Daily Tweet Dump

09:03 @chalain Measure anything else?

09:20 Watching the “Drinnking with Ian” episode I DVR’d last night. Kevin Jacob skits are classic.

09:23 “Self-Help” ff.im/PcNf

09:37 Retweeting @HotAmishChick: twitter.com/HotAmishChick/statuses/1161544652

10:21 The future of newspapers, yesterday – lileks.com/bleat/?p=627

10:37 Here is a bit of transparency – projects.nytimes.com/creditcrisis/recipients/table – a naked government isn’t pretty to look at.

11:10 @Zoyx I need to talk to myself more.

14:47 If this doesn’t cheer you up – is.gd/hQvV – then yes, change of meds, different cult, are definitely in order.

15:32 @hodgman You should speak at TED, given your hobo expertise and all.

20:36 bunny ears ff.im/PFVp

22:50 perfectduluthday.com community blog has converted to wordpress. Too bad I don’t live there anymore.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:31 Rarely has a forum post moved me so – bit.ly/vLyA5

10:42 Fun temps @ the compound. Spiked up to 25º at 1 am. Back down to 10º now.

23:26 How did I miss this one? Have to admit speaking good english is important in such situations – is.gd/8xPb

Daily Tweet Dump

13:42 These carbon-based women are hard to swoon. Should switch to cardboard-based.

13:49 @commandertim Is it black with tinted windows? Upload pictures before they wipe your memory.

19:27 @commandertim These contests you are entering scare me. They won’t kill be in my sleep, will they?

19:34 My “broken pants” tweet chased away 3 business related twitter followers last night. I need more magical tweets like that.

22:55 @kingofthejews Do really get the chicks being the messiah and all.

23:01 @tikijohnny If that doesn’t set up a good cliffhanger, I don’t know what does.

Daily Tweet Dump

09:48 It’s the Chia Obama! – is.gd/hp3A

18:26 I’m either fighting off a bug, or in the early stages of demonic possession. Stay tuned.

23:43 Pants broken. Now fixing.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:45 Ask Twitter: Would creating a Laura Cerón Facebook fan page just because we were born on the same day, be considered creepy?

Daily Tweet Dump

07:29 @ijustine Born left-handed, but since the electro-shock treatments, right-handed. I have seen the light…being left-handed is wrong.

08:14 When will it be sociably acceptable for a heterosexual male to wear cut-off jean shorts (daisy dukes). I miss’em.

16:16 New running track record – 30 laps in 19:45 – a 7:15 pace. Real world pace would be closer to 7:45.

20:18 What happened to Youtube’s upload progress bar? I miss it so…

22:16 For you budding journalists, always a good follow-up question – “Are you fucking shitting me?”

Daily Tweet Dump

23:01 @Lileks Added on Flickr. You are a special internet friend. Don’t want to meet you in person, though. Fear that you will be a total douche.♥