask you.

10:12 The food and games have been packed, the preemptive Ibuprofen has been taken, I’m ready to go to the party.

18:08 Retweeting @HolyGod: twitter.com/HolyGod/statuses/1078399577

18:23 This is how your grandfather made it through x-mas. Guess what? It still works! is.gd/dum2

21:26 Just watched “Who Killed the Electric Car”. Didn’t fill me with any holiday cheer. The electric car will have its day.

21:46 Listening to Macbreak Weekly. Getting harder to follow: I still don’t own an Apple product, and Merlin Mann is no longer contributing.

Daily Tweet Dump

08:29 Ok facebook…Entertain me!

08:37 Nice entry about the problems with Twitter, and social networks in general… is.gd/diJf

08:44 The Christmas monkey just swore at me! Well fuck you too Christmas monkey. If you don’t have the holiday spirit, then begone.

09:43 You know what needs to come back? White wall tires. Or perhaps other colors to augment your cars color. Serious blue-sky thinkin’ there!

09:46 More blue-sky: A web site where you can add Blagojevich hair to people. Everyone wants to know what they look like with Blago hair.

09:48 Updated Thought Spew to zoyx.com/spew – Laconica is promising Facebook support in a future update.

10:55 That is just a bit aggravating. Update to Thought Spew blew away the database. Had to use a 3 week old backup.

11:32 Oh good. Found a more recent backup of the database…didn’t lose anything. I have, however lost Twitter and Twhirl support.

12:34 Time to go grocery shopping. I’m in charge of the veggie tray and rum-laced eggnog this year for the party. So responsible.

12:41 I installed the facebook plugin for WinAmp. The music I have played since last night is in my account somewhere. Let me know if you find it.

12:54 Looks like we have a fail on the facebook plugin for winamp. Doesn’t remember settings. Probably a permissions problem in Vista.

13:51 Dokatah is a fail today as well. Closed at noon.

14:27 Facebook, you’re not doing a good job of entertaining me. I have needs, yah know.

18:54 Shriekback was a pretty freaky band. But I was into freaky back in the day. tinyurl.com/2vdmeo

20:10 Going through my “record off the radio” tapes. Listening to a 1995 tape now. Wish I wrote down artist/song names. Finding lost treasures.

20:30 Oh fun! Found a “lost” NIN song. A recorded radio song that I never knew the title or CD. Thank you internet, “Memorabilia” – Closer EP.

20:54 Important health lessons for you to ponder entering into the new year – tinyurl.com/a3o5rr

21:28 I hope you don’t mind if I act as your DJ for the night – tinyurl.com/8rxcvz

21:52 Umm, it is minus 13 at the Compound. South winds can kick in any effing minute now. Thank you!

22:02 A guilty pleasure – this 90s dance tune complete with freaky bald chick – tinyurl.com/4cfd5k

Daily Tweet Dump

04:11 Yep, snowed last night. Judging by the porch railing, a couple inches. Zoyx said it would be like this.

07:47 My domain name, g-aims.com expires in 5 days. Never fully actualized. Need to blue-sky solutioneer a future orientation to maximize margins.

08:46 @thurrott I want a client with twhirl-like capabilities that is web-based. Can’t install these clients on work computers.

09:25 Cutting my own hair has been a great success! Next step? Doing my own cornrows.

15:29 Workout: 28 laps in 19:52. Baskets for 15 minutes. Then hot tub. Awkward: Turned down offer from other person to use his basketball.

15:37 @hodgman You’re trying to creep out @veronica again, aren’t you?

15:57 Wore the polka-dot unda-roos to the gym for the first time. The locker room envy was palpable. Those poor tighty whitey guys, so inferior.

16:13 Song of the moment: is.gd/dcJE – Imeem account required.

18:28 @ylnt Sweaters? I thought we were going to do neck massagers this year? Make up your minds!

19:16 Facebook is like my childhood bedroom. It is decorated to show my individuality. Problem is, I can’t find a place to hide my Playboys.

21:04 @hodgman Do you go NOM-NOM-NOM-NOM while you eat your sandwich? Because frankly, I find that rather disgusting.

21:36 I am transferring my college radio shows from 1990/91 to mp3. This song came along – is.gd/dfaX -the song/video have aged gracefully.

23:06 Modern Rock Show #6 Oct 8, 1990 is now available in all of its muffled/snappy greatness. drop.io/modernrock6

Daily Tweet Dump

15:56 Giving Facebook another try. If I get another spam-fest from people, it will be chucked again.

16:05 I really should go to bed. So cranky. Second thought, shower first, I am quite “ripe”.

17:21 Damn insomnia! Maybe this podcast with @leolaporte, @hodgman & @jonathancoulton will put me to sleep. Hope so. No one likes a grump.

17:30 Learned: In the old country, on a cold night, people would place ferrets in their pants to keep warm. Last night was a 12 ferret night.

18:45 Learned: Rummys have no wind. – They say you don’t learn things on podcasts. As you can see, it is quite the contrary.

19:13 My house, yard, driveway are covered by a dome. The interior is heated with a Toshiba micro nuclear reactor.

19:24 Apparently 140 mph winds weren’t in the spec when they built NWS radars. is.gd/cEjm

19:56 Checked the mouse trap. It has been violated. Nay-Nay, vandalized. The perpetraters shall face my wrath, so help God!

20:13 @lonelysandwich I would prefer an Oreck with “special” attachments, thank you very much.

20:44 Just uploaded this song to Imeem – is.gd/d3L2 – so EPIC! Need to register to listen, sorry about that.

21:11 My feeble attempt at holiday cheer – is.gd/d3WB

21:15 Remember – is.gd/d3Z0

22:10 Time to try and sleep again. Hope I don’t have a recurrence of that goat dream… yeesh!

Daily Tweet Dump

08:32 Only few weeks into this winter, and I am already weary from it. Only 76 days until daylight saving time. That day is a holiday in my world.

08:37 Original forecast was for a weak El nino. It is actually weak La Nina. Changes the winter outlook dramatically.

15:18 Just did 28 laps on the indoor track. Estimate that I did a 7:50 pace. I think it was the cute lady joggers that spurred me on.

16:40 Wind chill temperatures must die.

18:15 @HolyGod Always wondered how the sun worked. Makes so much sense now. Thanks!

18:28 @HolyGod The book of Zoyx, verse 2-7. “God shall thouest follow Zoyx betwixt Twitter.”

18:32 Well looky there, Winamp has a plugin for Twitter. One less reason to use Songbird. Follow my music at @ZoyxTunes

19:04 @drtiki … while dodging snowball snipers?

19:18 This Week in Fun 2 has already been posted – odtv.me/

20:10 Weather at my place – home.zoyx.com/weather/ – Got down to -13 here last night. Just as cold tonight expected.

21:00 @drtiki Better question – How much rum to put in the pancakes?

21:13 @HolyGod And so it was. Let the gaiety and happy prancing commence at once!

22:14 @wilw Are you eating your sandvich… tinyurl.com/66rzdo