Daily Tweet Dump

02:11 Overexerted myself – fever came back. Went to bed with the chills at 10 PM. Just got up now a bit sweaty and feeling better.

19:42 Fun watching @MayorRTRybak snipe at Pawlenty in Twitter. Even more fun if Pawlenty would snipe back.

Daily Tweet Dump

11:53 Feeling better. Fever broke last night. Started snowing about 20 minutes ago.

12:29 I’ve been bitching about Quakelive, and how it seems to owe me. A bit of reality… tinyurl.com/bd3d7t

13:11 Can’t see across the pond due to snow. Means less than 1/2 mile visibility. Over 2.5 inches in the past 2 hours. #snowmageddon

14:01 Update: I can now see across the pond… so 1/2 – 3/4 mile visibility. 4″ in the driveway. #snowmageddon

14:10 Thundersnow over S MN – thunderstorm.vaisala.com/explorer.html

14:37 twitpic.com/1plly – View from back porch, looking over pond during #snowmageddon

14:58 Will watch WCCO news tonight. Curious to see if they call this #snowmageddon – Driving sucks, but we have had far worse.

15:31 @sandy Because during a 1.5 hour period, snow was falling @2 inches per hour with thunder. #snowmageddon

16:10 Another snow burst upstream of the cities on radar. Not nearly as bad as the first wave, though. #snowmageddon

22:01 I would like to know why sometimes my Ubuntu computers boots up with sound working, and other times not. Very odd.

Daily Tweet Dump

10:52 One good thing about this cold, eczema on my hands has all but disappeared.

11:40 I just purchased the album Radio Retaliation by Thievery Corporation off of Amazon. Some tasty international beats.

12:33 Sneezing every 15 minutes. This would explain the spikes on your seismographs.

15:32 Ah yes, that global warming wildcard – methane – tinyurl.com/buh28o

18:39 @loudtweeter Consider open sourcing LT so others can start up servers. Please.

20:23 Crap, the Quake Live open beta is full. I am 9152 in the queue. Going to blame this on Id for not being ready for the demand. @quakelive

20:48 Fuck you Id. Put me in queue to re-download Quake Live. Back in queue to play the game. I will probably have to redo my config.@quakelive

23:59 Just sneezed in my hands. Trying to interpret the snot patterns. Help! I need a booger reading!

Daily Tweet Dump

09:47 Scratchy throat this morning. Still plan on going to work this afternoon.

23:00 Wii Fit hula-hooping is complete! MY CORE IS UNSTOPPABLE!

Daily Tweet Dump

10:40 Just voted Employee of the Hour. So proud.

15:44 Bought another Atari 7800 off of ebay. The one I have now is flaky…dirty power is what I suspect.

16:52 Midwest Gaming Convention ff.im/18sTY

Daily Tweet Dump

07:09 Friend’s face hurts. Probably shouldn’t of done her own root canal. Slamming 5 shots of whiskey beforehand didn’t help.

10:00 Received my tax rebates. I wonder if I can use this money to pay off my karmic debts?

12:06 New ylnt podcast, and I’m stuck at work. UNFAIR! xrl.us/YLNTe28

14:32 Beginner’s Bible Coloring Book! ff.im/17uXi

Daily Tweet Dump

22:58 Jim Gaffigan “friended” me on Facebook. While doing this, I envision Jim sipping a sweet/tasty marmalade, in just his unda-pants.

23:04 Pondering whether to go to bed or not. Is sleeping over-rated? Are there better alternatives? Discuss.

Daily Tweet Dump

21:16 Discovered the “Jordan, Jesse Go!” podcast. Oh me, it has the funny. If you find this post via google alerts, say hi!